Worldwide celebrations on final day of Pride month

Four million people took to the streets of New York City, where World Pride was being held, to march in the annual Pride parade.
2:25 | 07/01/19

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Transcript for Worldwide celebrations on final day of Pride month
Let's talk about yesterday it was the world pride parade in New York City it was. Absolutely epic because it was the fiftieth anniversary of the Stonewall uprising so four million people or in the streets in GO minivans and I were out there was some incredible guests are pre show coverage Billy Porter. She Angela from her paws drag race. Karl Schmidt who educated us on what it's like to live with HIV now the creators from the ethics show posed in so many other great moments of take a look. The reason why we call it pride. It's because this was community gets forced to be ashamed of themselves. And the people who started this march back fifty years ago decided they wanted to take that scene remind people to be proud of and they left. Like everything happen that an investment that I'm the good news well I tried it together. I tried it the other way apparently and it didn't work any of what they get not living in that in my objectivity. Do anything for me that make him miserable. I'm jumping up and bed and realize that and hear you yeah. What we're fighting for is freedom and the freedom from need to be able to Wear whatever I want him at a house sparkling or. Powell you know with a lot of resumes are want to address that is freedom and that's what we're fighting. The fear is don't you do not need to be scanned at me. Or any other HIV positive person because. They HIV if you can get undetectable. Can't transmit the virus this is huge news media out in the military so. Not yet but now I am so that's it's are coming out is like coming out. A news. Or some months to get energy because that's love it love it is my friends and I'm holding. A little friend here you can get this online if you really want him he's so cute so. Skies continue to take care here's thousand it here around you can stick around and a briefing room at 3:30 PM. And then you can check out world news prime at 8 PM and he want to stay updated on all of these headlines you can go to Or download the app I'm Kimberly Brooks. And I'll see it to my.

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{"duration":"2:25","description":"Four million people took to the streets of New York City, where World Pride was being held, to march in the annual Pride parade.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"64067500","title":"Worldwide celebrations on final day of Pride month","url":"/International/video/worldwide-celebrations-final-day-pride-month-64067500"}