Theresa May survives leadership challenge, remains as prime minister

She is going to Brussels on Thursday to win concessions from European leaders.
3:03 | 12/13/18

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Transcript for Theresa May survives leadership challenge, remains as prime minister
Them were the prime minister Teresa may. Reading a bit of a sigh of relief you see in this Nvidia out there she likes to dance a little bit this was from a few months ago. But the question. 86 team party confidence vote yesterday. In the United Kingdom let's bring in our Molly hunter to talk more about that break it on sound whereas. Molly good morning is she didn't take today. A hunting cut and lamp she never dances. You why is it will be sure Atlanta apparently she had two glasses of wine and some Crist last night does no rain. And if and that is not a party I don't know what I that's right decision you feeling good for a little while but she's still in the scene weak position about was 200. 2117. That's more than a third of her party members who voted against her semi it's her party is far apart we know the two parties are very far apart. And handling we know that there is still not a lot of widespread support for this Deion just show you a couple of the tabloids here. Because nobody says it better than the British tabloids actually the daily now and Daily Express both kind of hit on the same note now just let her get on with Ed. And that we've gotten a sign and the sun is usually so. Clamor on mash not a huge Wednesday it says time to call it may plant of course a day news and and then my current favorite is the daily neck near. Her goose is cooked its lame duck. For Christmas or. But look she's got her work cut out for she's in Brussels today and she's basically got two options the for January 21. Which is when she has to bring about her and deal back in front the British parliament says she can either run down o'clock basically hope that this is the only option. That the choice is between men and no deal brags it or heard TL pushing them back to the Europeans. And hope for some more legal concessions that might get some more and keys on her side and the Europeans have been very strong thing that's probably not a possibility that she is in Brussels today. And you see Matt crime and I'm Merkel. All of her European friends there establishing her lack. Aaron Molly and what about the impact it this will all have for the united stayed in terms in the economy we are to have markets here. That adding up in down quite a bit the last few weeks what can you tell us about the impact there. And a couple things finally so luck if it gets to march 29 which as the legal date that the UK have to leave the European Union and there is no deal. That's not great for anyone that means uncertainty in the markets that means all the deals on the trade deals on the economic young that the UK has windy EU. Are just frozen they evaporate as if no legislation is passed to replace those deals there's nothing in their place sin means uncertainty in the market many of uncertainty annaly in the UK's relationships with some of their closest allies. Of course the US being one of them. Short term the pound has been rising a little bit alas they are seven it was really low yesterday. And what that means for mean you know what is it means our dollar is stronger here that sounds pretty inconvenient hotel rooms may be cheaper means that your flight over here for New Year's Eve might be keep rambling. But it's not great for US businesses of course. That are trying to sound arrogance overseas.

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{"duration":"3:03","description":"She is going to Brussels on Thursday to win concessions from European leaders.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"59800905","title":"Theresa May survives leadership challenge, remains as prime minister ","url":"/International/video/theresa-survives-leadership-challenge-remains-prime-minister-59800905"}