Helping hands: COVID kits for the homeless

Shaivi Shah told us how she donated more than 500 much-needed sanitation kits to shelters in her area and how she’s hoping to do more.
2:44 | 03/31/20

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Transcript for Helping hands: COVID kits for the homeless
It's the most vulnerable the homeless who can sometimes be forgotten when so much is happening all around us but in California. Some are getting a helping hand from a young teen who is pitching in to do her part. She is already donated more than 500 much needed sanitation kits to shelters in her area and she's hoping she can do even more. We're so happy to have she be shot with us now to tell us all about it and JB this is. Such a generous gesture but made even more so when I found out that you use your own money to get this started how did all come about. Though. Actress started when I was watching the news center let's talk accurate there are college talked about matter. Coleman's people just nasty to California cash. And that our school was an odd because. A ball to each year are months Walsh and so I thought like a happy time and I hat. No way to get suppliers like want to help out. The people that most vulnerable to punish those people do you don't have any detection. Money when king. And more more than half vampire fifty and older so there are more. Prone to getting the corona virus and they are in severe health image that's how it just be we started. Now well and then I'm curious because when you first begin to deliberate. What was your reaction. Aunt I don't know what to expect when I first meet them I don't know who would be helpful or homeless shelters but once he started donating. They mercy prayer super excited because. That's when all night. Hygiene products ask corporate bastards in exchange and you know everything with out of stock in so. They're excited happy guy. At least a bunch. Like a hopeful gossip hot. Yeah I'm sure we're excited and very grateful and I know that needs said this and you want to do even Morrison you've started to go fun need page. Which is already received a great response what's the message you want people to hear. I don't agenda is scary time. Most people's thinking about themselves and their enemies but there are people and worst bad situations that us. And so just like ink the people that don't have just yes I'm most of us do. And does not do your best China health well. Whether it's donating some money. More like even just if you don't need it. Something they don't buy it could other people might need it more than. Man she'd be great to see a team working so selflessly to help others were happy to helping at the word out thanks for being with us. Think yeah.

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{"duration":"2:44","description":"Shaivi Shah told us how she donated more than 500 much-needed sanitation kits to shelters in her area and how she’s hoping to do more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"69898790","title":"Helping hands: COVID kits for the homeless","url":"/Lifestyle/video/helping-hands-covid-kits-homeless-69898790"}