World Refugee Day raises awareness to people displaced around the world

Founded by the UN, World Refugee Day brings attention to the struggles and misconceptions of refugees who are displaced from war and persecution.
3:37 | 06/20/19

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Transcript for World Refugee Day raises awareness to people displaced around the world
June 20 aunt is officially world refugee day in the United Nations named it backed. In 2000 the theme this year is hash tag step with refugees. A message to make steps in solidarity with refugees who trekked more than one billion miles each year to reach the nearest point. Of safety so I want to bring in the niece of bell. A researcher for refugee and migrant rights from Amnesty International. The knees when you look at the stats. What is something that stands out or surprises you the most when it comes to. The life that refugees have to leaked have to live what. It strikes me the most is that these people are people just like human meet people who are effective safety who opened forced to flee their homes. Half of them are children I met these children recently eleven Ayman Jordan. And their parents and the children all they want as a better life. Safety security and dignity. Yet what are some of those stats I saw one earlier than send. 37000. People are displaced every day that's a lot. A people who are having their their lives changed forever expect an inner fleeing because they can't stay where they are because of war because of persecution human rights abuses. Nobody wants to leave their home. And they have to because they'll be kill yet. I think it's important you say they're they're people like all of us because these situations can happen to any less severe Mattingly at a different place exactly so you released a report this week I'm about families that are still in limbo yes yes absolutely what's that about. While the report. Is the mountaineers in front of us and the fees behind us which in fact some refugee and Matt and a refugee camp and join and that was her quote to explain. This impossible limbo that they find themselves and the US government promised the families that they could come to the United States two and a half years ago. One family was given a new home and Richmond Virginia. And then president trump signed the first Muslim band and this refugee family was told that they would ban. And they sent to me we don't understand. We cleared all the checks we were told our new home we gave away everything. And it's two and a half years later and we're still here and they can't stay where they are. They can't go home and they don't know what to do we broke our promise yes yes so the report who is intended to see who do you want to read it. I want the American public to read I want them to know what the government is giving them their name how we made promises to tens of thousands of refugees. To give them new homes and we've broken a promise us. What do you think is that most common misconception about refugees in this country. That there's somebody out but they're not like us but let me tell you there exactly like I and that. Dozens of refugees who stayed at home until they could no longer live there because the bombs kept falling. And then they moved to the nearby town in the nearby town and then they realize. For their children's safety they had to leave for a new place. He and so before we go I just want you to may be offer us some of those big or small steps like this hash tag is saying that people can take in solidarity. But one step that could take in solidarity. Is to be part of this worldwide movement to welcome refugees we know that millions of Americans across this country want to welcome refugees as friends as neighbors. And one lead can do that is go to amnesty USA dot org. We have a serious and very easy actions to take some members of congress can help get these families here but we promised. All right Denise bell from Amnesty International. Appreciate you joining us today thank you this question.

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{"duration":"3:37","description":"Founded by the UN, World Refugee Day brings attention to the struggles and misconceptions of refugees who are displaced from war and persecution. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"63839815","title":"World Refugee Day raises awareness to people displaced around the world","url":"/International/video/world-refugee-day-raises-awareness-people-displaced-world-63839815"}