How Andrew Keegan Went from '90s Heartthrob to Spiritual Guide

The actor best known for his roles in 'Seventh Heaven' and 'Party of Five' now has come "Full Circle."
7:47 | 05/01/15

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Transcript for How Andrew Keegan Went from '90s Heartthrob to Spiritual Guide
And intriguing cocktail of two American obsession fame and faith. Andrew Keegan who you may remember as they heartthrob from such TV classics in the 1990s as the party of five and seventh heaven. Is now at the center of a new spiritual community this is a role that has raised a few eyebrows and it is something we had to see for ourselves. Where in the heart of LA and a new age temple where two of this town's primary preoccupations. Spirituality and celebrity. Are converging. I'm Andrew. Andrew is Andrew Keegan the ninety's heartthrob who played Jessica Biel boyfriend on seventh heaven. I just feel like. And the adorable bad boy in ten things I hate about you which ones like there. He also grace the cover of many a magazine like teen and buck. Knee deep. Day back. I asked me celery seed and. This now he is the face. And chief funder of a new spiritual community called full circle here today's actually our one year anniversary. At a time when celebrity and faith can sometimes be combustible mix thank Tom Cruise. Some in the media are saying Keegan has started a quote new religion so we decided it check it out for ourselves. Might stand and oh. Love your respect and adhere to see what what you guys are. As we witnessed freewheeling sing alongs. And even a native American medicine man. And I read a book under our. I'm here is correct principles of peaceful life he's loved harm. We also learned that Keegan is a hugger even if he's never met you before. This congregation if that's the right there. Report is filled with lots of stylish young people many of them fans of Keegan from way back did you get what seven. And what do you believe here. We have a creed we do believe that everything is an expression of the creator and that we coming together create our own. Destiny our own path. Hassle. And it's a little hard to pin down this. They believe in the authentic story that is life. How did Andrew Keegan of old people end up in this spirituality game. There was a time. When he could barely go out in public without being swarmed by tween girls so we'll have retired by you can look at street view would be. It's it was malls malls and any gathering place where you had a we leave you caught the mob mentality. These days he in seems a bit sheepish about his time in the limelight. It's like if your yearbook was still floating around the Internet maybe it is but. That sometimes it feels like when I see those pictures he's walking through global went on your mind and that's yet you lot of grief for that I think there was a whole rumor about that drug addiction based on that photo put I mean this was an artistic. You know. And artistic photo of course. I it it looks pretty looks pretty silly now. At our talk to me about what's happening here I'll wow I can't decide between basketball or football it was a very pivotal moment in my sports career was this comfortable. Not at all but the by sept looked really good. After seventh heaven and did. His acting career slowed down dramatically at around the same time he broke up when his girlfriend Leanne rimes and moved to Venice Beach. He invested in real estate dabbled in new age spirituality and did a lot of surfing. Certainly hasn't meditative quality too if we continue in the ocean really dancing. Whether. He still does a little acting and still gets wrecking that big yet. Probably slowed seven. His intent is about you. Yes event but we'd age it is spirituality. That has become his central interest last year. He and some friends decided to start full circle. They have an art gallery here is likely artistic version of acid trip. Quite literally yes. And they traffic in energy healing chock grids crystals pretty much every California cliche you could ever dream up. Including this milky drink that supposedly helps you fulfill your intentions clearer than it is important I've ever done intentionally. We're making progress in industry for its. Elegy of the worst yeah. And think whatever you want about it. This is about telling the truth but the more time you spend with Keegan it's hard not to conclude that he is genuinely sincere. If you do things from a place of love you will feel good in his and it's an energy exchanges. He won with. The environment one with each other it's also worth noting that this work is neither glamorous nor lucrative do you for your whole cities and and then some alone. Some donations you weren't taken a risk then absolutely. But with risk comes forward. It. In fact full circle leadership meetings often center around the issue of money and more specifically the lack there are these everybody knows we squeaked by this month's. But pressure on the organization to see if this keeps solvent Keegan thinks of himself as a kind of spiritual entrepreneur or taller case curtain goes. This. And full circle as a sort of start up. Two thirds of young Americans don't associate with traditional religion so it doesn't interest in what's it would be to have a space that represents. Its negligence the right word for that or community center spiritual community center. In you were ideal future there's a full circle and every city. Maybe several. And he wants to make clear that he is not the boss here so are you not the guru of this but. There is none. We are a leader for movements are full circle is not Andrew Keegan is personal church I don't know. Basis since I'm running interview we're definitely not gonna ohm at the beginning this is just like yes that's patriots we're eager to amplified when we sat him down. Is having Andrew involved a blessing or curse. If it could Andrews. Is what is as though liberty is a celebrity. I think Andrew is against so Andrews has been a catalyst for bringing us that kind of attention Tara met. What an incredible blessing but is he the guru or the loss his. Not the group. Do I guess what you guys to know that your now involved in spiritual organizational with this yet. Does that change your mind. Policies again. As this Sunday service and wound down the pride Dick Egan takes in this place was abundantly obvious. Thank you all very much for being here and justice. Sauce. Smith's path. Raise our vibration together is that's really what it's about have you all with us. But only. And that's fine Iowa home with the. Yeah.

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{"id":30728178,"title":"How Andrew Keegan Went from '90s Heartthrob to Spiritual Guide","duration":"7:47","description":"The actor best known for his roles in 'Seventh Heaven' and 'Party of Five' now has come \"Full Circle.\"","url":"/Nightline/video/andrew-keegan-90s-heartthrob-spiritual-guide-30728178","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}