Prince William Comments on Wife's Pregnancy

It's been a "tricky few days," William says.
12:09 | 09/08/14

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Transcript for Prince William Comments on Wife's Pregnancy
She's -- big -- system has been has been tricky few days we prefer it frozen river bridge -- thrills. It's great news early days but I've noticed since -- about it to do is about a. The proud new father should be for the second time now Prince William talking about the big news in the day that he. -- in the duchess is expecting another child here she would join Big Brother prince George. I'm Caroline Costello in New York -- uncle Prince Harry. Reacted just a few moments ago calling it very exciting news. You can become an uncle again the second half and incompetence -- trying to preserve and lets them for excellence in news Kuwait City my brother itself from. -- lucky to get -- himself proven integration I think and we'll simply because without them. In all seriousness. We must move. The tune of -- patients -- -- He's going through hopefully we'll -- -- in the movie season and Harry's case. Massive assertions she is okay and from the -- -- books a plus expenses. -- -- moments. To complete unknown it is it's pretty horrible -- -- -- Assistant us because you gotta get depleted Boston after the notice of strategies. Under god has never -- and I think George Watson George didn't really thrilled. Excellent younger Brothers as some. Level -- and found -- -- continues to grow and closely that grants him you'll prospects coming Cambridge instant at the appropriate credit report. -- -- And that is Prince Harry speaking with the BBC's Peter -- with my sense of humor about being bogged down in line not to -- round. Now here's ABC news is Jeffrey -- in London with the latest on the royal pregnancy. They are pregnant. Second baby is on its way for William and Kate. The duke and duchess of Cambridge I think the reality is there's been speculation about this second baby since gender -- has been pregnant it was pretty inevitable. The queen of the -- great grandmother was quick to issue a statement saying she is still light it. The announcement came earlier than expected because the ever popular -- and yet again been sidelined by severe morning sickness. -- -- the thrills it's great news early days but I've noticed since it about to -- about -- when she was pregnant with prince -- and 40128. Was hospitalized because she was so ill. Healthy prince George was born July 2013. Is gonna get yeah. It's big -- by heavy. The little prince has become a celebrity in his own right stealing the show last April during a royal tour with its parent and Australia. Spring he will have a little brother or sister a prince or princess to play when. The expectant mother resting here in Kensington Palace. Her baby it will be fourth in line to the British throne after grandfather prince charles' father prince William and Big Brother prince George. With two royal babies the duke and duchess of Cambridge -- have provided the royal dynasty. With what they playfully call here an -- -- -- -- Jeffrey Kaufmann ABC news London. Jeffrey -- joining us now hi Jeffrey. We heard -- including how are you. The attack happened well everybody's happy here how we cannot be happy with news about another royal baby that's gonna keep all the journalists here employed for another nine months that's right we heard friend -- say. That it's been a difficult. Few days assuming he's talking about -- -- And that acute morning sickness that she suffered from with prince George apparently pretty serious issue for her right. Yeah she had a really tough pregnancy as you may remember back in 2011 when she was -- prince George she was hospitalized. Vomiting -- -- dehydrated. It seems not to be quite so bad this time she's resting in in the confines of luxurious Kensington Palace in Hyde Park. And and so far no signs of her going to the hospital but obviously given her history and given her discomfort. That they're taking things easy -- we actually found that about all this because she had an appearance today scheduled with William in Oxford. And she canceled and I guess the palace felt that that would finally to all sorts of speculation. Which happens a lot around this couple and so they thought they just get out ahead of it and announced that that she was pregnant with a second child. And reporters there say that a girl who handed William flowers was very specific that -- get that -- To his wife. -- what is the overall British mood you said journalists will have another nine mounds of work so is this the kind of news that. Uplift the nation and also makes the royal family even more popular. Well yes I guess so I -- you know I think sometimes city here that that that Americans are even more trusted than in the British royal family the British are to be perfectly honest. But. If you know this has been a pretty tough summer of news when you consider the that the really serious news that's been happening around the world in Ukraine in Gaza. -- -- -- Iraq and Syria and elsewhere and William actually made a nod to that this afternoon when he when he was asked about the baby and he said you know we but he should be focusing on more more serious. International and domestic issues as a -- independence referendum in Scotland next week that. Causing a lot of concern here. And he said you know about worry about Kate the baby but let's focus on the things that really matters any idea he wants to downplay this and I I I'm sure they're a little leery after the massive media frenzy that that surrounded the. And started indulging in. The British. Family is sort of on a respite for some people I think -- I'm you have all of these serious issues going on around the world