Riot police storm Hong Kong airport amid anti-government protests

Hong Kong International Airport canceled all flights for the second in a row on Tuesday as crowds of anti-government protesters continued to occupy terminals and clash with police.
7:25 | 08/13/19

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Transcript for Riot police storm Hong Kong airport amid anti-government protests
You've been keeping you updated on the protest in Hong Kong thousands. Of pro democracy demonstrators essentially shutting down the world's busiest airport yesterday. In today more than a hundred flights remain canceled and things getting. A bit violent all for the fight to maintain Hong Kong back autonomy. And reject a bill that would extradite criminals back to mainland China so I want to bring in. Carson you who's right here in Hong Kong. With the latest on cards and you just give us an idea of what's happening right now. Single accurate right now but picture. Showed side. Our international airport after becoming yet the protesters were moving on the street will be about ten minutes ago and it retreat back in light. It's hormonal and protesters at Eric front door where baggage cart heated period saw but Porter Eric Berry. I doubt we are right now it averaged a man yet what they are there are. They brought it up right at the door and it's the ball beat being right now. We don't know where it bit ago I. Yet it looks pretty chaotic I mean it looks like people are resting and people didn't toppled over are you where you at the airport. I am actually. On the bridges are one of the bridges here yeah. Working equally. I would not they're tiny they're late they're late they're ordered that the police. Can I take a few protesters are making it now. Where are a lock ArQule tomorrow at every single grapes I see now. Period protecting their Derek is a web site. Or it's interesting because and they were talking yesterday. We were looking at live pictures there people are just sitting in the terminal what exactly happened Ford to escalate into what it is right now. I think I think the protests already older quieter operation yesterday. On we've been coming up everybody lap like midnight. They are addicted. It slowed down the airport but it did you get today and the protesters stayed Brooke that night. And actually they were actively could detonate at record keeping we reported act would act that being the departure port. We thought if we saw happen. Student protesters spit at him metal and medical condition in and it will be to get. It park your morning. Now it actually the last. An hour at the police showed up protesters are barricading. It orchard or at all like the brought to the pap leaders actually. Watch sport but art report card like you're ever going. In look did not have been pretty chaotic rat we. Yet it looks pretty chaotic I don't know if you've been able to check in NC like how that government is responding to this I know before they said that these protest. Our. Quote approaching terrorism. I'll go to Beijing government in confidence approaching third which is. It will wait we're. Or baker Anderson don't believe or allow the we viewed war. Extreme measures. It. Doing these or. So quiet by labeling Aaron them in. I'll probably part of our locks do crackle. Yeah I just have to asking us so the protesters I mean with that. With a paramilitary there these forces these officers like at the entrances is anyone able to get in or get out or people just stuck inside. While the top leader leaving her body at Deloitte courtyard gate there's a lot of airport security airport that's been built the current. Though it at the met the media. Protesters. And. Right now I don't think there is there is much of a way out. Yes so if you're in the airport in your going to be in there for awhile. And children and build a majority your of the night. And then outs wheat belt but not forget that we. Haven't heard back airport brown bear there's still a start. And then outside of the outside of the airport aside from the offices there are there are a lot of other people that have gathered around as there are a lot of media in addition to you like what's happening. I hit a lot of the world media here because. They all bought. You don't really rare note. Well Watson we. And then Carson just kind of bigger picture I mean obviously this is been going on for ten weeks. Ten weeks of unrest in then it inside and this airport terminal it's been four days of protests. In your opinion I mean do you think a compromise is coming. Any time soon it doesn't look like it. It does little play especially big day albeit. For airport it is. And the government and protesters have really got game and it's been blight currently. But what are you right now the particular. They're all gathered here and there are probably make big a lap bear. And just. And just just for people who are you know watching in me and just core reminder can you just remind us why. The protesters have been demonstrating for so long. It's partly to issue bill. Which is suspended by the government. Like. Been that the government that formerly were laundered at least two people back on the table who's been there and beat it our government has been responding. Syria Rudy secret spirit the protesters had been leading a tactic. What do we have to do to get your. Act. They keep adapting. And this airport it and and appellation airports but it just way to get a lot of back and. Yes so so we're seeing the pictures here at the airport but Carson as we mentioned yesterday on things getting chaotic here but things have also been. Pretty chaotic all across the city. Yet. Today but it looked at here but. Few week. The board directors. Art corporate Robert Redford I've been going around. It replete basic act. And surrounded beat DG it Randy had an acting your. And it police have been responding kind were being built in the lap. We are so why are there to police and community ward ripped the back bay. Being background bullet rubber bullet. And a lot of dirt air. Yet it's unbelievable. And again what you're seeing there are thousands pro democracy demonstrators. Shutting down Hong Kong's airport one of that the busiest airports in the world. A hundred flights remain canceled people not getting in. Or out to end heavy heavy police presence so. Carson I want to thank you for joining us today and of course you're going to you keep us updated on how it develops thank you.

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{"duration":"7:25","description":"Hong Kong International Airport canceled all flights for the second in a row on Tuesday as crowds of anti-government protesters continued to occupy terminals and clash with police.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"64946655","title":"Riot police storm Hong Kong airport amid anti-government protests","url":"/International/video/riot-police-storm-hong-kong-airport-amid-anti-64946655"}