From Art Basel’s $120K banana to the festival’s effect on local communities

The exhibit featuring a banana duct-taped to a wall made headlines this weekend, but is the festival’s flashy exhibitions burying the local art community that made Miami great?
7:53 | 12/11/19

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Transcript for From Art Basel’s $120K banana to the festival’s effect on local communities
It's the perishable aren't. That's still making Williams this bit mad at a banana banana leaves and I've got the banana boat. Oh yeah. So right here is easily one of the most crowded exhibits here are Basel hits a banana duct tape so long it's already sold brought 120000. Dollars. For days this piece of fruit generating beams and spin ups celebs like Brooke Shields even getting in on the action. I overheard a woman walking guys saying. That she pays six two game here difference him. I think it's pretty fun because art itself. But for some it begs the question. Is this festival opened pulled Miami on the map as an art destination. Or as a displacing the scene that made this city great. When this bananas on law could happen. We have our. A four day art show based in the heart of Miami Beach art Basel attracts over 70000 visitors. 250 galleries and who's to celebrity's. Classics like Picasso drawing crowds UH becomes like Madonna's daughter lowered its strong eyebrows with a simulated orgy. On the floor of the Miami Beach convention center we met longtime resident and gallery owner Frederick Spitzer we seldom. We sold everything we sold everything in the first hour and a half. The only thing that's left is that a member of art Basel selection committee since its inaugural event in 2002. He's seen the impact it's had on the city. The community started to understand. The scope. Of the visual art world. The value of cultural community. So many different cross sections of people that live here and come here affect the community and they're here and it is super viable. And if you lose down duck banana coyly titled the media. Doesn't have a parody this is an elaborate and added that tennis ball servant you seeing as you want to see if. I think collect like this big challenges people and says everything about what is on what does that mean and he's been playing with through. There is get just kind of fish the globalization of war on convenient. This mirror kind of represents. The visual representation of little Haiti while Basel goers were able to have fun with fruit in nearby little Haiti Miami Herald photographer Carl Zeus. Wasn't laughing he wouldn't talk to me and hands. Well I think this is diversion. It's a diversion people like me can afford. Karl wants to make sure we aren't forgetting the immigrant communities beyond South Beach. It's flat across the street from my office. Every morning I come by it's look at my dad. Immortalized on the wall feet away from a bank scene is Peter jus. Carl's death one of the founding fathers of Miami's little Haiti how did you first find art woman. Dad dad pat Payne thinks he's so ancient art he soul music. He still lives chair it was always around me. We're sitting in Carl studio. A space he uses to promote local artists and projects the salute his Afro Caribbean heritage so fast forward to two dozen two and in the inaugural art Basel coming to Miami. As a creative. Nothing like this never happened before this. Well we are expectations. Inhabitants I was not part. Nobody would that mean for estimates aren't passel. Back then a little Haiti was a lot bigger thing. Bill would increase development across the city. The closet gentrification. Quickly crept in a development debate creating some controversy in little Haiti you thought the walls are closing in. And the world. There is extreme. Warren. Saving block V8 blocks. Carl took us around at eight block radius where notes of creole culture. Good cause. Until that they had can't they tell that are every. Thing happening Haiti airplay. Well and that is to make it to audiences who remind you going. Guess from a mom could. That's a thing about Buddhist site kind of like like memories come. Only bite into it. Mean to main to rises of women visit innocent you transported back home as my any kind of made me. A conscious decision to become an arcane. It seemed like art was always in reality consulates. You heard the east room it. Side felt this fallacy that that we live in a vacuum knows that that we had our Basilan we're still lives. We've been civilized for long time. But then you see our. Basel and there's a banana on a wall. That son from 120 K. It seems a little silly no I think it's perverse. Don't think so. He can laugh that too many people with Peyton Place. To he here. So many people. And maybe something they see as a joke I don't take this child. So either I think my dignity is it is this is less than a banana and wrong. This. I think toll before we haven't been it's not analytic. Instead they create and promote art that's an homage to the Miami they know and love. They seem to neighborhood changed so fast. World renowned Haitian artist Edouard devolved Korea and public works with Carl to defend the identity that embodies little Haiti. Those are trying to do believe. Men being you know I didn't Haitian president yet and thank you elevated these scores as well. During Basel. Edwards art is hanging in free galleries throughout this neighborhood surrounded by other Caribbean artists. This is the real thing this is the purity. The Haitian American experience. Mrs. The essence. Of the immigrant story. And this pop up gallery by the short. A Sam Cassell intransigent commissioned by the city of Miami Beach. It was. No money we'll spend people from all walks of life all socioeconomic levels all nationalities. Quicker kids sharing this experience and taking him from this. Piece of art what they believe it means to them our city is about creating special moments here and this is a special moment. Our battle yes it is a good or bad for the city pours in little what do you for the night goes much I mean. Decide who's the inside of the culture is very important. And that they should do we got the highest ever crossing. For better or for worse are puzzles influence is undeniable. But that's not to say Miami residents necessarily mind. It's a question of culture and ownership and making sure it's theirs that they're sharing. It's important that. If it's that you. The battle of 2002. Is that segregated. The battle 29 team. If the complete. This is our attempt to make that change happen moving forward between nineteen. Miami. Has changed. The Nightline a martian saying. In Miami.

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{"duration":"7:53","description":"The exhibit featuring a banana duct-taped to a wall made headlines this weekend, but is the festival’s flashy exhibitions burying the local art community that made Miami great?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"67646693","title":"From Art Basel’s $120K banana to the festival’s effect on local communities","url":"/Nightline/video/art-basels-120k-banana-festivals-effect-local-communities-67646693"}