Video Appears to Show ISIS Execution of 2nd US Hostage

Journalist Steven Sotloff was previously seen in ISIS video showing execution of American James Foley.
4:02 | 09/02/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Video Appears to Show ISIS Execution of 2nd US Hostage
This is an ABC news. Now reported. George Stephanopoulos. And we are coming on the air right now because -- Islamic militant group -- has posted a video online appearing to show the execution. Of the North American journalist Steven -- -- left wondering where. Chief investment correspondent Brian Ross Brian what -- we -- when George. The video was posted about an hour ago on audio video sharing site online and it shows -- -- off again a kneeling in the desert setting in an orange jumpsuit. Next to him the executioner who appeared to be the same one who executed James Foley he says I'm back. He says Obama on back and sawed off is his message asking why am I paying the price three -- -- appearance Obama. In affairs in Iraq and of course after the execution James Foley the first American journalist. The Islamic militant group said that the fate of Stephen jewel Sama was in president Obama's -- -- in -- the video begins with a clip of Obama speaking at a news conference in my opinion this is two weeks ago when. The first -- -- was posted showing fully this is the -- execution this week Intel and in the same sort of graphic outcome can we tell vote by the video whether or not. The execution actually has been subsequent to present Obama's actions are the excuse of both Americans at the same time we couldn't tell from what we've looked at I know experts been looking at that there wasn't assumption by many in the US intelligence community -- -- -- fate was sealed even before any action taken by the president. Despite the fact that his mother Shirley -- -- could make a direct appeal. To the head of -- Say making in the name of Islam she said please save my son. -- students catch and -- and a lot of that Islam. I learned that is until it's is that man -- -- be held responsible. For the sins of others. Stephen has no control interactions that numerous government. In the -- journalist. -- news -- that you don't care -- can grant amnesty. I ask you to please release my child. As a matter and I asked the justice of rumors that I am not punishment sense and -- who has no control over. I ask you to -- sort of throwing just has -- Defied the example set by the Prophet -- group -- -- look at the Brooke. I want what every mother wants to limit consumer acceptance territory and I'd include -- to correct means. -- -- sadly appears who've fallen on deaf ears only go quickly. He BC's chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz in Washington Martha no confirmation yet from the white house on this but clearly clearly. This puts the president in imposition of continuing his campaign that's when he said he would do after the first execution. He did and that was a very emotional press briefing that the president gave two weeks ago but as you know George last Thursday the president came out. Rather an emotional saying he does not have a strategy for any military action. In Syria all of those surveillance planes have been up there -- gathering information. Possible targets in Syria they're -- over a 120. Airstrikes in a rock. Already against crisis and it is expanded in Iraq but we still don't know. Whether those airstrikes will expand into Syria. And of course the president heading to Europe later this afternoon to try to. Create the coalition boat to take on nicest and of course the continuing crisis in Ukraine as well Martha Raddatz frank thank you both very much. Once again we have seen a video from the -- recite group ice is. Appearing to show. The execution of American Steven -- -- -- who left complete reports. From -- Martin Jon -- -- President Obama -- from our entire ABC news team on world news tonight with David -- Can get updates throughout the day I mean he's dot com I'm George Stephanopoulos in New York have a good. This has been a special -- From ABC.

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{"duration":"4:02","description":"Journalist Steven Sotloff was previously seen in ISIS video showing execution of American James Foley.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"25217418","title":"Video Appears to Show ISIS Execution of 2nd US Hostage","url":"/International/video/video-appears-show-isis-execution-2nd-us-hostage-25217418"}