AEG Live Not Negligent in Michael Jackson's Death, Jury Rules

Jury in the Jackson family?s wrongful death suit ruled in favor of the concert promoter.
6:54 | 10/03/13

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Transcript for AEG Live Not Negligent in Michael Jackson's Death, Jury Rules
Years have passed, but the questions remained, after michael jackson died of an overdose just before he began a massive and massively lucrative world tour his family and the concert promoters want to war. Were jackson's personal demons responsible for keeping him hooked on powerful drugs, or was it the company looking to profit off of him? Here is abc's david wright. The clerk to read the verdict. Reporter: A verdict five months in the making. ♪ Reporter: Over what happened behind the scenes during these rehearsals. ♪ king of pop getting set for what was to have been his comeback tour, 2009. ♪ Why I ♪ Reporter: Michael jackson's last dance. He died days after this. Katherine jackson vs. Aeg live. Reporter: The question, did concert promoter aeg live bear any responsibility for michael jackson's death? Did aeg live hire dr. Conrad murray? Answer, yes. My name is greg. Juror six. Reporter: The jury ruled in favor of aeg. As far as the case, this was a difficult decision for us to make. Reporter: The foreman acknowledging it might not go down well with the king of pop's fans. We reached a verdict that we understand not everybody is going to agree with. It has been an exhausting five months and an extremely stressful last three or four days. Reporter: This civil case, a wrongful death lawsuit following up on the criminal case. We, the jury find the defendant, conrad robert murray guilty. Reporter: In 2011, a different jury found jackson's doctor guilty of involuntary manslaughter. He is now behind bars. It was conrad murray who administered the fatal dose of hospital grade anesthetic propofol killing the pop star. The question in this case who was murray working for? Jackson or aeg live? Reporter: Attorneys for katherine jackson, mike cam a-- mike cam's mother and three children. They argue that they agreed to pay murray's salary and murray secretly in debt was under pressure to perform to get jackson ready for the tour. We got to get him. If heave do doesn't perform I don't get paid. A con flflict of interest. Reporter: The jackson family lawyer said this e-mail proved otherwise in it an aeg producer expressed frustration with murray allowing jacks on to miss rehearsals. Remind dr. Murray, aeg, not mj -- Reporter: Top aeg executives back pedalled furiously. I don't remember. I don't remember. I don't remember. All they would say, truthfully is I don't remember the e-mail. He said he was getting hundreds of e-mails a day. Reporter: Aeg any lawyer argued murray was jackson any private doctor. Only murray and his famous patient had any idea about the nature of his treatment behind closed doors. Aeg live never would have agreed to finance this tour if it knew mr. Jackson was playing russian roulette every night in his bedroom. Reporter: Aeg argued michael jackson alone is to blame for what happened. A grown man, he is response bum for his own health. Certainly his own health care. And he is response bum for his own choices. No matter how bad those choices might ultimately prove to be. Reporter: Not many cases come with a top 40 sound track. The jury in this one watching performances from the jackson five on down to thriller. ♪ ♪ thriller night ♪ Reporter: A reminder to the jury of the huge legacy at stake, the damages sought by the jackson family, $1.5 billion, representing their estimate of what jackson might have earned had he survived. The jury also watched touching home videos of michael jackson, the family man. An obvious tug at the heart strings, the children whom michael jackson protected, whom the world really only met at his funeral. And I just want to say I love him so much. Reporter: Those children were among the plaintiffs here. In fact the pressure of the trial so much on young paris jackson sheep had to be rushed to the hospital earlier this year after taking 20 motrin and slashing her arm with a kitchen knife. Tonight the jurors acknowledged it was not an easy verdict. When I first entered the jury room after five months of being around each other and not being able to talk about it at all, we just felt look we had to let off some steam. So we spent the first several hours just letting off steam, talking about things. And I think that was important for us to do. And we took a vote on question number one. Then weep started discussing it. Question one took us a long time. Reporter: Question one on the jury form, did aeg hire dr. Conrad murray? On that question alone, yes. Unanimous for the jackson family. A no vote would have thrown the case out. The second question -- equally important -- was murray fit for the job? In other word should aeg have known he would screw up? Votes changed. I would say, three, four times before we were finally able to come to the tally, tally of the volt was 10-2. 10-2 in favor of aeg. Okay. You are discharged. Reporter: Which meant the jacksons get nothing, not a dime from aeg live. Of course, they're not happy with the result as the it stand now. We will be exploring all options legally. Reporter: Its this a one off type of case or larger implications for the entertainment industry, medical industry, whatever? I think this is a one off case in the civil. In the criminal case, the prosecution of murray, I think that had large implications. Will there be more michael jackson trials to come. A day doesn't go by, e-mails, people claiming to be mike cam's wife, lover, baby mama. This, he's, literally larger than life. Even in death. And that spurs litigation. Reporter: Barring an appeal, the fact that the jury ended up tlek o throwing out this lawsuit may help dampen down future litigat litigation. After five months michael jackson's legacy may be ready to move out of the courtroom. The king of pop's fans more forgiving than any jury. I'm david wright, "nightline," los angeles.

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{"id":20454101,"title":"AEG Live Not Negligent in Michael Jackson's Death, Jury Rules","duration":"6:54","description":"Jury in the Jackson family?s wrongful death suit ruled in favor of the concert promoter.","url":"/Nightline/video/aeg-live-negligent-michael-jacksons-death-jury-rules-20454101","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}