Anthony Bourdain reveals restaurant trade secrets

Dec. 22, 2000: "Nightline" goes in the kitchen with celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain.
21:18 | 06/08/18

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Transcript for Anthony Bourdain reveals restaurant trade secrets
This is a Nightline. On Friday night special. Yeah. What you're about to see. Me change for ever and the way you think about people who prepare your friends in a restaurant. All right we got to break off this part felt we're not closing warm Santa Claus and our divisions. A stark white chef's coats. The work is hard. The level of discourse. Profane. Flights. And what it is still young and pointy headed wrapped. But let's look the. Books are more often measured vikings tougher. And invite you could make the bettors saw. I think most right thinking Americans would really think twice about you know. I'm and a bunch of cooks over to their house for the weekend you know they've been counting the solar and I'm sure that's more often than not he's he it would end in tragedy and misadventure. As I'll toss. Favre might ignite a trade secrets and what really goes on. In the restaurant kitchen. ABC news. This is Nightline. Substituting for Ted Koppel and reporting from. Yeah. Let's be honest here the real purpose of these first ninety seconds is to convince you to stay through the entire thirty minutes. So with that in mind let me tell you which are going to be seen. A horde of frantic people jammed together in an unbearably hot and small place arm with big and really sharp knives swearing constantly. Gotta admit that's a lot more enticing than telling you the next thirty minutes will be spent in a kitchen. Which is also true. The restaurant Le vol seats about eighty people in a space 65 would find comfortable it is both sold New York. Or Paris or almost anywhere these days because most cities have a restaurant like it. What they don't have is Anthony board game. Mr. gore dean is the executive chef at play golf he found success and I full blown heroin habit and an early age. He has since cleaned up his act is running a very successful restaurant and has written about his work in a book called kitchen confidential. He will guide you past the hot stoves the sharp knives that fish mongers but rather remarkable ballet that takes place. Behind the scenes of restaurants everywhere. You're gonna love this guy left his passion in his honesty and his humor. And while we're not in the business of making guarantees we are reasonably certain at some point along the way. You will laugh out loud. We are absolutely certain will think twice the next time you have a hankering for eggs Benedict. That said Betsy. It's a place we can't have a good time eating. You do feel like your parents and I feel like you really noisy back on scene. Loud. Crowded. Father exuberant. Place just like in Paris. Exactly sink. So that's what people look people in the community that's exactly what they get. I would you know run over my own grandmother. For the smooth operations in my kitchen. Seeing it I wanna happy kitchen I wanna Smoot organized kitchen. Remember this. Small taste. It's extremely hot. Particularly in the summer when it's busy and all of of them and flames themselves are going. It's extremely uncomfortable and thereby ordinary standards pretty. The pressure is unbelievable just seemed endless mortars coming in. Your cooking the same thing over and over at a very high speed day in day out. Everything it can't go wrong frequently does go off and often the same time. He struggled. It will not do to let resentments fester to the point 51 of those have come up with a boning knife. That generally doesn't happen and why it doesn't happen is we don't exactly keep our resentments bottled up in the kitchen you're unhappy with something the guy next to you is doing. You let him know right away if fact that you're happy with what he's doing you're insulting them anyway just because we're bored and that's when we talk to each other. But where would. Just like the word when. I can't really quote you the of the little monster we have but it's you know don't touch my aunt and don't touch my knife not if but my night. We take our eyes various. You know everybody has one baby they own it did take care of it. Don't touch it don't look at it don't even think about it you making adult. What jets do at what good cooks do is make the same thing. She dishes but the same way every time you go to restaurant and you have a great issues you know he really enjoy about your friends and take different. And out that's that's off. That's the last thing we would ever want to allow such. It's about it's not just doing well because well it's looking well always always being on time always be ready for always making the same. The. Thank god this place is vegetarian heart of darkness they walk in the door they see that he counter with all the boos and snouts and it sausages and Long Beach city and they turn right around and run away wherever they go they're like his. While there's a direct relationship between sense of humor and animal protein. And I don't understand though I'm sure they don't understand me life for me without veal stock. You know roasted bones. Or it could mean. You know the beatings forget about army life but that's stinky cheese or water. It it's it's unthinkable. We take our mean very very seriously here and we might really great stuff it's cut fresh today when an American. That's the quarter of this decree. We have a simple blue Sharia butcher shop downstairs with a full time Sharpton. Shiite makes all along he had said. Then don't pot Toews and balance beans and sauce this. The grill station is the hottest and most respond in the kitchen. Also we going to business particularly in this operation. 