Across the Pond: Bolivian senator declares herself interim president

Plus: Tensions high in Hong Kong amid protests, and Venice sees historic flooding.
5:56 | 11/13/19

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Transcript for Across the Pond: Bolivian senator declares herself interim president
Moving on now to Bolivia were an opposition senator has declared herself interim president. Just hours after embattled president Evo Morales. Resigned and fled to Mexico for asylum following weeks of sometimes violent protests. Let's go across the pond now to doing McFarland in the London bureau for more Juliet good morning. Morning Hannah saying this all positions senate Geneen and the as she's got a series of very quick. Promotions. In the loss to the in the loss today at Vicenza strength of all because of government will make his farm and number Rogge says is Ponte. Old resigned in protest of what's been happening the last few days just quickly be president Taylor resigns. They had this week because. The loss month's elections were called into question off the international monitors said they found evidence of manipulation. Is this so called truth. Despite his supporters has resulted in him having to flees the country and go to Mexico a he has claimed asylum saying that he says. But his life the vacuum that he's left in government meant that then will make his of his pocket or resigned. And now the opposition senate as ice as he said Janine and yes she's the class has something he interim presidents now she is backed by a hot by a constitutional court Tuesday aimed. Because send since pot as violent but the opposition party they won all residents. In that the proceedings in parliament they they vitae it. The session they boycotted that meaning that there was no representation as no position to hand taking the interim presidency. Now incredible developments there. But let's move on to Hong Kong where university campuses are bracing for more violent clashes between protesters and police a what's the latest there. So pertussis and I according for a eighth day all of a strike. Locating metro stations across the city usually we see a little bit of a rest spite. In the on these jeering the week. Ahead of protest kicking off pretty regularly every single week and it's been like this for the last six months but oft. This we lost weekends heightened as relations with this shooting. All of a protest of by police at point blank range and the banning of a pro Chinese. A protest by a Hong Kong demonstrate says. Tensions have reached. The crew really critical level as the police have not decided to and sent you divested campuses and schools that's a new special about something that they have avoided. Doing say five I'm the education beer they have clay is a lot of universities and schools because of the city security threat and now police saying that the rule of law is close to collapse. It's it's a sobering news phrase that they are close to collapse all right Julianne before you go we're seeing some pictures from Dennis the showing some serious flooding. We seen this happen before a so what makes this time different. Right so at Venice says that the same OK and missed him but actually it's really getting bad at the name and because what's the levels. On now reaching an all time high they have not been this high in the city. Since 1966. More than fifty is since the war says have reached so six seats. Deep and even some of the most central pots. All but Venice the iconic. Some months while wet tourists that usually are a bulletin stay pretty dry. When when they get in front of the cathedral that is not completely underwater the city they've had to put on cat walks and walkways. So that tourists and that way doesn't know what is Kent. May have across. This city and things I'm now look it I'm really really critical for this and credit for this very very the tourist hot spots. But I was reading just kind of I just wanted to say just a few things I think that many put this into contacts in the happens how Venice a struggling of the men and not just with these rising floodwaters. But also and just the city's infrastructure itself 26 million tourists a yeah the city receives. And it has 54000. Permanent residents say in recent years being sane. Then this says the citizens and their residents in Venice battling not been meet these rising floodwaters but also waste too many tourists and the city can really accommodate. And Iowa met I was one album a few years ago and no beautiful beautiful place that we I saw the headline I thought. That's like is always on the water right but obviously this is just in incredible scene that's happening there. I'm as we look at it and opera before you go as well I understand that we always learn something new. We go across the pond but well leafs that was the new one for me I see that. As I need to explain this what do you school they the united or rubber he hi Amy Lang dates that I oppose those periods and that Rivera's school get his boots. But this could mean you know like heeled bigots like a rainbow and an iPod in beneath their brain where he's been. Look at Riley's we Wear them when it's raining there rain boots. Divvied origin of Wellington's. I look like cold dwellings and Bates I think that's the company I'll let you know what I mean when I say who that write a vacuum cleaner in the UK isn't an is that his because Hoover as the brands that Randy. Popularize them as a saying with a wiley is in Wellington based. I don't know whether the company Wellington is based off to the duke of Wellington about some kind of itemized that's beyond my you know my daughter ever raise its key it right I'm. Whether we get hash it out at best. The dollar store here in the US and nice speaking up Hoover that's just another reason that I'm what is that you don't suck you're so good at your job how about that. Hans. Oh thank you again and I'm gonna. I you know I ended when my britches and I'm trying to keep that more American but you catch me out every now and then this bring back the southern accent for. Appreciate let's look at baking Joliet. Syria.

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{"duration":"5:56","description":"Plus: Tensions high in Hong Kong amid protests, and Venice sees historic flooding.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"66967826","title":"Across the Pond: Bolivian senator declares herself interim president","url":"/International/video/pond-bolivian-senator-declares-interim-president-66967826"}