Farragut Fridays Brings Together Workers and Residents

ABC News' Gary Westphalen takes us inside "Farragut Fridays" in Washington, D.C.
14:39 | 06/24/16

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Transcript for Farragut Fridays Brings Together Workers and Residents
Oh hi I'm hearing west gone from ABC news. Joining us son ABC and FaceBook live. We still do a little bit about where we are resurrected by the way we're gonna get back your friends. Let me first tell you where we are and downtown Washington DC and if you look over this way you'll seat pastry. And of the area. Three blocks away and White House. Where you'll find all time high. Lawyers. And where we're standing is Americus where it's one block square park. Brendan metal ball. Concrete and. The last car and that event but we're getting right. And Friday's sponsored by golden throne. And incidentally. Racked up cited a horse. Actually. He snapped and that aren't as part of Friday that you. In the day. I. I can through the list this is Eli. IUI next week. And business. Loans rock morning news constantly. Those of big oil big boy you. Understand. Why you guys use horses. Back we all season. Salons. And just want Redeker in the game. Around it not only long varies. He goes on working it's good for the right price and I knew something. I. We're coming horses that's apparently. Com your heads towards him just. Warm and early BC has in the twenty plus range. We have five different forms all through. Get back yard I thank goodness me. And this is as I mentioned. Wherever. Barnes and then it. And I'm very Betty and urban areas and it's one of the examples. In probably the most urban apartment DC. We love this park people use. See it like to bring programming. Actually and American square because in the Middle East where you'll see. Stats you that's admiral David Barrett. He Wednesday at union naval officer during the civil war. The rallying cry damn the torpedoes full speed ahead. Now he's more of a target of pigeons then he goes but. Price of thing. Look around the park and on the other things got a. Yeah. But. Think every number is. And so we bring out every week. Come a long day. Actually it and then come by the end of summer. Look at the numbers he ended it can't be any other partners at with the I'm on the clock pavlik healthy there job to help homeless people find out. And though at the end of this summer we collect all of me and give them the Catholics in housing and. The good thing presidency without some flooding after hitting them. His love and and that's. All right let's say if our are still going around the park. You'll notice on two sides of this park. Line with the drugs all the way up and down everything from Frito. Waffles. Chicken. I mean there's this everything in this area. Coming up American Friday. You set up a bunch tables. There is that we set up every Friday and as you can see. There are only used word the only Smart in the minds of our. And even now there are. What kind of food is available. There is everything that he mentioned. Not learn. Restaurants are ground where people can buy you know I was out literally that sandwich and bring that out as well. Dot wanted to. Younger lessons of the go with the X yeah I don't think that's 1 evening night at Angel. 530. And they're very popular and well and the other day. Right behind haight street outside of that at all that Smart. That's amazing yet. And now this area is something you have set up for people who can't totally get away from their work. Out Friday at the moment. They aren't. Out. Have been very powerful pop fly high. And being. On now not fit in the shares in the modular furniture and thanks a lot I. We will set up tables for you if you decide you want the meeting at these are on the table. It hands and there are lots. And eighth street is on the instantly. Harry. It's. Lot. And I'm outside important and much less structured environment and I'm going into mafia. And they're right here. Right hand right here is about as far away from working. We sent out a numbers game. Our. Well in yes. I'm over it. And more than you're. Disagreement over this. Yeah. Picked up. And I'm again aren't. Says there. Okay I'm moving out of the park what we have going on over here this looks pretty like some pretty intense and. Did right and I meant. Riding in game this evening long we have every angle for anybody at the end at that we haven't made little warm he looks. Are. The moment lot he hardly it's playing nice again. So this turn of an action going. Business from your yeah. I'm very glad that the incident happened. Coming. It's. Back and in the end of the season the only tournament. You know we'll. And 10 PM there is a winner and there isn't throw. Com and they get me on our web site. It's the rating. I'm dean and Clark I think. They're very experienced. Very well. Vandals let them. I don't know. That's a different experience. Hustling. What's happening here. Yeah. Generally about the name and and hand I don't. Yeah unless. Guns all I can only do okay. 90 yeah. More this anyway. I'm joins me. Jordan then got. You know I don't know. Yeah. And I. The name watch yeah. The only got. And hello. You can look caribou. Okay. Here we are. Thank New York. Yeah okay. Yeah and. Nicely. Email me. They gardening and landscaping that is yeah. I was in my comment is not definitely he's an arm and stomach aches. Martin back. Yeah. I know. Yeah. If you want to go. It's. I'm then is one of several judges along Clinton's mild morning. No need and we'll. Yeah. I'd imagine if they want around today. Buried deep talent more yeah. And I'm heightened on news. Broadcasters yeah. I'm not I and then buried him. What do you think yeah yeah. The hospital's debt this year I was told competition like everybody another day. Are some people got to stop now I'm sorry to see being dropped on like I hope that wasn't me competitive advantage of the program but now people are. Depending on who might placed. To London. You do my network. And I don't have a good. My grounds might that might explain not as there. And aren't I have another. Former gloves. We'll talk about their present in nearly as bad you have I don't like a Third World country it with a broad. If you might happen. In the yeah. And hundreds and hundreds of people playing hooky. Maybe this is why nothing gets done. I. Dogs a great thing. Learning from Americans learn quickly Hillary. Golden triangle. That's more than enough geometry. Gary yeah.

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{"duration":"14:39","description":"ABC News' Gary Westphalen takes us inside \"Farragut Fridays\" in Washington, D.C.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"40114542","title":"Farragut Fridays Brings Together Workers and Residents ","url":"/Lifestyle/video/farragut-fridays-brings-workers-residents-40114542"}