23 and act. You know it's an open grill warring open flame. Also. Let's go next was the flames are also going and other. And it's a busy. We do a lot of states here so at any given moment there is. 1520. Items on that real. Very very hard to track. To not would keep up with the pace was very very fast here and there are easily the most orders hadn't station. But she'd hate all of those done that since we were ones. You know you've got when he missed a three or various states upon that real. Back. For the contract would be rare is the rare the median medium slash medium wells. So long that streaky takes certain kind of a mind and you know a lot of indoors. We'll donors whose. I hate him but but. They paid heed our garbage. You know they walked that the toughest oldest nerve -- most on lovely state that we have and they are least likely to notice. When we give it to mean they want harmonized position whether. Most restaurants are only too happy to give its O. For instance I get it's a beautiful sushi quality tuna as a special. And you know somebody orders that well thought I mean they're getting it but it hurts me it really hurt to just someone shoved the blunt knife it to my chest. I like this but it did not come down and the couple filed experiments it all season ingredient that I haven't thought of using. And all they like his in this case some of the data back to the restaurant we're gonna experiment with them see what we can do these products. And use and do their best advantage it would welcome back in my lots more it's almost made it means when Woodson who put them. This is this a particularly if it catches. Says. Yeah. He's pretty judges love him but for purity. As for the home. We don't serve these customers relief body from the side at a special. Wear a red dress and I think the. Welcome to the vegetarian heart of darkness. Here right nerve center of the programme Spittler. Who are. You know I think over the walls license of me they're the people and all the best restaurants go to for quality certified Angus beef. But also. Brilliantly age be Rite Aid just the way we like it gets the best product tender it exactly right mix of lean and fat. Age just fervently. Misses the good stuff. We get a lot of stuff in about. It ten cases of mass. It's a mixed the baby field greens every day. About ten cases of the potatoes fruit trees for the rest prize. Hundreds of pounds of meat and fish and shellfish. Prodi's. Dry goods and rightly. Salt. Faithful. Think that it's a very long list of hundreds of items that cannot. Her mind at all he laughed enough milk route my running well one catch up. Goddesses Tony it lay out for eleven park avenue itself. For delivery tomorrow Friday writing and double racks of Colorado lamps lit China now. Every day is a crapshoot. Or. You know hopefully skillful chef will will didn't take some of the gambling out of it. But. You know this is all perishable stuff and I need twenty cases of chicken part twenty pounds chicken. I'm guessing from experience. That I will need fifty pounds of cod fish filet today for specialists say. Large con todos. And one case of large eggs and if I order too much messed I'm gonna have to throw a bunch out and the profit margin in the restaurant business are very very slim. It's not what that that one case of mass electoral in the garbage it's not what I paid for it's the potential revenue. That's going into the apartments on actually throwing out three times the value of of that case and that's a fight over water. It's one of things that drives us all. To distractions while a lot of us see the smoke too much for being too much into nervous all the time because we're thinking you know Mike got up that one bounds of forty pounds a number one tuna and there. I hope my cell. Cole vigilance and a unstable and potentially psychotic personality extremely important. Meaning I get a piece of fish in that is not up to par I take it personally and I let people who get off. I said it. What. But others looks aren't even. And I'm you know. A week. OK yeah who the tell us today and and I call the public. Science and W reality. Just got to the rotted from you guys their you know sides like video what happens hill and got. Trade. Use absolutely every. Horrible profanity and personal regret that I will say and do what ever is necessary. To get what I want if I don't get what I want I'm not gonna deliver struck. I will cut my real nose off to spite my face meeting. I will let the fish company know that if they shaft me again I will buy less good bishop a more money rather than give them the satisfaction. Of treating me like a boob again. You know these are standard parts of restaurant news on laws that for one reason or another. It almost never see in home kitchen. Stock. You can't make it home without without stock we haven't. Home cooks generally don't. Demi losses just you know good to simplify it is reduce. Reduce stocked music group will stop. Fortified