US finds itself off the list of countries allowed to enter Europe

Due to rising COVID-19 cases, Europe says it won’t allow any American travelers to enter for at least the next two weeks.
5:08 | 06/30/20

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Transcript for US finds itself off the list of countries allowed to enter Europe
Algeria can general one and South Korea citizens from those four nations along with eleven dollars will be allowed to visit the European Union starting tomorrow but Americans. They will not be due to our soaring cases are before me worked for islands in the other early Hobbs fonts inside the US raged. There was Italy and also Spain and now while beaches in parts of California and smarter once again shutting down. This is seen in Barcelona now how did the EU and US fare so differently Maggie ruling files this report from France. American Katie Gandy lives in France with her husband and their three little girls they live in the city of Versailles. A short ride from Paris and also home to Louis the fourteenth seamlessly majestic castle in Graham. But when culprit he hit the country she now calls home and the city and attracts tens of millions of visitors every year. Became a shell of its former sounds. Palestinian parents but fears his most iconic and beloved saints shuttered. But after months the locked down France and the rest of Europe the start to welcome back some international travelers tomorrow. The Eiffel Tower reopening it's doors just last week. This is the iconic view of parent sent for so many people around the world the Eiffel towers of reopening is a sign of hope. But for Americans these iconic European scenes that are on so many people's bucket list who remain off limits for the foreseeable future. The EU announcing that for now it will not allow US travelers into the block. We're all of the same page about what needs to be done. The US is seeing an uptick of infections in 32 bit states while Europe has flatten its curve. 29 out of 31 countries saw an 83% drop in infection since April night. Europe like the US had a slow when chaotic initial response the pandemic. Once the severity of the problem became apparent. Many countries then reacted swiftly. On March night Italy's prime minister announced a total sucked out restricting all movement inside the country France and Spain followed suit that same week fining people for just being outside. Even go out jogging. I needed. When a note sent to go out a signed note time note even to go to the grocery store blew all the US imposed travel restrictions to and from the EU. Nine states impose no stay at home orders sixty eights had orders that lasted less than a month. In contrast full lock downs in Italy France and Spain lasted about two months. And the country's slowly and cautiously eased out of that as their case numbers declined. What you see across Europe is that they did applying the root of that the public health approach. Two controlling this they're identifying cases quickly they're tracking them to see who's had contact in their making sure. It everyone who's at risk. He's able to isolate or quarantine so they don't spread this infection. That's not been happening across the United States. In France president local news showcase face masks making it part of the nation's identity on the United States. President trump has yet to publicly in breaks wearing a face mask. Would you want to go back to the US are now. Honestly no I'm not really gonna put my kids and a place where that I know about their risk so it's. Keeping us safe for as long as we can. Is. It's kind of the priority. But European officials' decision to leave Americans out of a tourist season is hitting home. Katie worked for to a company in Paris this is quite an L in the coffin back 90% of our clientele where America. Tourism accounts for about 10% in the EU's GDP employs more than 11% of its population. They desperately need tourist but with cases soaring stateside Europe doesn't think Americans are worth the risk. And the priority remains keeping their case count low. Clusters popping up across the continent are in constant reminder that in killers a vaccine can the virus will continue to be a threat. Germany recently saw a spike with 15100 new cases from a meat packing plant prompting a shutdown of two German counties and in France another country reported only to a earning eighty new cases yesterday fear still looms. And what did you think when electric that tax last night and there was an outbreak at your daughter's school it was panic again it was definitely stress and panic. I mean did you so much we don't know that I'd rather just keep safe and be safe than sorry. It's a delicate dance the European economy will have to navigate countries attempting to regain some of the business lost. While hospitals prepare freeze chicken wings. As this tour seizing kicks up you're based testing in the real time it's their success in containing the spread will last. MacKey really BBC news Paris.

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{"duration":"5:08","description":"Due to rising COVID-19 cases, Europe says it won’t allow any American travelers to enter for at least the next two weeks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"71545928","title":"US finds itself off the list of countries allowed to enter Europe","url":"/International/video/us-finds-off-list-countries-allowed-enter-europe-71545928"}