Across the Pond: 'Terrorist incident' in Northern Ireland

Plus, the rest of the world reacts to the Mueller report, and Thai authorities raid an American's home out at sea.
3:33 | 04/19/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across the Pond: 'Terrorist incident' in Northern Ireland
Well let's go across the pond out ABC news London bureau we're Lama sign it's keeping an eye on the biggest international news good morning to you Lama let's start with the release of the Muller reports sending shockwaves across the nation so how people react in around the. World. Good morning to you well it's it's preexisting because it's one of those stories wag you in the newsroom in every single outlet every single into national outlets. With carrying it live or watching it on the screens here in terms of un official statements have from international leaders or and you comments. We haven't seen anything yet interest is very high in fact. Some of the a front pages were carrying the mullah report's story today. Let's take a look at them the guardian won at the port chief saying. Trump may be liable for prosecution says none was. Showing up picture of the president another bullet Sheikh carrying it. And front. Headlines again. On that front pages trump tried to get bonus sacked from election inquiry. Now in times of response from rush shots. That's interesting in itself because it's being pretty muted we've heard from not Vladimir Putin's spokesman. Dmitry pass golf. Who said quote that this is not an issue for hos and that we have better things to be thinking about some Russian politicians speaking out saying and towing. Russia stops on this saying about Russia would never. Medal in the 2016. Elections and the Russian intelligence just wouldn't do so which is of course contrary. To voice if US. Intelligence officials believe. It's fascinating and a lot of us some sad news arena in NORTHERN IRELAND reminiscent of conflict that actually officially ended 21 years ago with the Good Friday agreement a 29 year old journalist. Murder to a police are treating as a terrorist and sent what's the latest there. Exactly yes decades ago but this is a troubling developments overnight. As you say a journalist was killed off to shots were fired in London jury in NORTHERN IRELAND she's originally from Belfast. And named as a liar and a key she was that covering the riots tensions had been building in the runup to Easter which is of course from Republicans. Mark. The anniversary of the uprising against British rule in 1916. Now that niece. Deeds release a statement this morning saying that they off. They have no it's another investigation and they believe that this the mud was carried out by violent. Dissident Republicans. They it's public restraint and called as we move into this Easter weekend so. Pretty troubling development. And a bizarre story out of Thailand where authorities read a floating home. Now what we're hearing the American owner could face the death penalty. Yet your obsolete he writes that this is an American man and his pawn they'd built our home. Let's hope things 65. Foot platform about twelve miles. Off the coast who cats why I hear you Oscar. Because they believed they all in international. War since they are free from international. The oldest and outside of Thailand jurisdictions. But Thai authorities raided their hood they are now on the run they haven't found them Thai authorities say that fit this is threatening that our sovereignty and is punishable by death so they all facing the death penalty. But as I say they're on the run and the navy is now considering on what to do next and and what the next step saw. Half a lot thank you so much for joining us have a great holiday weekend.

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{"duration":"3:33","description":"Plus, the rest of the world reacts to the Mueller report, and Thai authorities raid an American's home out at sea.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"62504744","title":"Across the Pond: 'Terrorist incident' in Northern Ireland","url":"/International/video/pond-terrorist-incident-northern-ireland-62504744"}