would why. Just dark and lovely. Mother sauce. In the sense that once you have Demi plus you can then make. A variety of other sauces from that that's it it's useful everywhere it's six feet Jews. We're told by the water and improperly mixed one is a religious. Shalit's. All restaurants that I know and Shalit's everywhere they're wonderful. And one listens and makes restaurant food restaurants offices pace a little bit different with a better. And out of varsity squad that has nothing to do this basically fine usually end up parts. You don't use of varnish wakes up a plate they. Professional and it was. Porter is great water and what reference. First thing in the hands and the last a lot of the we like butter but this is a few hours worth of butter. Most people that they had any idea how much but are we. I think to probably be a little long but I like people to do it. Charges I don't even know what that is I wouldn't patch tires would it's it's in every way disgusting. And there is no substitute for for but it tastes file it responds differently. I don't have any understanding water is is it food doesn't have any application food I think. We know where is it and he asked. Some items have been changed or. We have the famous bill. And alive. Solid. We also. Follow involved. Doc Rivers and users. We have the spectacular. Yeah. Walk. Wrote he doesn't go. Film Johnny solid element that it's an arm a leg of lamb. Doug roast lamb from Jamison farm rat out of winter vegetables or issue that's right here. Special are. The lobster salad with. That's the kind of vegetables. That job. She's doing disappeared into somebody's mall already it's not ugly or why he's acts health problems. That north. All right good. Moms tell us you know. Actual troubles and the World Bank I have nightmares about you know. My mind yeah. Man. We ready ready ready. Ready are blocked us ready so you're ready. Now the front. You know so much of an. Pleasant experience in restaurant is one of you wanna feel like you are no. You wanna be needed. I. And another day. You want them back in the about the spend significant amount of money and time. At a restaurant you wanna be special. And so it is not just that your food arrives hot on time the way you want it and his of certain quality he's your service is attentive. Revenue or what yeah. Elliott I want to have also want. Up to Larry but today Greek salad followed by one double BLE two. Jobs you know. Cooking in the middle of a bid to dinner rush. It is a really interesting. The sort of a mixture it. Like a lot of things about this weekend's. He's hoping presumably ungrateful people who ordered fountain moving around each other with the incredible. It's a lot of coordination a lot of choreography but movement timing. Interplay. Between chest. I'm happy you scream sometimes in my voice completely blows out. RI get these special appetizer that nine point twelve seconds my head as little its walls are right outside to see a lot of dark shapes. More coming in office. Not. Seven profit the roll please. And that toppled about with the background he's high. Coupled with you Michael talking on there is insulting the other night in blatantly abusive moments that music. It's all their baby. You going that come. Putting a full got to hear him generality. With an up and take out. Out of here what do you want. Them to and getting three specials right now a right there yup. Brunch is just breakfast with an orange slice and a bloody Mary says it's silly we look down on it. We hate cooking and we don't like eggs in general but the money's good for us. And we can also use it as a sort of a merchandising center for the odd bits and scraps in a sea food for taught us seafood salad vinaigrette. A lot of these classic brunch dishes or waste load stuff that you would otherwise have to feed and help. Over time I've seen a lot of that practices around on this office. Many restaurants. Save up their table butter used table but in the big Crocs softened butter that they take out of your little. You know butter at the table so heated up strain out the cigarette butts in the bread crumbs and use after the holidays. Gross but not unhealthy of neighboring it up to a boil so it its okay. What is not okay is that pollen days is extremely attractive to bacteria like club med for bacteria. Extremely attractive medium. You're supposed to throw it out about every hour was asked to sit at room temperature or rate become unusable. So a lot of lazy cooks I'd say mostly because to me one bachelor in music straight brunch and maybe four hours. Around hour three that stuff it's just you know one big science experiment. Bathrooms are good indicator of not only help clean the restaurant is but how much interest they are about things in general. I mean it wouldn't seed about. If they can't be bothered to keep the queen of it looks like hasn't cleaned properly in two days you can only imagine. You know what to prep kitchens like bathrooms of easy to clean prep kitchens are very strategically. He can only assume the worst but the bill be about from. And you know if they're not conscientious about that detail how conscientious of the going to be about that you and your shrimp. And that's our report for tonight I'm Aaron Brown in Washington for all of us here at ABC news good night. And happy moment.

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