At 'Breastaurants,' Business Is Booming

While many restaurant chains are struggling, Twin Peaks, Tilted Kilt and others are thriving.
3:00 | 03/22/13

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Transcript for At 'Breastaurants,' Business Is Booming
Wind peaks restaurant chain their tagline is eats drinks scenic views -- growing franchise. And it's part of a recent boom of business is attracting diners who are hungry for a meal. And then ample supply of scantily clad women. So tonight amidst -- -- of struggling restaurant -- a new breed of sexed up eateries is taking the food service industry by storm. ABC's Alex Perez. Gets an Eiffel. -- -- -- -- The restaurants are officially at war. As many food franchises are fighting to stay afloat. It's a post recession blew through these establishments. Restaurants with the added sex appeal. More than a billion dollar industry. Spending mainly because they're dishing out quite a bit more. Then there's twin peaks. Where they serve appetites. And ego. The rustic themed eatery is chipping away -- that trademark how old franchise. We're looking for a well rounded -- -- and hello I'm pregnant hearing Friday. Places like twin peaks that tilted -- black pants and many more like them or -- -- -- to -- the reigning king who -- off its throne. During the height of the recession hooters led the pack bringing in almost a billion dollars a year. Now with the competition catching on to the winning formula quarter sales declined by nearly three and a half percent last year. -- should be very scared of the category can only grow so much and tilted kilt if you will and -- than the others are stealing. Hooters customers has probably grown a little bit stale so if these other restaurants are able to attract. More people because they've got a little bit of -- whether superlative filled floor you know all the crazy things that are happening out there I think people are you know intrigued and they're gonna start going after action. Twin peaks which had just seven locations in 2008 now has 31 across the country and they plan to open two more a month through the end of the year. So the weather says that we're closing down their restaurant -- and we got their violent day. 22 year old Stephanie Duke's travels the country training twin peaks girls to have that natural drawn. You think they're coming any aid to the -- for the coming years there -- -- -- -- would be the end. And let up. The company says its main attractions keep customers coming in big cold mugs of beer and ample portions also competing pants. And New York based broad house -- sports bars that did what many would consider the impossible. Successfully launched in the middle of the recession. And three restaurants -- the formula is working sports fear and of course flocks of young -- I think -- -- restaurant goes hand in hand with being a great sports there was a void in the marketplace that everybody knew about. Tilted -- wanted a piece of that market to. The Arizona based restaurant has nearly eighty locations nationwide and twelve more on the way. And the appeal for many is in the price the average restaurant meal cost twelve box and the average Jack is about nineteen dollars a person. -- with over 400 restaurants -- the competition. But is clearly sagging they've closed 35 locations in the last three years. Former customers who used to give a -- say the eye popping staples that brought them in some only went flat. -- is fighting back now pumping up all -- locations. News -- the corps expanded healthier menus and with an additional target in mind women. A group the competition is also -- some even have kids menu. I think that here is my family has -- -- -- a lot of family and I have regulated by how little boy we have a lot refined. And I'm not comfortable if it definitely feeling feeling yeah. Looters didn't want to talk on camera but in a statement says the restaurant model that others have dubbed restaurants. Is -- moniker too shallow to define who looters. But -- or not these other restaurants have no qualms embracing the term meaning -- that -- -- -- -- Restaurant and about whether it's -- killed -- peaks all say without mouth watering plates the appetizing scenes. Don't matter. We have amazing food we have corporate -- that they're trained. All the -- very well and we -- a lot of pride in the quality of food that we put out restaurant experts aren't quite. It's not about. Believes it's about the breasts. No -- conserve sludge people are not going there are no matter how good -- winds are. With this restaurant battle far from over expect to see these chains popping up -- chance. -- bowing to get into that top spot for a long time to come. For Nightline I'm Alex -- in Chicago.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"While many restaurant chains are struggling, Twin Peaks, Tilted Kilt and others are thriving.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"18786907","title":"At 'Breastaurants,' Business Is Booming","url":"/Nightline/video/breastaurants-business-booming-18786907"}