Rose Mansion is like wine amusement park in NYC

The pop-up in midtown Manhattan combines wine, science and pure fun.
2:35 | 06/07/19

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Transcript for Rose Mansion is like wine amusement park in NYC
I right before we go reminder national rose day is tomorrow I didn't know I don't know how you wanna celebrate but if your New York. I have the perfect option for you this 32000 square foot rose mansion in the heart of Manhattan not promise you even if you don't drink rose pointing to at all. You'll have a good time in league with some good picks for the Graham's so take a look. There's only Cleveland. Yeah. Fights we wanted to do the whole life he's being experienced in the whole wide making so. Yet if the Braves ahead. Has rose wine is made by with the red wine grapes and they just so it could be used for few hours instead of a few weeks. And he gets pink lines of these have agreed that are soaking in the chance easy to paint fumes and and he degrades. So this is our fervent pace in Latin. So we. We made a really cool wow fountain. And these are actually old formulas. Friends that are winemakers sent me about uniform of the data use for fermentation. I think another thing. Long it take you. Think everything you want to get it means I mean it's really kind of like a lifetime avoid using wine education by. A lot a lot of sleepless weeks. So this served as the pursuit of sweetness even if you don't drink line you can still take your quit the panel like Candy Land. Since the speaker guarding. You can say that doesn't throw rose petals at. It again. A third Disco ball. Because at the end of the tour. What's more crime than jumping in a big vol fans and Escobar. Believe fantastic. I can't believe. All in your brain in the end you just put it all. For everyone to enjoy. Thank you so much for the tour they tell us please it was her coming can't it is amazing. All right guys have got to check that out it's a wait and Fauria get those in the Graham picks and going.

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{"duration":"2:35","description":"The pop-up in midtown Manhattan combines wine, science and pure fun. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"63559709","title":"Rose Mansion is like wine amusement park in NYC","url":"/Lifestyle/video/ros-mansion-wine-amusement-park-nyc-63559709"}