World Chess Championship

Behind the scenes of the rapid-fire finals.
3:33 | 11/28/18

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Transcript for World Chess Championship
I I'm Molly answer months you're watching ABC news by the we're at the biggest events in the world saying. Its the world chess championships. Eric down here in the Al that this beautiful building where it's all happening suggested there is a soundproof. Politically lacked only room where the gains actually happening here. Grow lots becoming. This is where we cannot shut and watch this is the video right there are attacks it shows that. You've got pressed by lying. And how might mean we can't exit the VIP room. I think its final day of crown will be awarded today that we we'll. Is the best in the world this championship is going on for me that they at its highest they've drawn twelve. Games they played for 48 hours 680. Moves. And six games that keeps the contenders Magnus karlson his you know we did he's won four times. Worth saying he felt so. Pretty good looking as a former model and there's not an act I want it isn't the American everyone's rooting for and it's really fits that act on the map for a lot of Americans coming do you explain. The relatively complicated reload. Re going to act that passed fine here for the first round is rapid gains in our foreign wrapping gains. That's of course they're the only needs to win three games in order for it to you over are we into. And drama that they have to play at least three of those gains are 25. Minutes for each player ten seconds. Bonus for each turnout if those four games are probably going to believe skis now there are many matches two but schemes keys back. Five minutes per play act and three seconds. For every tax return actually two people immediately explain that even better than I. There in the middle of the game and now we stop that we've stopped time Kate get a game of this is done in this is in the Anheuser bank. If the UK's youngest grandmaster. Taught me about arming yet. I can't subjective on the get done as. Mike needs to win the game not phased withdrawal since the games and throw it constantly. That's seems Crete. It's like the last result way if that deciding any time so. The ultimate conducts in the communism. 5000 to one how do you think these guys enter Heidi think madness finished up after the first game. I mean the quality of play has been ridiculously high throughout the whole thing me people called it boring but it's just what happens when the two greatest players come. Come into one game. Martins played very very decisive for very long time in the game and the position that a little bit difficult. And the and they play on such small things that most top players wouldn't even understand. But every time you deputy live from new and a Dunlap and intended latency while. You actually it's twelve steps that it. Yet that that's right. We'll be back with all the latest at this exciting times and opulent and watching it's me it's autocrat with chess champions themselves and it millions and nine month. All over the world this is beloved by so many at the plate for 15100 years that we really at its champion. The last entry posted rash and again if burst. That pitcher he spent his parents earlier through. Remarkably that they were nervous yet no real pregame ritual. Naymick thumping at bats. We act it will be accidentally as thanks much for watching I'm reminded. And you're watching ABC's.

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{"duration":"3:33","description":"Behind the scenes of the rapid-fire finals.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"59473397","title":"World Chess Championship","url":"/International/video/world-chess-championship-59473397"}