Mystery of girl missing from Vatican deepens

Two sets of bones were found under stone slabs in the cathedral amid a search for a girl missing since 1983.
2:53 | 07/15/19

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Transcript for Mystery of girl missing from Vatican deepens
And we move overseas to a mystery at the Vatican two sets of remains were discovered and could be related to a disappearance of a young girl back in 1983. So I wanna go to Ian panel who's live in the Vatican City with more. EN I'm not sure a lot of people are familiar with this case do you just give us a little bit of background. Yeah are we actively fizzle let me tell you exactly where we are over hey we've got the walls of the Vatican and we certainly come around. It BC's Barry is this is the board essentially between Rome Italy. And the Vatican remembers winkle in Vatican City but it's a content itself with its own rules. When I need to re wind 36 years and to what happened in the border here a young girl who was a door to of the Vatican clerk. Left the boundary of the Vatican and went into Rome prop she went that for a music lesson she left the lesson. And then was never seen again name. If that's enemies all land day and she has been the subject of lots of discussion both the debate as to exactly will happen. The loss of investigations into what happened in two 215 year old. He ma'am while a but until now there are no clear advances that have been tombs of the being says they're being graced sites that are being says there's been speculation the KGB the CIA the Bulgarian intelligence. Connected to the attempted assassination of Joan poll is that Pope John pull the second. Not all of those things clearly substantiated and lost the conspiracy theories. But the latest thing to happen a swing back round if you look at the gap that just on the other side if you do over that Arafat is a cemetery that you tonic cemetery. And the relatives of down toward to ground. That Graham was excavated. It was the site where two German princesses have been buried when they opened to. There was nothing in our told leaving the bodies of the two princesses how old was he deepened the mystery but they pummeled by owns nearby. That suddenly put everything in hopes never going hang on whose bones on the night. Wow unbelievable so. What happens next they have these bones where does the investigation go from here. Yes and a good to do forensic can attest to try and find out who's that they are an interesting is not just the relatives of a memoir though I'm view here but apparently the relatives of these German princesses that would buried there in the nineteenth century but. The have been incredibly. The relatives all of the princess is the rule also here also waiting to find out what happened so on July the twentieth and then go into access those burns then again have to do forensic tests. An empty house will find out there are lots of conspiracy theories. The truth is it's a tragedy and mystery that is still console him. All right Ian panel thank you for explaining that says right there in the Vatican City we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"Two sets of bones were found under stone slabs in the cathedral amid a search for a girl missing since 1983.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"64343618","title":"Mystery of girl missing from Vatican deepens ","url":"/International/video/mystery-girl-missing-vatican-deepens-64343618"}