people love to just sort of take a break from it and think about the royal family. -- Well I I I think you're right and I think really that's what the royal family has become this kind of -- escapist reality. You know. A bit of a kind of fantasy character but but in real life -- no Kate Middleton by any standard just spectacularly beautiful and and poised and and playing the role of princess and her eyes as everyone would cast it. -- an and I think you're right it is that that is what's happened here and -- you -- about the popularity the royal family it's so interesting because -- a decade ago. The family was just so singed by by the experiences that -- the devastation. And ended this cynicism surrounding that -- ostracize -- of Diana and then her death. And end this marriage -- -- these babies have really renewed the -- in their popularity. Even you know in April but Kate and William and baby prince George where in Australia a country that is seriously considering these. Getting rid of the royal family renouncing. The royal -- becoming a Republican. And that tour seem to have a huge impact on Australians they were just completely charmed by Kate and William and -- particularly bye bye baby George. Yeah amnesty from Buckingham Palace I believe said -- isn't quite. At her first trimester we have any idea how far along she actually is any specifics about a possible due date. So what we're told -- that's right that she's not quite at at twelve weeks so you know if you do the math. If she's shy of twelve weeks I think we figured some sometime in spring. When the death of bills or are. Our -- -- shooting up here in the parks we will we will hear the word of a second royal baby arriving so I I think some I would I would venture sometime around march. Give or take a couple of weeks don't hold me to that I I don't have any inside knowledge. OK and boy or girl. The rules -- changed this. Baby who will then be fourth. In line to the front is that right. That's right Harry gets bumped to number five so as much as I'm sure he's happy to be and -- call again his chances of being. King Harry. Grandpa Prince Charles who has been waiting let's see seven decades now for his chance -- -- Is his first in line. And then of course William is second and baby prince George all of thirteen months is third in line and this new baby he or she. We'll be next in line you know there was a time not long ago where the where boys from girls and so rather -- a third baby who was if this were a girl the third baby were a boy. That the boy would trump the girl but that radically changed all -- when he twelve before George was born. And now gender is is irrelevant it's just whose first hour who second in this case. Write a modern monarchy Prince Harry was out earlier today we did see him beaming with the news of his next niece or nephew. On and as you mentioned in your piece earlier. He. This so called stay -- he's got. More company in naturally think you'll have me and advice surveillance commiserate. Which the with a new baby that's on -- Well you know that if that's right -- -- talk about an error and a spare that you -- have to just in case to keep the dynasty flowing again and you know Diana and Charles when they were married did better course. With -- an area now. -- William is at William and Kate have. Are are on the way to doing that the same thing at the term -- playfully here. Of course but you know history has had a few surprises and I if you look at the last king George. He unexpectedly. Succeeded his brother Edward who abdicated in 1936 -- George was second in line next to his brother and actually his father George. As -- call if if my if -- -- serves me correctly. He also took over from his older brother who died. So you know say it's not out of the question but. I think itself really remarkable about even talking about this is that you know you've got Charles. It was in his seventies William in his thirties ahead of George made this child or George. Who in a thirteen month old George. Could be waiting seventy plus years. Or or sixty years I suppose to be monarch -- Williams thirty. 3132. You know he could be in in his nineties and healthy we're talking about so far in the distant future. You know it's just hard to imagine where the world in the royal family in the United Kingdom and all of that will be by the time. This this little guy in his George and his younger brother or sister. We'll be old enough to take over at Buckingham Palace. You don't want to wish your life away waiting for that. -- -- -- the British bookmakers must be having a field day with this any word on on betting lines -- for a girl -- -- you name. I figure out front on that I think that the bookmakers are probably just formulating their their odds on this and you know of course everyone. If it is saying that that the William -- and -- and Kate have such a storybook. Marriage that it's inevitable that they are or are we wouldn't be surprising -- -- -- phrase it that -- they have a girl so that they have. In a boy and a girl in their first -- some. That they'll be lots of gamesmanship on on that in on the name of of the the -- -- the girl. Act as things progress that -- that's kind of a fun diversion that goes on here and part of the the sort of what I was talking about that's a fantasy reality that the the royal family -- here. I can't imagine if it's a girl that type of media frenzy that that will be Jeffrey commented I thank you -- -- we really appreciate it. We are on top of its stay -- are right we will and you can keep up all the latest developments on the royal baby in real time by downloading ABC news -- and -- this story for updates on the go. For now I'm Caroline Costello in New York.

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