Hunting Down the Secret Books Banned from Library Shelves

ABC News' Karen Travers takes us on a scavenger hunt to celebrate Banned Books Week in Washington, DC.
9:19 | 09/27/16

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Transcript for Hunting Down the Secret Books Banned from Library Shelves
I am wearing. That but we. Public library foundation. Are a check out we have behind. Let's start that you think kids books. Book and in it. My knives. But yet. Strapped cities and I'm way. Play at. And not received an. Saying yeah. It's. Not a home thanks to you. And books every annual vandals who is an effort around the country. Very important that decades have been tried to get out of library. Don't write me. The libraries and tampering. Officers teachers librarians. To. These efforts are still under way into something. Yeah. What really isn't always ban on. Place where information is obviously pretty but it's also. Free at silos so we eat we believe that libraries that anyone should be given access any material so. We realize. 34 years ago the American Library Association that this was an issue that. What's not going away and so they scream and switch as a celebration of the freedom to read. Just flip the script and a little bit to make it a celebration instead of I'm always talking about when it does happen but it brings attention to the issue. In a positive way and easy I'm personally happy NB participating. Swear spin on the entrance. Hell yeah. Think that they and let's first look at us here. Probably because I've been talking. But the holy Bible sometimes it is what. What it's about the Bible and well it's lower. Recent that's another target floor fans and talent. We are. Are they send their campaign. Why he may have. And your grave was scared to. Yeah and helps people burn. In the past. Times on there what's. Sunday. 85%. Looks better theater talents are not even warnings and even look we know what it's not the extent to which happened. So last year went on top of seven fans inside it was either. Yeah yeah and could borrow it. I'd like you but you don't like it now there but. Six months. So look inside this colorful. A little bit his three. Right YE. Thanks much. Because yeah. I'm sad I. Back at silencing. Here's Maryland and now. We'll let break on these. Here's how he. They. Yeah. You know. I'm behind. When book is making. How many. Cover and make it. 19. Pizza yeah. I really the idea behind. This scavengers I think. Yeah. You know keep. Yeah. There are people that are trying very hard to find a home. You know what yeah. A pregnant I had a couple things last night did. I'm yeah yeah I'm. Running out of next. And there aren't some luck here hasn't even. They give them. Yet. Even. Not his sex life. Let me. Back here got. It goes. Pornographic. This is what good is that's right. He that he sent them all but yeah. And documented reasons. Fearful that actually crying and I think. My right. Yet. I'll let. We want to create something happens I'm never. Quiet. I I pay my. For the big game. Cocktail party back. Seven. But to. Always fun. Here yeah. We have a problem. Right now. Athens even last minute trying implying that. Pornography. Worth and much has the ability. Preston the novel. Or other books that are banned trying like. Six you get lucky winner read this in real life. The importance of continuing to spread eat at the exit. Exactly right paint but they must have seen the end app gonna get out its copy. Wait I wanna if think that I never seven. I'm Jack wrap eight. Don't think it's a little thing again for watching and again.

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{"duration":"9:19","description":"ABC News' Karen Travers takes us on a scavenger hunt to celebrate Banned Books Week in Washington, DC.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"42400871","title":"Hunting Down the Secret Books Banned from Library Shelves","url":"/Lifestyle/video/hunting-secret-books-banned-library-shelves-42400871"}