The complicated history of touching Black hair

Youtuber and actress, Franchesca Ramsey, explains the troubled past connoted by touching a Black person's hair.
2:16 | 02/27/17

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Transcript for The complicated history of touching Black hair
Any needs staying in a black girl's body. Becomes. Extra and other like that's you know they're nice part of our history ready when I've always been seen as other I mean there were times where we work. Paraded around as if we were zoo animals or people to poke and prod and that's an even if you know through slavery active like looking at our bodies and other rising us and I think that a lot of these women when they do this and men as well don't realize the historical contacts of our bodies not being our own and people reaching their hand out and touching us is if we air packs are as if we're an exhibit. I would never reach out and touch a stranger. Because I realize that you have your own personal space in the and measure space. We do not get afforded that seem. Level of respect. And it's and it's not just our hair brain it's in with the police deal with fats it's and you know how sexual assault happens in our community is a junior at the bar and some dude grabs you it's just like this idea that we are up for public consumption. In addition to our here. I'm an and a lot of these. White people that we're dealing with do not understand but it's not just about them it's about the history of this happening to us it's about the history of it happening to us. Everywhere we go all day long make him an every facet of our lives. What weren't finding is that there's an a bomb on a bowler but had an abysmal. Lack of history. We if brightness felon with us meaning. We need to know about them in the New Caledonia you know Eileen bring about our best folk. They don't have to know only thing about asked to not only just thrive but to really. To really be super successful so so what went to red for other women to serve. Eyeball that's a survival tactic to learn. How to code switch it's a survival tactic to. Get your hair streams together we give you. You know tone down your nail holes to tone down your make up to turn on your jewelry and ordered she's the you know accepted in white spaces like that is what we have always had to do you in chartered. QB it's like money and other letting branch.

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{"id":45785846,"title":"The complicated history of touching Black hair ","duration":"2:16","description":"Youtuber and actress, Franchesca Ramsey, explains the troubled past connoted by touching a Black person's hair.","url":"/Lifestyle/video/complicated-history-touching-black-hair-45785846","section":"Lifestyle","mediaType":"default"}