Three U.S. Sailors on Leave Attacked in Turkey

Nationalists in Istanbul harass U.S. sailors, place bags over their heads and chase them away.
11:27 | 11/12/14

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Transcript for Three U.S. Sailors on Leave Attacked in Turkey
You can. A hall. Chanting for Americans to go home. Disturbing images out of Turkey today three US sailors in Turkey harassed. And that attack bags put over their head. And chased away. Right now and national hot spot Istanbul Turkey. I felt president New York those sailors were from the USS Ross. A warship that was docked near Istanbul city it video was released on YouTube by a conservative group in Turkey. When a play the entire clip for you. And then this past dealers. We. We want you to get a little fun fun. Okay. Okay. Or. And now for more on that video and the story I want to bring in Reuters correspondent I would Janie aptly in Istanbul. Thanks for joining us silent disturbing video we just saw there give us some background on exactly where this attack took plates. But actually turned in central Istanbul today. Me near the golden hard on an historic quarter is Angela. A major tourist destination entered for people visiting system not. And so it did happen right in the center of town. And. Do we know exactly you what the other deet tails are about this. Group of people behind this attack what are we learning. They're known as that Turkish used union. They're actually. A nationalist. Group. And these supportive of the military in Turkey but anti government. Opposed to some of the policies of Turkey is. Resident Aaron wine. And I think they define themselves as more secular. I'm not for the reasons why they're in opposition to this government but they're nationalist. And adds to the action that they took today English stage attempted to put Collins. Over these. Are these so jurors. Seem to be apparent reference to an incident in Iraq in July 2000 entries are on more than eleven years ago in which. Turkish special forces were detained. By American soldiers in Northern Iraq. And includes around their necks and in this in this item in in an action that was widely interpreted is an insult to Turkcell it seemed to be mean we don't have confirmation of that ash but the U supposed seemed to refer back to that incident. Or watching this play out and certainly they got physical with the sailors do we know it off they were injured and we watch them. You know run away and then big group of people take chase to them as well. She and I was it could look like quite a skirmish today. Reports are that these soldiers are find that they didn't suffer injuries and didn't require medical attention. But as images showed how believe mood I pipe quick shaken. By a incidents and there are clearly in the room wearing sizzling closing it appeared to be young and shortly again in this popular. I'm tourism center in just Amal. And so they were clearly caught by surprise but apparently they are safe and sounds and and didn't even require medical attention and what has the Turkish government said in response this video doing out there have been any. Our rests at all and what about security. Have been harassed on their word Turkish news or parts that twelve people were detained. And from this group after the group itself released a video apparent each. I have I'm unaware of any should slow response. Condemnation or hear anything about her from the Turkish government yes. But the story didn't break later in the day here's so it responds could conch. GE US embassy quickly. Are released. A statement on Twitter. In which staying express. This is that they were appalled at an end and saw that it misrepresented its typical Turkish hospitality. And so the US embassy was quick to respond announcer understand that the Pentagon has issued a statement as Barak. Actually spokesman commented on home we also know that Turkey is a huge ally for the US is anti American sentiment common in Turkey is it increasing. It's Richard the US approval rating Turkey is low cost and low for some time there was a huge. Research center say that was released in October. That showed its being IC approval rating was just 19%. Which is among the lowest in the world. It's only a slight improvements. Most of her I think the lowest lose something like thirteen or 14% five or six years ago so another words. It's slightly better but not much better other major major turning point. In. East perceptions of the United States Kong came in 2000 entry with CUS invasion of Iraq is. Deeply deeply am popular here. Indian incursion into a neighboring unchanged and it really hasn't improved much since and every now and then after Obama's election 2000 NA there was a bit of of an uptick button generalist and I didn't. Reuters course. On that mileage Kenya Oakley in a simple thank you very much for joining us. And we're joined now by ABC's Lou Martinez at the Pentagon Louis we watch that video again what are US officials say about this in particular the Pentagon. Shell officials here depending on deploring this attack here in the language. He embassy saying that this is an appalling attack. The language being used here is that these as a bunch of thugs eyes what a spokesman said that a bunch of thugs. Acting out again attack against American service members. And it wave that is runs counter to the. Long history between two nations especially the two militaries and a long tradition and Turkish hospitality towards. Americans military service members when there arrive in Turkey. They're upset by it they're concerned by it. And it's that the implications of how this might impact. Further shortly for other ships when he visits is under consideration right now but we were talking about a broader relationship between US and Turkey militarily. And we'll see how that plays out but for now I'll think it can have a major impact them. Do we know how many US military members are based. In and around Turkey and on ships. The majority of the US military personnel in Turkey are based in the southeast portion. How close to the border with Syria since a large base called incirlik and there are several thousand US military air force mainly personnel it is an. Turkish base of the United States is basically there there there is host as part of this NATO. Eight. That is so close to the Syrian border under that is mainly it that is the largest portion. On the military personnel in Turkey on the might be others and Kara the yen that the US embassy there. And of course we're talking about the streets of Bosporus there the gateway between the Black Sea. And the Mediterranean so is a vital choke point and always routinely whenever you have American military vessels transiting into the Black Sea in or out. Undoubtedly the typically have any of port of call visit which is what. It was described here in this video these are sailors. Had given liberty during a port call after having had a deployment and exercise and it waxy. They're there to have a good time and then there's an upon. By these protesters might we see any other protocol changes as a result of this video and this attack. You know it's interesting Michelle you look at this video and in these guys are blending in as civilians are not out there on liberty in their uniforms they're dressed in civilian attire. You heard him at the top of the video you can hear one of the and protesters basically saying I you know. And asking them are US soldier they're sailors but they respond yes you worry silly here and now we here's why we don't like you. And senate proceed on his idiots. But. I'm. Military personnel take. Senator countries they don't go out to you wearing their uniforms and when he comes. And this is basically a precautionary move. Now what's gonna happen as a result of this is still unclear. I don't know that the Ross itself is supposed cute and had that pull out of port either today or tomorrow. So it may not impact and any future. Rivals in the short term but long term got to look at how this is gonna play out when officials telling me. Now we got to see how this investigation plays out on the part of the Turks to see what happened and see if he needs standards it is undertaking further security. For use in future. Explain the relationship of course between Turkey and the United States it's that I agreed ally but seems to be getting a little bit more afraid that relationship. With the ongoing war in Syria. Potential it's a long term military relationship the United States has with Turkey NATO is a key member of NATO as well. And there is so there's a lot of cooperation is gone back and forth that you're seeing as you said is a little bit of friction. With regards to what's going on in Syria. Particularly in the United States wants Turkey to do more there is a bit of negotiation challenge where the United States wanted them. To open up their mile high air bases so that US. Military attack flights could be conducted out of incirlik. They wanted to additional. Personnel on on the border there and they they now want in also to further training. Some war Syrian rebels moderate Syrian rebels think it. Take on crisis. But that but then that's where that differences lie the administration is want to take on ices. The Turks want to take on his side regime they want to train. Searched Syrian fighters to take few. Bring down the side regime they're opposed to that regime. And so there's a limitation there as to how far the Turks are going to go the United States wants them to go further in. And easing restrictions were there military activities in that country. And that so far. I has not taken place they've they've made they've acknowledged that there onboard with the ice is coalition but they're not taking it as far as United States would want. Louis Martinez at the Pentagon thanks as always for joining us this. You can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news app and started this story for exclusive updates on the go for now. I'm Michelle president New York you've been watching international hot spot.

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