Tales of survival from Mexico's 1985 earthquake

John Quinones reported from Juarez Hospital, where rescuers pulled newborns from the rubble.
2:48 | 09/20/17

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Transcript for Tales of survival from Mexico's 1985 earthquake
Don't need easy this is world news tonight we. Would Peter Jennings. Good evening six days later is they are still finding babies in the rubble of Mexico City it was almost midnight last night when those of us still standing in the ruins of upon his hospital. Heard yet another cry is still in CO. It was an eerie moment and many of us didn't believe that the Mexican worker high atop the rubble had really heard an infant cry. But he had and here's ABC's John Kenyans. The first sign of life under the rubble came in the middle of the night while clearing debris at Juarez hospital rescue workers heard a faint cry. They dug deeper suddenly they found the volunteers called a miracle. It came and brought. The a baby girl and beat out bolsa S born last Thursday just minutes before the earthquake. And then just an hour and a half later another rescue an eight day old baby boy and still alive after spending five days under the ruins. Both infants are now hospitalized doing remarkably well doctors say considering their ordeal. At daybreak rescue workers continue racing against time. Clearing more debris and then calling for silence. Listening for more sounds of life. There. The search is paying off this volunteer is wearing a wireless microphone as he tunnels in darkness of the collapsed buildings. Suddenly he spots a victim. Trapped but still alive on the agenda. He sounds desperate he says there are four or five people in there. Are you among those anxiously waiting is this man whose 21 year old daughter is one of the 1000 victims believed buried in the hospital. We're hoping that she stood among the people there. I left because these voices have been heard and. There's that plus moved. From deep inside the rubble there is word of nine more victims spotted alive. Okay. Emergency supplies or send them this evening the long wait continues with renewed hope or more survivors. Officials were planning to fumigate this building to prevent the spread of disease from decaying bodies but we're today's rescues those plans have been set aside. Authorities are now convinced more than ever. But there's still life amid the ruins. John Quinones ABC news Mexico City.

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{"id":49976186,"title":"Tales of survival from Mexico's 1985 earthquake","duration":"2:48","description":"John Quinones reported from Juarez Hospital, where rescuers pulled newborns from the rubble.","url":"/International/video/tales-survival-mexicos-1985-earthquake-49976186","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}