This Is What It's Like Inside a Syrian Refugee Camp

ABC News' Alex Marquardt meets a grandmother and two children inside a refugee camp in the Bekaa Valley.
3:13 | 06/03/14

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Transcript for This Is What It's Like Inside a Syrian Refugee Camp
This is one of the many refugee camps here in Lebanon for Syrians. Lebanon has more Syrian refugees than any other country but unlike other countries. Like Turkey and Jordan there are no structured camps instead refugees find space where they can putting together shacks -- whatever materials they can find. Two by fours tarps that have been donated. By the United Nations but here in these refugee camps there is. Little to no talk of these Syrian elections here. It's all about survival. -- -- -- -- -- -- To understand the scale of this refugee crisis you have to look at the numbers around nine million Syrians have now been displaced by this war around two point seven of them have fled the country most of them. Here to Lebanon where there is believed to be around one point five million registered and unregistered refugees. In such a small country they now make up about a quarter of the overall population here in Lebanon. That would be as if 85%. Of Mexico fled to the United States. This is Giles six year old grandmother from it live province and these are -- to. Grandkids three year old -- And ten month old Alex. There that kids of her son who about a year ago fled. And not long after her daughter -- felt like she couldn't cope and so she dropped off the kids at their grandmother's house. And last herself. About three months ago. -- -- came across the border from Syria. And is now living here and ask him. You confuse you don't a lawyer and do. How does that make you feel that president -- side will win this election and that you'll likely be president for quite some time. -- them -- -- what can we feel there's nothing we can do about it she said. This situation doesn't calm down we can't go back we'll have to stay in these camps and what do you tell your grand kids about the situation about where their parents -- -- defense. My granddaughter doesn't understand the situation. But my grandson understands and asks me where is -- she said. I tell him dad will come after awhile god willing he'll come mama -- had. Death. -- for the -- -- cement my heart is on fire worried about him I'll always cry for him. Who do you blame. For being in the situation. I know how to do it. And -- it. Honestly I don't know them the leaders that people. God knows I don't she said we are the victims. We are the victims. -- Alex Marquardt ABC news and debate Kot valley in northern Lebanon.

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{"id":23981942,"title":"This Is What It's Like Inside a Syrian Refugee Camp ","duration":"3:13","description":"ABC News' Alex Marquardt meets a grandmother and two children inside a refugee camp in the Bekaa Valley.","url":"/International/video/syrian-refugees-lebanon-inside-refuge-camp-focus-survival-23981942","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}