Sochi Olympics: US Takes Bronze in Two-Man Bobsled

Fog postpones several events and Meryl Davis and Charlie White win gold in ice dancing.
3:00 | 02/17/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sochi Olympics: US Takes Bronze in Two-Man Bobsled
This morning thick fog hanging over the mountains above -- -- forced the cancellation of several events. Visibility was just -- for the two men bobsledding was never in jeopardy and with that a 62 year drought for the United States came to -- -- Steven Holcomb and Steve blinked and placed third that bronze -- the first medal won by any US to man sled team since 1952. Russia's -- who coughed and Alexi boy Avago won the gold it was team USA vs Sweden in the women's hockey semifinals at two no one's surprise the USA Cruz with a near record seventy shots on goal. Crushing it's competition six to one. The US is now guaranteed a medalist at advances to the gold medal game and as was expected all along it will be an emotional rematch against three time defending champions Canada. Our game is fast paced and you know very physical and so I think it would just constantly noticed bring it just I mean this it's down to one internment that's -- we have left. And for the first time ever the United States has a gold medal in ice dancing. Meryl Davis and Charlie quite affectionately referred to as from -- performed flawlessly in the free dance their elegant and lyrical style earning them the top score. -- mother nature's whim is likely to continue to hamper these games to medal events amends by -- on race and snowboard cross both postponed until Tuesday before August forecast again for tomorrow. Jim -- ABC news Sochi Russia.

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{"id":22555378,"title":"Sochi Olympics: US Takes Bronze in Two-Man Bobsled","duration":"3:00","description":"Fog postpones several events and Meryl Davis and Charlie White win gold in ice dancing.","url":"/International/video/sochi-olympics-us-takes-bronze-man-bobsled-22555378","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}