Cameron Russell, Runway Rebel

Victoria Secret model transforms female activists into glamazons to feature their work.
6:37 | 03/29/13

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Transcript for Cameron Russell, Runway Rebel
The -- -- down the catwalk grazing the glossy covers of magazines. Or -- you crossed our television screens supermodels are synonymous. With perfection. Or so many sick. But a member of this much -- clan of gene pool winners is biting the hand of beauty. Calling it unhealthy and -- real my co anchor Bill -- Reports. On the Victoria's Secret runway there is no shortage of visual stimulation. Let's last time you saw these models and around -- intellectually stimulating -- After the show. On the pages of -- there's no shortage of genetic or cosmetics perfection but you never see the woman in the picture attach an insightful essay on the human condition. The fact we rarely even know their names because our beauty obsessed culture has decided that models are to be seen and not her. About -- people staring at me which is why this marble. Cameron Russell is creating such above us but not for how she looks on the cover of magazine's photo shoots for people who -- -- even -- And not for her moves on the Victoria's Secret runway. And it doesn't always make me happy. No it is what she said. Onstage. Public Ted -- -- -- should not have -- a stress. It forever room of -- -- -- intellectuals should begin by changing out of a little black number into a sensible sweater and slacks. In order to transform the perception of herself I am on this stage because I'm a pretty white woman. And my industry we -- that -- sexy girl and this is a legacy that was built for me and it's a legacy that I think cashing out on. It just ten minutes you get back the curtain on the glossy photos and help build her career showing how the industry creates a mirage of sexuality. On the flawless bone structure of girls to younger boyfriends this picture is a very first time that I had -- a bikini. And I didn't -- have my curious yet this is I would like with my Graham I just am a few months earlier. She described frustration with a society that stops and frisks a disproportionate number of young black men. While she enjoys the perks of being a thin white girl. Because I'm a -- because I've been in magazines looking a certain went there are lots of people who aren't interested in hearing what I have to say. And I think that's -- suspicious I'm quite young I don't have like an impressive resume and. Despite all the perks she then share the one bit of career advice she gives a little girls who want to be models. Aim higher. The tiny little girls and I talked to they want to be like actresses are singers and models and requires a genetic lottery -- really and just a lot of luck. Net and -- to be -- model it's not something that you have control over. I wonder where you biting the hand that feeds a little bit and saying that it's all a air brushed aside. What I was getting out there -- of the barrier to entry to be a model is not hard work you don't need a degree. You'll need to win an award. It's just about. How you look. -- -- -- around town owner in the studio and you can see how any mention of her looks. Make -- -- -- his pupils have the perfect bone structure. Training. And her. She claimed she eats pretty much whatever she wants my last two years so high school I think I -- -- where king every single day for lunch only exercises for fun. -- -- -- -- I'm -- -- city further proof of her point that models do not work their way to stardom. Instead they are born lucky. They won the genetic lottery. Universal attraction that comes with near perfect symmetry if the distance between your ears is almost exactly two times wider than the distance between your eyes. Strangers will want to mate with you. Because symmetry equals health. But while our biological definition of gorgeous is on changing today's models also won the fashion lottery in with rules -- changed through time and cultures. The Mona Lisa might have a tough time getting booked for -- today and Cameron be way too skinny to model for the Renaissance masters but being more -- culture were tall and thin is in can create body image annexed. Even among the women in the pictures. DC to meet a group of models because of the -- -- in the Chinese here -- the coolest clothes and the most physically insecure women probably on the planet. I never personally been anorexic I'm not letting anything totally healthy -- -- I'm not unhealthy. But I am -- an ideal this -- -- not attainable and for that I have to feel guilty and I have to assume some blame for that. I mean you would you ever consider leaving the industry out of. -- No I mean I don't think fashion is evil I think some people definitely got -- that issue when -- -- saying -- -- used to work in this industry. And you still promote a skinny white beauty ideal I have to say yeah that's true and that is unfortunate I hope that that -- Benefits outweigh the cost. -- about the first to wrestle with perceived perfection few years back dove soap waited in this territory with the real beauty campaign. They made a short film to show how makeup and digital wizardry can transform a real woman into a -- They made a splash but did little to change the multi billion dollar fashion industry. But with her newfound attention cameras going the other way I think there is a -- -- Perspective especially for women in media transforming feminist writers artists -- organizers. In -- runway ready -- Amazon's. Part of an effort to help them get their voices heard. Our goal was to sort of make these women look powerful winds and cool and sort of -- is the power of the fashion -- As an artist and -- fight for social justice Marissa jumped at the chance to be seen in a whole new way and I think. -- this hour. Then you should also see real first. It seems like there's. A bit of cognitive -- I'm looking at the idea that you have to take a feminist and put her through this fashion car wash in order for us to pay attention on the other side. We said. What if we did a mockery of what mass media wants what mass media wants like all this -- -- -- -- what if we did that. And then we gave you a moment to have your voice next -- that picture. She admits she is still figuring it out as she goes along but the next time you see this face and a magazine. -- -- she'd rather earn your respect with their ideas. That are looks. Look we can just pay attention to women that look fantastic in a photograph. Because they're kind of women have fantastic things to say that don't look like 25 year old white models -- -- for Nightline. New York City.

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{"duration":"6:37","description":"Victoria Secret model transforms female activists into glamazons to feature their work.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"18837124","title":"Cameron Russell, Runway Rebel","url":"/Nightline/video/cameron-russells-mission-make-beauty-brains-18837124"}