Rockets fired at Afghanistan presidential palace

Police say the Taliban fired rockets that landed near the presidential palace during the president's Eid speech.
2:46 | 08/21/18

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Transcript for Rockets fired at Afghanistan presidential palace
I mean panel and this is ABC news live. Want to show you the situation in Afghanistan the Afghan capital Kabul this morning. This is Ashraf Ghani an Afghan president that you can see he's inspecting the troops this is the sponsor of the few days of celebrations that you don't love that. You don't others the most important dates in the Islamic Condon the president traditionally makes an address of the nation. Could we think it a while the president speaking it will be insurgents launched a rocket attacks and he's one of rockets landed in the Presidential Palace. But the president is pretty undeterred and same with his senior cabinet ministers in part he says if the thinking the rockets attack will keep Afghans down their roles. This was the worst bombs 52 that's attack. Through these. Gentlemen here command that he looked like soldiers but they've taken their tops off to show rather than not wearing suicide vest. The police it identified where the attacks are gone compound. Also and a couple Kabul residents savings of police vehicles. Was helical to also deplored the attack chemical come extent to clearly but that's the wind view all of that response Weber a home. The compound more troops ambulance is being sent saying you can see the red crescent that and he can see that helicopter. Flying over as more more troops are deployed to the site. Was also gum battle in the area and this is a pretty damning blow for the president. Which essentially said that he wants its have a cease fire with the Taliban and it should have started today that's how about haven't officially responded. Bomb attack the gum five gum battles are obviously that response. This is have a wanted to look at the situation Afghanistan. What you're looking on the moment on Isaac code map of different districts in the country the red signifies the areas which all contest it. Between the Taliban and the government's a 198. The vast majority of the country the dump gray here. On the district's entire bank controls you down in the south this is Helmand Province where US Marines US troops have full. And died and been injured that's now firmly in the control of the Taliban and the gray areas in the middle. Tentatively no one of the smolders gripping tip off more than reds that's controlled by the Afghan government nun gives you some sense of the scale of the fighting. This is America's longest. Wool were into this seventeen year. The American military and the Afghan governments have been telling us that they believe that then making progress they believe that the insurgents are ready to sit down and school. And yet what we seen today is a very different picture of me is a gloomy day what should have been a day a celebration. For ABC news life I'm impanel in London.

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{"duration":"2:46","description":"Police say the Taliban fired rockets that landed near the presidential palace during the president's Eid speech.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"57308939","title":"Rockets fired at Afghanistan presidential palace","url":"/International/video/rockets-fired-afghanistan-presidential-palace-57308939"}