U.N. School Bombed in Israeli Airstrike

Carnage after Israeli airstrike hits U.N. school in Gaza said to be shelter for Palestinian civilians.
8:33 | 07/30/14

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Transcript for U.N. School Bombed in Israeli Airstrike
-- -- No safe place this girl being pulled from the rubble after Israeli airstrikes pummeled UN school. Or Gaza's. We're taking refuge. International hot spot Israel Gaza. Dan Butler in New York another United Nations school where Palestinians had taken shelter seeking safety from the fighting. Came under attack at least fifteen Palestinians were killed including women children. The UN condemning today's attack -- said it notified Israel about the shelter and -- use multiple times. In fact here is the UN's Christopher -- -- These -- people who instructed to leave their homes by the Israeli army. The precise location of -- about lea elementary -- school. And the fact that it was housing thousands of internally displaced people. Was communicates its -- Israeli army seventeen. That's 17 times to ensure its protection. The last speeding at ten to nine last night just hours before the faithful shelling. Right now whenever -- BC's David Wright who is in Gaza. -- David what can you tell us about this attack on the school now a second school target. Not a second seven school according to the UN this is the seventh time that one of their school camps have come under attack. One that took place that you're referring to -- and -- was the fourth one last Thursday. It's. Horrific incidents and another reminder of all of the civilians who are trapped. That caught in the cross here in the crossfire. So we were at that school earlier today. And you can imagine it's it's difficult -- -- city. One of the classrooms where children were sleeping with their mothers. Took a direct hit. Their fathers were sleeping outside all of the men were killed and many of children and their mothers were killed as well and flying overhead of this particular classroom. Is the UN flag. The building clearly marked and known -- -- -- as a safe -- but really the reality on the ground is no place. David while making a presumption here but I would guess that those that are trying -- seek refuge in these UN shelters. -- actually paralyzed now that this seventh target has been identified and hit. About where to go. Dirt and keeping my -- -- -- in this one school. You have more than 3000 people. People who actually evacuated from the school that was hit last week. Where did they go they went to the school some of them. Overall the UN has 200000. Gaza living in these schools. And if they're not say that no places. Israel also targeting five mosques today in Gaza what has been a response from Israel on bat. Israel claims that those those particular mosques were used either -- access tunnels. Or to provide look out for people accessing totals. Or to store weapons. A haven't been able to confirm on the ground whether that's -- indication it would be difficult to confirm. But. I can certainly tell you that. Among. Gaza. The idea of attacking a place of worship is provocative. And that had a I would not put it -- -- -- to use. That type of place. For that very purpose. I think it's very difficult for us to understand exactly the complexity and the extensive -- of this tunnel network but it seems to be as has been said by Israel. That it is the target of all of its efforts. But it Israel says that as -- main objective but. You know it it's a messy business war is always a messy business. But when you wage war in a place that is more densely populated than. San Francisco that's Gaza City. And where. You have people who are. Incredibly vulnerable. Who have no place to go. You know it it's going to be -- -- and that's what we're seeing here. What are we hearing it from both sides now on the possibility of a cease fire have the demands changed over these recent days. Didn't not. Really on hamas' side they want Israel to lift the embargo. That has been in place for seven years now Gaza where people basically are unable to leave. They want Israel to open the borders and to let people move freely and to give people a sense of hope. Israel on -- for its part wants. No more rockets. And they want to destroy these tunnel. And they say that the tunnels are used to smuggle weapons in and of course the rocket fire out with some regularity. Now that this incidents -- you that this conflict has has picked up. So -- both sides on the political front are digging in their heels. And the tragedy is that there literally more than a million civilians. Two. One point six million who are. A lot of them. Mostly civilians who are. Dying being injured and scared to death. Why -- asked about that -- far as the political motives and the strength of the arguments on both sides there as this death tolls nodding. Nearly thirteen hundred people in Gaza 56 on the Israeli side. What does that -- doing -- to try to get any kind of credibility for as ugly as that seems to convince the other side. I think one of the problems is that. I think international outrage. It brings huge pressure to bear on Israel to tone it down. Hamas is sort of immune to international pressure because they're pariah group to begin -- So Israel. Being part of it is the the company's -- Has to pay attention to. The international outrage. But at the same time there's a domestic. Audiences and Israel that is highly supportive of this war that is tired of having to go into bomb shelters and the feels now you've gotten in this -- You might as well -- the -- and that is. The audience that. You know -- the government. And Benjamin Netanyahu is facing serious pressure to keep pressing until he can -- his citizens that -- -- What about the infrastructure in place right now no electricity no running water and Gaza is there. Anything left for his sustainability in the congress -- Russia -- that -- there is some electricity that one power station. Provide probably about 40% of the power the rest of it is imported from Israel through through a pipeline. And some of those have been hit as well -- they're down to about 20% of their normal supplies their regular power cuts a lot of people have generators there is some electricity -- And there is running water in places where there is electricity so. You know but for people you know for thousands of people living in schools. Camp stepped on any flat servers they confined. Not much in the way of creature comforts for them. And it's -- it's hardship situations as a humanitarian crisis that was already. Pretty bad. That is now much much worse. David Wright Gaza with the very latest David thank you for that your safety obviously first and foremost on our minds here. Coming up tonight on world news with Diane Sawyer EBC's Terry Moran takes us inside. The Israeli army's operation to destroy mosques all network -- show was a side of this conflict in a way. That no one has seen so far. Of course you can keep up with the story in real time by downloading ABC news' top story this story for exclusive updates on the go. You've been watching international hot spot down perhaps --

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{"id":24777149,"title":"U.N. School Bombed in Israeli Airstrike","duration":"8:33","description":"Carnage after Israeli airstrike hits U.N. school in Gaza said to be shelter for Palestinian civilians.","url":"/International/video/school-bombed-israeli-airstrike-24777149","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}