What Aaron Hernandez' fiancee, lawyer think of his final notes before his suicide

"Unnecessary Roughness," written by Hernandez's attorney Jose Baez, includes new information about Hernandez's final hours.
7:20 | 08/25/18

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Transcript for What Aaron Hernandez' fiancee, lawyer think of his final notes before his suicide
The middlegetting - touchdoer Reporter: The T LE a deatdisgd N star with ch new revelions about his final hours. Aar was a completely different person many people thts like. Reporter:rnandez, once an unstoppable tight end for the new England pats, took his own life 2017 while serving a life sentence in massachuset for the murder of his friendodin lloyd.now in a new boo"unn Ros," andez's attorney, Jose baez, bla his client's suicide on brain damage from playingfootball. He had the brain af he had been playing in the leafor 18 years. And he had only played a coue of years. So his brain was an absolute mess. Eporter: Thek also reveals new informatibo th night Hernandez was found hanging from ase maderom a prisoned sheet. Al letterso sheann 'S a different person. Reporter: He wrote three one tobaez, one his fiancee an a crypt to his then 4-year-old daughter dated ohenight he died. I'm entering into T timeless realm in which can enter into any form at any time because everything that H O not happen I see all ace. Does this strike you as a man whs sort oft peace with the decisionut to make? Or in real distress? Ites me as N Normal. So something was affecting him at that time where more or less L he made H decision, it jus -- I don't know I he knew what was going on. Reporter: A second letter was written sheana, whoe Calle soul mat and T angel, is is the supreme almighty's plan, not mine. And ending nothtime,'m beingcalled, 3:16. The letter wrote was weird. It did refer T me as babe or something intimate, it kind of - it leaves me not having closure. Reporter: While the lets to his an and daughter were seemingly deonal, the note foez seemed like it was aan who had plans to live. To certain artists who helped H through very tough times. Hip-hopartist how do youpute T fact that he'sking forward writing letters to hisorite rappers with the fact that he the wro whateared to be CL suicide notes? I think thatheve a severe brain sease, logic goes out thewindow ter: Despite the fact th hnd was convicted of murder,ose baez and shown Jenkins Saye was misunderstood. HD AIG heart, very caringgive the shirt out of his book choirbo he had issues college, allegations that he was involved in a shooting, allegations he was involved I a fight that cost someone their eardrum -- Reporter: He was an all-aman at univey of Ida. He was then drafted to the new enpatrio The overwhelmingarve about Aaron Hernandez in the NFL water tight end, teammate, future superstar. Orter: Aft two years in extension with thepatriots in June of 13, H wild success came T a screeching haltn Hernandez arrested in norboro, massachuse for executioyle kill of his friend, Odin oyd. Among the evidence prese at trial prosecutors played surveillance footage showing Hernandez arriving homeith two come misses an hour after was last seen alive Only E people retur to Aaron Hernandez's house Reporter: Hernandez seeing walking from rooom then wn to basemen before emerging holding WHA prosecutors said was a gun.after a two-month tri 2015, Hernandez wasonvicted a given Ory life sentence. Glty of murder the degree. Rter: Hernande time in court was not over. After he was arrested for murdingdin lloyd,investigats link himself to another murder, the drive-by oong of two men who had been partying at the same nightclub asez and his friends. Ot guilty. Reporter: He was tnd found not seen here mouth "I love you" to his fiancesheana. Know beyond any doubt based on ween that Aaron did no commit the two Bos ers. But after reviewing evide and seeing what I've seen, I have reason doubt that H committed that crime. Heunlucky twice? When you hang around the K of characters that he was around,expo yourself to thatype activity. Reporter: J five days after his acquittal F drive-by shooting came the shocking news. Hernandez's brain drama fro ING football played a role in his death. What the final letters a sent tel you about his state of mindwhat, if any, impact ct Maye played in that stand in final hours? What it tel me is this is someone with severein injury who is manifesting the sympt that result fromeated injuries to the head. Reporter: With so many questions about ans behavior in hisal hours, sh donated his brain to Boston ursity toe studied for signs of cte,hronic trtic encephalopathy. Aaron had absoluteor cte, St someone so incredibly young. S would be the first case weever seen of that kind of mage in such a young vidual. Did you see B on Aaron's P that made you T he had injuries to his brain? T head that he encountered and the memorloss. There was a lot of wri down. A lot of post-it notes, you knowthat we had do so he uld remem things. Orter: Jose baez is new suing the on beh aaronhernandez's daughter asking for compensationause of Hernandez's extreme cte that he resulted in herez taking his own life. H recent filed a motion T dismiss the case. Oth biggest problems you have in ct lawsuits is, where did the a dis develop? In the NFL? From all hits he faced in college? How about the hits in high scol? Reporter: For fiancee Shea jenkinsrnandez, she can't lp but think of the life for he herghter THA could have been. There's a lot of tngs he was afraid to tell me, things that I could have not necessarily cared, but I cou havehelped, I could have told Jose, could haknow, extended my ear out and -- and hurts. You feel likeay you kn more, you could hheed hi yeah, absolutely. Next, singer rexha

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{"duration":"7:20","description":"\"Unnecessary Roughness,\" written by Hernandez's attorney Jose Baez, includes new information about Hernandez's final hours.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"57396168","title":"What Aaron Hernandez' fiancee, lawyer think of his final notes before his suicide","url":"/Nightline/video/aaron-hernandez-fiancee-lawyer-final-notes-suicide-57396168"}