Portugal unveils world’s longest footbridge as Europe starts to reopen

The record-breaking bridge is suspended 574 feet above the ground, and Portugal hopes it will bring more tourists to the region.
4:36 | 05/07/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Portugal unveils world’s longest footbridge as Europe starts to reopen
As Europe opens back up Portugal is hoping to entice visitors with its newest attraction the new record breaking foot bridges nearly 17100. Feet long. But only four feet wide ABC news foreign correspondent James Longman has the details. Welcome to the longest foot bridge in the world. Portugal's and you just wonder stretching nearly 17100. Feet to be this magnificent you mask are protected national park. Super charging Europe's hopes of welcoming visitors again off to the pandemic. Out when exactly will compete. Before Kobe Portugal that mounting PGA's world famous wine in medieval towns were increasingly popular choice. In 2019 it soaring credible 23%. Rise in American visitors because it ended dole out. It's a closet full for the rules not to own a four. We'll call you not only a fool for twelve but for the wolves full pool to vault in Mets for a federal election is. Is great but the route could fight sixteen pulled out for its 560. Meter length he's hoping to bring them back. It's at about ten days to build this something like fifteen miles of cable keeping an op. This is the longest foot bridge in the wild and it is and pick. 1693. Feet he's nearly five times the ninth and an American football field. The removed by Eva thundering billowed visits his suspended more than 570. Feet in the end on a walkway only about full feet wide. He can welcome 350 people a day Pamela you're accompanied by guide. There are no promises here. Are you ready to go party fit about it never. At ten year old to be date is visiting this father from Switzerland. It's high. He hits highs seems like the understatement of the day Gina London joins us live. From that record breaking bridge in edit the Portugal. James I help my people they are treating you well how high up are you right now. Of course they are and thank you for reminding me. 574. Feet it's I think and I city when I let down I could look right through where I'm standing because the metal hey isn't super thin. And it's really safe. I'm not saying that come to dangers but. I try not to look through here because you can ask to see right down to the ground blood. And I want to explain to the viewers what they're saying because James REIT we can see your cameras are we obviously see your face but we also just saw the live drone shot with a wide shot. And you they're standing on average it may still nervous just looking at you how do you feel that there. I could pay the wind is she's on to pick up now we've been Harold morning it was pretty. I was pretty it was okay but now since the presumably now because you'll Hayek the wind has picked up. And I acidity can see in over that people are coming and thousands more mall crowds come onto this bridge is tough to get more bouncy so. I'm southern definitive end mall cuisine Saturday when Alberta where the wind at you to make this out a little more exciting game so. I know this one even meant to be the world's longest bridge so how did turn out that way. Let us sit on his. It is and it's kind of beautiful accident fashion he had wanted to build it further down the hillside you can see these she eats concrete posts either end. They would spend three built about halfway up payment they couldn't find the rock. It was loaded enough to put those in place to have to keep coming up the hillside got expanded the bridge. In the end it became. The longest bridge in the world I think that's rather nice it does that mean looks amazing I know Portugal's hoping that this will bring in. Some more tourism does it seem like that will work. Look I'm Sunni and the big issue in year for the moment is being discussed is around the Ideo vaccination Paul sports guy did he got a jab and had a shelf. That it might make it easier to travel. They haven't come in yet the EU leaders are discussing it actually in port so far enough from game this weekend talking about this very issue but what say you might CoBiz call them and hold onto it. Because doughnuts blow away but this shows an iPad both my shots but unfortunately it's totally useless at the moment the traveling around I still needed to test in Britain to come there. I'm gonna need to test paid him to get back to Britain. The paper was getting on all flights is really difficult for the moment. So Europe is gonna have to change all about. If they want people to come back in big numbers but that is what they hoping to do and eventually soon enough Americans and yes you can. You can come back to Portugal I can't wait David Lyman of the world's longest footprint in America Portugal James if you need a meal. I got a lot of people there will be more than willing to feed you. I Dylan James thank you.

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{"duration":"4:36","description":"The record-breaking bridge is suspended 574 feet above the ground, and Portugal hopes it will bring more tourists to the region.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"77554815","title":"Portugal unveils world’s longest footbridge as Europe starts to reopen","url":"/International/video/portugal-unveils-worlds-longest-footbridge-europe-starts-reopen-77554815"}