The Process of Urban Beekeeping

Find out what it takes to produce, extract and make honey.
4:09 | 05/26/16

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Transcript for The Process of Urban Beekeeping
Every time this is Janet winds unity DC did you I'm here in northwest Washington DC at a local bee hive and humid heat from the DC. Beekeepers alliance that she's gonna give us a little bit of a one out line on urban peace keeping zawahiri. I really glad to talk about these. This. This whole colony here at this it here rather is actually about education and the education and getting people excited about could be. You can. And you can and stand in front of them I. Is that there and then and this kind of going to. The hook and of this night. It's covered with that he isn't in game and it's basically there have been going on on the ports. To be a little bit cooler because it's soccer's summer day. Now I have smoked Whitney bikinis smoke sometimes to comedy. That you're going to open their high that make them a little nervous. Yeah. I. I'm not gonna like smoke at the mall a lot because that they're comfortable on their outside the high. Is really no advantages and staring at him. The thing to remember is that these. Vegetarians there mild mannered ceremony interests and taking care of their eyes and their all sisters. I'm queen mother. Died when. And that means it's very. Quickly enough there. And day this is quite scary wait for it moved. And lift this out. I'm having here. Airing. And beaten. One being angry the air pollutants being com. And if these don't actually like having the roof of their house lifted up which I realized. I think this little Howland them. See you. It. And it. Irving. High start. And and then finding. An. Well. In. You eat eat eat eat eat keeping. Victory. And an air. But neither all black keys and around. And I'm making here is funny and that. He's in it and it anything is wonderful together than anything like that here. And these little sounds that they make. He's. It's seated Billy quit listening in the that's nectar. And they are can greeting that nectar into honey and once it's funny. And they happened with of course bees wax what else. And that's what we want to harvest when they're down with it. That we did something a little sneaky alien this season. Early summer we take some of the honey and harvested and packed next week we're going to do it. Hot honey harvest with the second grade Scania and pop. And end we put these. And keep brings back inside in the high because that gives the bees honey it's time. To make lots of money for themselves but it is because we want to make sure he's making it. I hope they enjoy their little tutorial on urban be keeping its special thanks to Kate of the DT beekeepers or why it's. For rather grand to work in special things for the BA's board not beat me and that guy here because I can. Philip all in in my. Through some of it teenager out here so it's a jet Lansing with ABC digital. Also if you want to see as special inside towards I'd be do you check out our website. We had a 360 tore. Inside beehive yesterday with our virtual reality is that it's really cool so until next time this is getting my seat at ABC digital thanks for tinian.

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{"duration":"4:09","description":"Find out what it takes to produce, extract and make honey.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"39413985","title":"The Process of Urban Beekeeping ","url":"/Lifestyle/video/process-urban-beekeeping-39413985"}