Taliban Storms Guesthouse in Kabul

It's the latest attack in Afghanistan.
6:22 | 11/29/14

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Transcript for Taliban Storms Guesthouse in Kabul
And good morning everyone I'm Paula parents from ABC news headquarters here in New York with this ABC news digital special report and we do you have a developing story right now. From Afghanistan in the capital Kabul where there's been yet another attack this time near the parliament. Tell a bond suicide bombers and gunmen stormed a foreign guest house. This ambush comes as NATO troops begin their withdrawal from the country they're Ben nearly a dozen attacks in Kabul over the last two weeks but. In this particular attack. Still going on still very fluid and ABC's moderately led joins us right now from London with the very latest good morning Mohammed. A good morning Paula. What is the latest you know I. You know start. Is sure Paula so I should start by saying that I've never seen a flurry of attacks like this in such a short period of time it would come in that region. From those three years that I've never seen anything like this. Today's attack very brazen very bold the Taliban. Started out the way they normally do they sent to suicide bomber to the perimeter of this compound suicide bomber detonated his vests and then the attackers tried to storm the building. We do you know that this was a foreign guest house we don't know the nationality. Of by the Ngo that was operating that guest house the Taliban have said they targeted this guest house because it was what they're calling. A client to sign Christian missionary center that was actually being used to gather intelligence. On the militants who were operating in Kabul and in Afghanistan. Now certainly this would be the first time that the Taliban have targeted a compound because it was Christian we do know that they've done so in the past. And and they take exception to Christian organizations operating in Afghanistan because they say Cristian missionaries have no reason to be there. But why should also point out that this attack now has been going on for more than two hours and we do believe. That at least one of the attackers has made it inside that compound and is now holed up inside that compound. There's still an exchange of gunfire there's still explosions. Did that that we're hearing. So this is still a very fluid. Fluid situation. And I should also add that we're not sure right now whether or not there are still foreigners trapped inside that compound. We're getting in some indications that there were foreigners at the initial moment of the attack and that there may be a rescue mission under way to try to rescue some. Now we have no confirmation of fatalities but you do. Note to be multitude of attacks and nearly a dozen in the last couple of weeks you just touched on it though Mohammed let's go back to this the foreign guest house was home to a Christian. Ron organization. I would was just it just. A targeted attack an overt targeted attack in your mind. What will absolutely listen what we've seen in the last couple of weeks and why this is why it's so dangerous Paula is because. In the past they're always been random attacks there has been you know roadside bombs they go off to you can't always control who the target is. What we've seen over and over again over the last two weeks are very specific. And what NATO calls complex attacks that means several attackers its lot a long time of planning involved with all of these attacks we've seen. British convoys that have been attacked on the road reaching a place called green village which houses a lot of foreign military contractors attacked we've seen. Other Ngo buildings attacked and now again we're seeing as foreign guest house the Taliban say was a Christian missionary center and you know attacking these guest houses. Is a very complex thing these attacks used to happen. In the morning they used to happen during the daylight and it would be very easy to repel them. What we're seeing now is that the Taliban are attacking at night which shows and a higher degree of complexity behind these attacks and certainly you know. When you attack places at night it's much more difficult for the first responders for the Afghan special forces and in some cases NATO special forces. To get these people out of their simply because you know couple is not a very bright city. And at night it becomes very dark suit becomes much harder and the concern with this specific attack Paula. Is it if their or people trapped inside that building. It's now nighttime and the Taliban know what they're doing their very experienced. It's very easy for them to blend in with those civilians. And it's very easy for those civilians to be caught in the crossfire if you're special forces. Komando. You're going into that building Heidi you know with the Taliban are Heidi and over the civilians are some very difficult games next. Excellent point there's no one note saying off limits for the Taliban right now in just talking about boots on the ground President Obama agreed to extend US combat role in Afghanistan targeting. The Taliban's so how does this affect America's role in the country. Well listen if anyone needed proof that Afghanistan's security situation is very volatile all you have to do is look back at the spike that's going on right now in violence. And almost feels like this was Kabul. You know in 2007 or 2000 and the Taliban are still attacking the heart of the city they're making a very strong message to foreigners that they are not welcome in Afghanistan. And the Taliban in the militants are targeting those foreigners in places. That you know there was a point in time where you thought Kabul was getting better but I know for my contacts in the city people are afraid they're scared they're saying you know if there's a resurgence of the Taliban. There's no reason American troops should be leaving so the fact that American troops are staying is is an indication. That the Taliban are strong the Taliban can still targets. Foreigners. And the Taliban can still target American interest in Kabul which is very interest and so in the sense it almost justifies why American troops need to stay there. And of course Paula we've all been watching what's been happening in Iraq to do deteriorating situation there and the fact that now America has a problem on his hands with what to do with nicest. No one wants to see that play out in Afghanistan. But what we're seeing with the security situation now is it's become so volatile. That these are some of the threats that American troops are could gonna continue to face the longer that they stay their on the ground. Right mom and Leyland and we know that you're going to be monitoring this story. Throughout the day there from one in which appears to be the twelfth attack in Kabul in just the last couple of weeks mom and thank you so much. And we are tracking this I'm going seen on abcnews.com. That's where you can find the most current information on missed. And all of our our other top stories and I'll affairs here in new York and for all of us here at ABC news. Thank you for watching this digital special report enjoy your Saturday and on.

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