President Trump kicks off state visit to UK

Trump has already offered unsolicited advice on British politics and allegedly called Meghan Markle "nasty." ABC News' Julia MacFarlane reports.
3:01 | 06/03/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for President Trump kicks off state visit to UK
We begin with president trump kicking off a state visit to the UK this morning getting the royal treatment. While bracing for days of angry protests and before touching down on British soil the president fired off a string of explosive remarks offering unsolicited advice on British politics. And calling duchess meg and Markel nasty ABC's Gillian Farley begins our live coverage in London. Juliet good morning. Bonding today morning well while present from his arriving shortly in Central London ahead of a three day state visit to the UK it's America's sub state visit. But the queen's a hundred let's see that she's Texas. This morning Donald Trump will be this because American president. To attend a state visit to the United Kingdom historic allies the centuries but this hoped his ceremonial events is one any presidents George W. Bush and Obama have made before it's a lavish of the president wants this whole family to take pot. Bringing all of his children the three day visit Dodds with a full ceremonial welcome from the British royal family her majesty the queen the future king Prince Charles and duchess Camilla the president would inspect the god of bona decked in full British military regalia of northern iconic rogue gun affiliates five to mark the occasion the queen mother and take the terms for a private lunch at the palace next will be a tour of Westminster Abbey. But could the president does lady have tea with Prince Charles and Camilla and a payment Clarence House all of this ahead of a sumptuous banquet Monday night they think green and the president to make speeches the dinner. Attended by politicians diplomats some prominent American businessmen on ex pats but one to vote absentee dutchess Megan still on maternity leave and winds president from staring control the sea with his comments to the sun newspaper. Responding to criticisms Macon made about him in 2016. Describing them as not Steve I didn't choose nesting. Comes campaign says the comments have been taken out of context. Self. Job. Now meg and will not be attending any of today's royal event so that her husband Prince Harry. Will be because. Oh quickness off to Tom weighed in on domestic politics giving his opinion on anything should be Britain's next prime minister but they sides paints a smooth over the edges and met the passenger and special relationship. Do women run an ABC news outside Buckingham Palace. Ed Julie as the president is is on his way there not only calling the duchess of remarks nasty but he also lashed out at the mayor of London even mocking his height Juliette. Today this hole a three day extravaganza is painstakingly choreographed but of course we've got to Thurman president comes unpredictability. Right so I sunny con mayor of London. Humor fled to present from. I love you days as a great twentieth century fastest. To which the president responded. I didn't think much of him he's like twin of the positive except shorts. Juliet McFarland thank you.

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{"duration":"3:01","description":"Trump has already offered unsolicited advice on British politics and allegedly called Meghan Markle \"nasty.\" ABC News' Julia MacFarlane reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"63445620","title":"President Trump kicks off state visit to UK","url":"/International/video/president-trump-kicks-off-state-visit-uk-63445620"}