ABC’s Bob Woodruff and his son’s new adventure series, ‘Rogue Trip,’ on Disney+

The former war correspondent and his photographer son talk about their four-month journey to uncommon tourist destinations around the world, from Colombia’s Amazon rainforest to Chernobyl in Ukraine.
7:45 | 07/25/20

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Transcript for ABC’s Bob Woodruff and his son’s new adventure series, ‘Rogue Trip,’ on Disney+
It really is an unbelievable opportunity, traveling the globe with your dad, especially if your dad is ABC's Bob woodruff. And lucky for us, it's all caught on camera. Feels very fitting that on the eve of my adventure with my dad I'm here with him. All right. Time to pack. Passport. Lot of glasses, because I'm blind. I'll go pack the clothes. Can you believe this is happening? No, can't believe it. Reporter: At a time when many of us are itching to resume daily activities comes a new show, this one with a father-son relationship, in some of the countries of the world. The media who come here are only interested in the war. They only show that part of Pakistan, and the positive side, the world never gets to learn about this part. That's why we're here. Reporter: The series "Rogue trip", takes us to the Colombian Amazon where jack and the beanstalk comes to life where trees goe up to 200 feet tall and a turtle rodeo in Papua, New Guinea. It's the first time his son is spending time with him as a colleague. His dad is Bob woodruff, a veteran ABC news journalist who for decades has been crisscrossing the globe do cover war and conflicts. The convoy in which he was traveling hit a roadside bomb and he suffered traumatic brain damage. He had months of recovery. Somehow getting hit by a bomb and basically dying has not discouraged him in the slightest from seeing this world, from finding beautiful people, from seeking out beautiful places, regardless of where they are. Reporter: Because the experience was so traumatic for the family and not wanting their children to grow up fearful of what had happened, Bob and his wife Lee, instead of fearing, encouraged adventure. This is what I want Mack to know, that beyond the headlines in place like this, you mostly meet people who love their homes and want to share that love with the rest of us. Reporter: Their four months of travel is now streaming on Disney plus, which shares the same parent company as ABC news. It's known as the serengeti, South America, and we've come to a private wildlife reserve owned by a local ranching family to meet the legendary barefoot cowboys of Colombia. Mack, this is your first time on a horse? This is not my first time on a horse. I've walked around with them before, but by no means have I trotted the open Savannah. Here he goes. This is the first time he's been on a horse that's not a money. Pony. All right, dad. Reporter: It plays off their relationship and stunning locations. I'm behind him usually and he can sleep on anything. Like a road like this he's usually sleeping and bashing his head up against the window, and he's still asleep the whole it's incredible. Then sometimes I think oh, my dad's asleep and I look over, and he's answering e-mails, typing stuff to my mom. Reporter: Though who knew Bob had so many dad jokes. How did they come up with the name ant eater? Does he eat ants? Yeah. Sorry about that. I know. I'm a little weird. Yeah. Reporter: The show introduce subcultures that many may be unfamiliar with, including some of the customs of the muslims in this valley in Pakistan. Another big change that I love in the region which drew me to begin with is the spirit of community. If there's one family that's poor, the entire community will help them get, not give them charity but employ them so they feel like they've earned that money. Sounds incredible. This is truly a magical part of the country. Reporter: Other customs involve negotiating for goats in Ethiopia. He said you have to negotiate secretly. Oh, secretly. Secretly, yeah. Not with the mouth. So you say like this, how might the price. The number of fingers you grab is the price. He just told me this is 20,000. 500. I think I just did 30,000 by mistake. Done deal, 3,800 it is. Is it a good deal. Did is the worst deal ever. Way over $100. The heart gets what the heart wants, 2,100. Sold. Come here, my goat. Ha, look at my dad's old goat. Pretty fitting. What'd you pay? I got mine for 3,800. You did. Yeah, because he's four months old. You got ripped off. Are you always very competitive? Oh, yeah, we're very I realized on this trip, all the physical stuff he always wins now. When he was 4, I would crush him. You would dominate. He's in better shape than I am now. Reporter: Of course in parenting sometimes, there can be misfires. Forgot to mention before, but it is my 28th birthday. My dad hasn't even remembered yet, see how long that lasts. Which one's our boat? Reporter: And after a long day in the Amazon. Feels pretty good, huh? Good way to end my 28th birthday. That's right. Happy birthday. Thank you. Not many people get a gift like this. Yeah. Reporter: I want to poke some fun at you, Bob. Mack is now 29. Did you remember his birthday this year? This year I did, but I think I didn't remember it when we're down there. I was kind of embarrassed. I celebrated so many birthdays with this guy. Okay, I forgot one of them last year. We were a bit distracted. We had a lot of luggage a lot of crew members to take care of. I wasn't necessarily his first thought. I don't blame him. You give me a hard time about that. Reporter: Their shared experiences during these travels helping to make up for lost time. You know, growing up I would see you on TV every now and then. I think that, you know, there are definitely days when I wished you were there to, like, take me to soccer practice. You were gone a lot. And I would be lying if I said those memories of that time in my life were all about you being gone. It's not true. You are an amazing dad. But I think my 10-year-old self would probably be jealous of all the time I get to spend with you now. Reporter: Their adventures cementing the father-son bond. Do you like me now more than you did before? Of course. That's your answer, that's

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{"duration":"7:45","description":"The former war correspondent and his photographer son talk about their four-month journey to uncommon tourist destinations around the world, from Colombia’s Amazon rainforest to Chernobyl in Ukraine.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"71980775","title":"ABC’s Bob Woodruff and his son’s new adventure series, ‘Rogue Trip,’ on Disney+","url":"/Nightline/video/abcs-bob-woodruff-sons-adventure-series-rogue-trip-71980775"}