Four steps to keep calm when navigating back to work

ABC co-host of weekend GMA, author, co-founder and host of “10 percent happier” Dan Harris discusses ways to handle concerns about going back to work.
4:50 | 05/22/20

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Transcript for Four steps to keep calm when navigating back to work
We'll just as many of us begin mastering working from home. The return to the workplace is now causing a whole new set of concerns co host of weekend GMA author co-founder and host. Up 10% happier Dan Harris is here with four steps to take when navigating. Back to work in so welcome and I know that. Employers don't necessarily feel physically or mentally seat these days us with studies at least show and employees. But much to the problem comes from the inexperience of managers at this point. To manage that mental health. Of their employees right now need or they don't have the resource it. To help their employees so give us some tips and how we can thrive. In this new and uncertain work environment or Arlen. Well first tip is self compassion. Give yourself a break if you're feeling anxious right now that probably just means you're paying attention if you listen to that agenda right now I'm certainly think join me to Wear a knight's armor and every time I leave the house of that what we're getting toward. And were and to reentering at a time where there's so much confusion so much Cass and so much disagreement so much it's become political in many ways. So look just give yourself a break for don't feel anxious about feeling anxious. Self compassion. He is a way to give yourself the kind of warmth that you would you give a close friend. All right in fact you have a three step process to help people who might not be touchy Feely. In to this practice well yes. Yes the first saw some mine I to stolen this from a scientist Kristen Knapp who's at the University of Texas she's really the lead researcher. On self compassion says she says if you find yourself in a moment of suffering its anxiety could be hate trader could be. Any number of difficult emotions the first step is just to know what your feeling. This labeling which are feeling is kind of like pressing the picture in picture button on your remote control all the sudden the story that's taken up the whole screen can be seen with some. Perspective the second step is is to put yourself in more perspective by knowing that. Millions of people tens of millions of people maybe billions of people are feeling exactly what you're feeling right now and that third step is the self compassion. To send yourself little phrases which may seem a little clunky like may be happy may be safe may be free from suffering. That has been shown to research studies these little phrases to have a really beneficial effect on the month just time that own personal. Mon track you can carry with you to help you get through the tough times what it not self preservation. Again I put this down a self preservation because so many of us I said this before so many of us are feeling a lot of anger at other people or hand going to reopen up differently than we are so maybe we're mad because somebody's not wearing a mask it setter at center. Fed anger is a lot to carry around so I'm not telling you you're wrong to be disinterested. To be disappointed in other people or to be wary of them. But I do think you might want to switch from disagree from. From rage and fury to just sort of compassionate disagreement. And so again you can use these phrases in your mind to send to compassion may you be happy may you be safe. To humanize the other person. And again it's not to invite them over to dinner it's not to given to all your money it's just to say I disagree with you but I don't want to carry around this extra load of anger which reduces my ability to be effective. Yeah I think that's a beautiful thing to think about when we're feeling that anchor Ari finally say self care I like this one yes. But that's self care can be thought of as all that kind of and eat your vegetables things that Toronto is he to do exercise. Get enough sleep. Eat well all those things I I totally agree with its health care can also to be doing so that you love you were talking about volleyball earlier playing music lot of people like knitting or gardening now everybody's baking. I am not I've I've make some toast is poorly but whatever it is you love these can get into a flow state with even if it is watching a little TV. That is a form of self care as long as it doesn't you know keep you up all night. And and you're just saying as a parent you're also dealing with your children things I'd as well any tips for parents out there who work. Maybe you've been able to handle your own but you don't know how to guide your children frail it. Well first of all I yet we're talking in the commercial break that I have five herald sun and we live here in New York city's afraid to leave the house. Back to make him very difficult at times these little phrases. May you be happy. May you be safe may you be healthy just again it can be a little clunky but just imagine you're an alien landing on this planet. And you went to a gym. At and we can't go to James right now but you saw people systematically lifting up heavy things and then putting them back down a running in place for 45 minutes you think this is crazy. But these little exercises help us train our body turns out the brain and the mind are tradable two in these phrases while seemingly clunky. Have been shown in study after study to be very helpful. Trying to give your kids that same school and give yourself unless I write stand Harris thank you always great to see you we'll see you tomorrow. On Good Morning America here.

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{"duration":"4:50","description":"ABC co-host of weekend GMA, author, co-founder and host of “10 percent happier” Dan Harris discusses ways to handle concerns about going back to work. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"70839062","title":"Four steps to keep calm when navigating back to work","url":"/Lifestyle/video/steps-calm-navigating-back-work-70839062"}