The town of Windsor gears up for the arrival of the royal baby

The town crier shares just how he'll break the news of baby Sussex to Windsor residents
3:18 | 05/02/19

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Transcript for The town of Windsor gears up for the arrival of the royal baby
Moving to a lighter topic now and overseas across the pond where we are on baby watch for the royal baby also celebrating a birthday today little princess Charlotte. There she is celebrating her fourth birthday Kensington Palace released these photos of her. Plane in the English countryside beautiful. Pictures but that's not the only thing people are hoping to celebrate today of course they are waiting. Four hairy and Megan's little one to come will Reeve is over there in London for us on the baby watch duty well great to see you so our people road. For a boy or girl in there will be here. I inherited her baby right now yeah this and I can tell you it is Charlotte's birthday. We would like another royal birthday to come today here in Windsor. Pretty much a normal day tourists hanging out locals going about their business people waiting the only thing that would really suggest that we're anywhere different is. You know right next to me as Windsor Castle there you can see that clock I've been looking at the clock intently waiting for this baby to come. Just over the wall is where hairy and meg and were married. Last year and just beyond that is their new home of fraud more cottage that is where meg and is reportedly. Going to have this child any second why is she does we will announce it to you but I also want to introduce you to the person. Who announced his royal birth send and royal announcements. In a way that only he can this is. That town crier sir what is the point of the town crier. Attempt he came here in 1066. To lewdness than news what was happening on me today to announce the birth of the new rule they are well hopefully we will get that news very soon you'll get to do what you do best get back to you please give us and the people don't America. A preview of your announcement. And yeah. But. The but did you don't know why. So yeah Brooke. That was just practice but when when the baby does arrive. That will indeed be the announcement that we get and we will pass that along to you and and everyone else is waiting very patiently. For this new baby sass sex. Do any minute seven mile will I guess the big question here is have you gotten a lesson inking you'd be the tap to Chapman crap Becker. I don't think so I I you know I gotta get down to the Taylor and get these threads. I think the I don't think that town crier is. Is allowed to Wear such draft. By comparison clothing. And an ad there that anybody in negative Harry sightings well I mean where are they right now what's going on today on their schedule. No aid. It's it's been entirely quiet meg is due date was earlier this week so she is likely at home resting but there's been no real news out of the palace there's been no movement. We're just waiting along with everyone else has really been very little guidance other than the fact that she is expected to have this child any moment and everyone is just waiting. With bated breath for what will be a very exciting moment with this new child boy or girl we don't know. But he or she will be seventh in line to the British throughout. Are excellent stuff ovary for us over there Windsor Castle with the town crier. An excellent booking will take you a map for that. Great reporting out there were.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"The town crier shares just how he'll break the news of baby Sussex to Windsor residents","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"62784343","title":"The town of Windsor gears up for the arrival of the royal baby","url":"/International/video/town-windsor-gears-arrival-royal-baby-62784343"}