British Supreme Court weighs PM Boris Johnson's suspension of Parliament

Plus: Canada PM Justin Trudeau apologizes for brownface photo, and Paris tests new "Seabubble" water taxis on the Seine.
6:10 | 09/19/19

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Transcript for British Supreme Court weighs PM Boris Johnson's suspension of Parliament
Now to bring and where the Supreme Court there is reviewing the prime ministers moved to temporarily suspend parliament. The court will decide whether the government broke the law and a verdict is expected soon sell let's go across the pond to Maggie relief. In the London bureau for a mark good morning Maggie Carlo off here in London. Our thing I know this is fun I had my first time talking with you guys across the pond already having a blast of fifty I think you today you know you mentions her what's going on at Brighton for the let me tell you as someone who just moved here on Monday it's been a a strong learning curve. But Canada not enough things you learn quicker than going to the pub with some of the guys here and seeing how heated the conversation kids some pounding. Greg that I learned I learned a lot my first few nights over some pine scent and today it's connect. Have been more of that showdown in the Supreme Court and kind of just mentioned it leading in Mona but today it's it's more of the same Boris Johnson. Is Supreme Court here in. And England hearing those cases that came up in the high courts in both England and Scotland. Not a high corn England at first sort of sign it would Johnson's case they said they agreed Boris Johnson has always to by the fact that he suspended parliament simple because that's what you do when you're getting ready for the next parliamentary session. And that's the only reason why he suspended it but the High Court in Scotland challenge that they sided with the argument that. He actually suspended parliament because he wanted to disrupt the brags that conversation to delay the Briggs a conversation for coming up. On that hard deadline at the end of October. Now what it's really sticking here guys is that a Boris Johnson asked the queen advise the queen says suspended parliament and in doing so he gave them. His reasoning that he was doing it simply because that's what you do when you start dusty Palminteri session so. If the Supreme Court here. And then the UK science with Scotland it also was going to mean that Johnson lied to the queen now I'm new here guys but I watched the crown so I know that that is a big known knowing you do not want -- of the queen so. If we get back decision today or this week or sometime soon it is going to be in a massive headline. We've been following this all week today the big update is at another former prime minister's gonna come out and sort of call out Boris Johnson's about the we're looking for today. Could get an update might not get an update today but it definitely everyone here is that may have close silence. So Maggie ruling mile friend. I'm Jennifer noted I'm not really sure if you remember me since you I have jumped across the pond now I've forgotten all of us. I would have plenty of public view I in just a moment but we do you have to talk about something serious and that Canada prime minister and prime minister Justin Trudeau. Apologizing for wearing brown base make it took costume party in 2000 wind. When he with a teacher so when he was an adult when he would know better so what's he saying about this. No I think and that's the grape when this is a story we've heard still much stateside it seems like every month there's a new politician coming out of these photos from decades ago that. I incriminate them in some way this time it's happening to just turn for ago and it's coming. And also really important time is running for reelection the photos which are talking about. They're not great he you know he. When on the record saying he went to an Arabian nights themed party at you see the photo clearly dressed in brown face as you mentioned when the sticking point here is that. Could late twenties almost almost thirty years old he was a teacher at this school and so. This is going to be as huge as he goes into his reelection campaign what is this going to mean for his future that he was quick to come out and apologize but I want to solicit his apology is and C think it holds merit. In 2001. When I was a teacher from Vancouver. I attended there and ended near Dallas. He was Arabian nights. Dressed up and a Latin crossing and put makeup. I shouldn't have done. It. Should've known better but I didn't. In the moose were. So we sort of out with. Is sincere so willingly apologies saying he regrets what he did he also mentions that it wasn't. His first time wearing brown base he also were black faced. Previously a few years before this so we aim is kind of strained air all of his dirty laundry here and get it out be the first person to report it but again. You know the question now is it about apology actually going don't hold up will voters still have confidence in him he's really. Made his career saying he's a champion for minorities a champion for immigrant rights and so this is also coming into questioner and Al again. And he's trying to get reelected so we've seen a lot of politicians in the states what is going to mean propulsion and can't that's where the big question right now well. Now we descended over accent Perez to Wear a strange side on the rivers send us on the new bubble taxis. Are being tested out what do you think that he's gonna cat son. I hope so I love being given all the time then what are tacking it on in the bubble you get beautiful site tells under the bundles hydra foils which would make it very faster. Two scenes a lot of energy is a plan that friction on the water they're sort of saying this is potentially. Eco friendly taxi. Also it just looks really cool and in the best thing guys that you can ordered a plan Catholic Bloomberg. So you know if you. One ahead out of the Bubba and even just sort of Colin up on your phone and if it's for people so the three Alaskan go. But who would our fourth between bank will. Right underneath anyone here in London who wants to go in the bubble taxi with what is MacFarlane I'll in approximately one person raising their hand earlier. So let him off my hangover Annie finding you can impanel a fitfully in a war zone but he might go with you. So excited about all of these Londoner is now get to experience the excitement the joy the pleasure of Maggie rule Lee coming out of the. He's gonna make me cry that of the nicest things how there's over there and Elliott check system like. Sad I'm confused all the time I was running on the treadmill this morning and it was not in models that I thought I was counting really Faxon turned out I want and in the end it's been a strong link there are Maggie really thank you so much is so great city you live in Atlanta London bureau there we will talk to you soon. The.

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{"duration":"6:10","description":"Plus: Canada PM Justin Trudeau apologizes for brownface photo, and Paris tests new \"Seabubble\" water taxis on the Seine.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"65713866","title":"British Supreme Court weighs PM Boris Johnson's suspension of Parliament","url":"/International/video/pond-british-supreme-court-weighs-pm-boris-johnsons-65713866"}