Building a Food Truck Business from Ground Up

Two guys in Columbus, Ohio, with a used FedEx truck learn the hiccups of food service.
3:00 | 03/21/13

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Transcript for Building a Food Truck Business from Ground Up
Food trucks in cities across the country these rolling restaurants are popping up everywhere providing hungry lunch breakers and late night bar crawlers. With a cornucopia of fast easy fuel and on the cheap. And running one means no office politics just cooking and cash. At least that's what two for duties were thinking when they -- their appetites for a taste of entrepreneurship. Here's ABC's -- in nine. And now it's a Thursday evening just north of downtown Columbus this -- -- not. Despite the threatening sky a trio of tiny -- are setting up for dinner. Among them that food truck and never a dull day in the lives of vintage. -- that. These mobile restaurants are the fastest growing segment of the dining industry for years ago we had no idea where it -- the preferable. It seems like everyone's brother thinks it might be fun to cook -- be year old bonds. But it's also -- risky business with razor thin margins that week highs aren't. And the -- clientele you gave up a job in finance trying to attract. I've been doing it for eight years and I've been looking Ted do something a little more adventurous. Despite the odds Dan -- and -- kinsella. Are determined to give it to go things in my. They can change sir -- trained as a butcher and Steve the former finance guy started dreaming about getting a truck backing 2011. They founded used FedEx truck and spent the next few months retrofitting. We -- -- -- a -- test luncheons. -- -- and we -- prepare prepare. Parents but making it depends on more than just cooking good food. Here in Columbus these new -- businessmen get support from a nonprofit development organization called EC TI. We have a small kitchen that rents out for eighteen dollars and are so I don't -- -- What would be benefit out of working out -- this space -- what do I get my money we -- -- with the marketing aspect -- helpful with social media. We -- home with food safety we also brought network and find them locations to do their jobs. There's also was secure parking lot electrical hookups grease disposal and industrial -- sakes and for Dan and Steve. Caption they'll spend more than half war. Bills -- -- -- haven't already sunk most of their savings and generous and -- loans into the truck it to find themselves short. A 20000 dollar loan from EC DI will cover the last minute expenses. We definitely have some inventory to go by a couple more kitchen equipment. This in this hyper trendy business you've got to have an -- For that food truck. The hope is a seasonal menu from locally grown ingredients. That doesn't just mean veggies. A farm an hour away provide -- snags after all this is the midwest opera. Fifty towns like. Before hitting the streets one last -- clearance from the board and help. If you think food trucks are not as heavily inspected as traditional restaurants are you'd be wrong everything inside -- They're not. That area and outside is closely -- SB three inches though congress so highly do need -- -- The truck passes. Now it's time to get some customers. My Mandalay broke this morning. We'll friends who worked there opening day last July tonight we have technical game with -- Goes -- initiate these young vinaigrette. The first few hours -- slow. But good for getting the kinks worked out. The first night. Total -- a 187 dollars. OK first night seals might have been a little disappointing. But of course Stephen Dan aren't about to give up -- -- and -- squash predator they're often. When we next catch up with that food truck three months later in October they are still learning. A hundred times harder. -- business is picking up and the do you always getting a good reputation for -- truck cuisine I'm -- But it's still nonstop but you guys are doing the butchering your doing that okay you're doing -- -- robbing of the hot. Centered around the maintenance and I mean it's not list goes on at the never ending list you know you -- five yet. Even if you have a day off you don't have it down. So -- -- profitable if you're working practically to wait for hours today. In the beginning. But you know it's a lot more satisfying since its arts and good for the bottom line. Steve's parents have -- regular since its first meal so what if anything. And I'm gonna leave my finance John -- and start -- -- not my life planned for him. And up up up up. It really was not. So I have to say my first reaction was not positive. Blurred by the beastie offerings he's starting to come around and I -- -- -- living let me -- do you think they can to think it'll turn a profit due. I do think -- it's gonna take while. Like any new business. They've they've gotten a lot of the kinks out getting a lot of critical acclaim but -- region so it's it's location location location. You learn now that it up and running for a couple of months. Everything takes longer than expected. There's always this slow start not making any money. That's I mean that's the hardest. Columbus has several huge contract festivals. It is begin. -- -- -- Tires even though these events are packed with customers and great for exposure. It's still just one part of the comfort -- Seven dollars so even in the chill of -- wintry December day six months after selling their first dinner. Well -- Dan and Steve around as often as the weather promises a profit constantly reworking their business plan from those. Median new spice and meet delivery option in the truck makes money when it's going but we really need to establish later in income when the drugs not -- And they got my -- Still there's no hesitation they made the right decision to give -- ago I don't think chaos and. When you know if -- send news. Absolutely -- For Nightline I'm -- and nine and in Columbus, Ohio.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Two guys in Columbus, Ohio, with a used FedEx truck learn the hiccups of food service.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"18777941","title":"Building a Food Truck Business from Ground Up","url":"/Nightline/video/building-food-truck-business-ground-18777941"}