Oscar Pistorius Trial in Final Stretch

Defense tries to cast doubt on the prosecution's case as the South African murder trial begins to wrap up.
8:20 | 05/08/14

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Transcript for Oscar Pistorius Trial in Final Stretch
This is a special. The Oscar the story is murder trial in South Africa where some of the testimony focused today on what the victim -- -- camp. Had in her stomach that night she was shot to death. I'm Michelle Franzen in New York the trial and it's 28 day ABC's Matt -- explains reporting from Pretoria South Africa Matt. And Michelle this is really the home stretch of the -- what we're seeing the defense tried to do is drive a wedge of doubt in the prosecution's case today they had. Three witnesses testify to -- experts were trying to reevaluate the crime scene trying to show that the prosecutions. Notion that -- camps last -- came only hours before she was shot. That seems to -- and country the story -- timeline of that night they're saying that's not exactly accurate they brought them into the Stanton said that. Well she could've had a -- seven or eight hours before. That would seem to bolster his stories his claim that they also have on the stand a ballistics expert and his testimony we'll continue tomorrow. And he's going to try to also hold up these stories this claim now this is a lot of -- nitty gritty but what they had shown so far is that the police. Did not investigate the crime scene as well as they could have that they left the core of at least one bullet possibly another at the crime scene they. Simply failed to find it. Now in addition to that something unorthodox happened today that social worker. Who monitor these stories in the day after he shot beat this team can't volunteered to come forward to say that. This man was genuinely distraught she annually. Heartbroken that these weren't acting lessons that he's been taking over the past two months -- This is how the man genuinely feels something it is rather unorthodox. Not clear how well it worked but. All the defense is trying to do right now days. Put and no doubt. In the prosecution's case to show that not only is this not murder but this is not culpable homicide which is tantamount to manslaughter in the US. They have a couple of more days to do it we'll see what happens with that. Back to you Michelle. Thanks Matt reporting from Pretoria South Africa. Now we want to bring -- ABC's chief legal analyst Dan Abrams Dan we just heard Matt talking about so much testimony today that focused on the contents and -- dean -- stomach. Can you go into a little bit more detail about why the timing of her last meal is so. -- because it relates to time the death member of the prosecution's. Theory is that they were fighting late that night. Oscar for -- says we went to bed at 10 o'clock we were asleep. I'm the one who stood up on the one who got up she -- in bed for many hours. Prosecutors want to demonstrate in part through what time she may have had her last meal that she was actually up. Into the early morning hours and so. This big debate is now going on with the defense is trying to call witnesses. To explain. Why she might have actually had. Her last meal before 10 o'clock and it could appear in some way that she might have had it later. And they're not just talking about the -- -- never last meal and other ballistics expert also on the stand today for the defense. Offering a different version of the gunshots than that of the first police ballistics testimony how did this one differ and did it work. Again here the important thing the defense is trying to say. Is don't believe the prosecution's theory of -- the prosecution's theory is that Revis dean camp is highlighted. In -- toilet cubicle with the door closed. Fighting with Oscar for stories they're arguing through the -- wore this story -- -- the gun and shoots -- The defense wants to say. No she wasn't trying to hide she wasn't up -- she was actually possibly even just trying to open the door to get out. The defense would argue because she wanted to just show Oscar -- stories that it was her there for for example so so that's the key difference in terms of where she was what she was doing it when the bullets were fired but most importantly. The defense wants do you pose questions and doubt. About the prosecution's theory that there was an argument and then that maybe she's even trying -- -- hide her face in her head from the. -- -- there's also some drama in the courtroom but not on the witness stand Oscar the story is this week is accused of making. A -- remarked to one of -- camps friends -- Myers saying that as she sat in the public gallery during the break in the trial. The story is whispered to her how can you sleep at night -- did -- say that might have prompted him to. Do this we'll look at the Oscar victorious is obviously. It if this happened Oscar victorious is upset at her now. She he says didn't happen that he didn't say that. And so there is some dispute about exactly what was said but look -- there's no question I think that there is. A more obvious divide now. Between some of Revis dean -- friends and family an Oscar for stories. He saw very early on in this case they wanted to be very careful it seemed a lot of her friends -- want to jump to conclusions. They they didn't want to but the point the finger at him with regard to what was going on in his mind when it happened but I think now. It's so much of the testimony has played out I -- now all you've seen Oscar victorious on the stand. There may be more of a divide. Between Riva is friends and family an Oscar victorious again -- friends and family simply not believing his account. And of course the defense's goal to prove this was solid tragic air an accident by Oscar -- story -- How are they doing so far in presenting their side of this case we'll look in -- -- don't have to prove anything right in theory it's the prosecution that has to prove this case. This is a tough spot for the defense his testimony was it. That was the defense all of these little details were -- But compared to this story this is testimony they don't matter. And so the defense is doing exactly what it should view but I said this before I think -- -- Oscar victorious finish this testimony. This judge likely had made up her mind. In connection with this case she'd heard the prosecution's case she'd heard Oscar historians and other -- this I think -- really just around the -- So -- they've basically trying to undo what the story is sad or what the prosecution. Had they're trying to undo with the prosecution says they're trying to sort of goes through point by point and undermine the prosecution's. Case. The problem is that Oscar the story is shot his girlfriend in his own home four times. That's a tough spot to be -- and so when you're talking about why he did it. That all goes to. What's going on in his head and whether his story makes sense. And and -- lest we hear from a neighbor for example -- -- from a few neighbors. Who said that you know -- little points that are sort of helpful to Oscar the story -- But we haven't heard from the neighbor was saying. Oscar -- story -- his account of what happened but there was no fight. That he was the only ones screaming. That we haven't heard from a neighbor. Who is definitive. That this story is his account is the accurate one I think it's almost impossible. To demand that to some degree from the defense. But that's what this is a really hard defense. Apart from and beyond Oscar for stories his own testimony as we mentioned day 28 how much longer do you expect this to go. I think there's only going to be a few more days of the defense now how long it takes before they actually of the closing arguments -- a lot of breaks in this case it -- But I think you've only got a few more days of testimony in this case. ABC news chief legal analyst Dan Abrams thank you for joining us this has been an ABC news digital special report I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"id":23644195,"title":"Oscar Pistorius Trial in Final Stretch","duration":"8:20","description":"Defense tries to cast doubt on the prosecution's case as the South African murder trial begins to wrap up.","url":"/International/video/oscar-pisotius-trial-final-stretch-23644195","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}