Church of Wells: A Community Divided

Some locals resent the controversial Christian group that moved into their tiny Texas town.
9:37 | 04/12/14

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Transcript for Church of Wells: A Community Divided
Deep in the heart of Texas, some are accusing a church of ripping families apart. Why do a number of members cut off contact after getting involved with this mysterious organization? And will the church say anything about it? My night line co-anchor Dan Harris went on a mission to find out. ♪ When you drive around here, what is it that you are looking for? I am looking for Katherine. Andy and patty grove are searching the streets of this tiny town for their 27-year-old daughter Katherine. There she is, patty. Is that Katherine? I can't. No, that's not her. Is it? Last year she left home in Arkansas and joined the church of wells. Here is Katherine on a video from the church web page. I could not change my wretchedness. Her parents say the passive woman you see here its a far cry from the Katherine they remember. But the love of Jesus Christ! We first decided to look into the church of wells when we saw the videos they were posting of themselves. They were showing up at churches to confront other Christians for not being true believers. For months literally months we have been trying every possible way, phone calls, Facebook to reach the elders of the church of wells. Three young men to seep if they will come on camera and answer question as but their church. We know who we are looking for the members are affluent, young and from devout Christian families as is true of the leader. You are going to burn in hell! Jake Gardner arrest Ford preaching on the ground of a high school. Ryan ringnald, formerly of Baylor in Texas. And emder Sean Morris, the one many kid to be the true leader. That's what the word of god says! Hea He is 27. We are kridriving into wells. See if we can find them and talk to them in an unscheduled way. See if we can talk to you guys. Are you with the church of wells? Yes? Is there something we can help you with? We are from ABC news. We are looking to talk to some of the people from the church? You look like you are getting ready to say something or -- Not a word. They be vocal street evangelists. They don't want to talk to us. Maybe one of the elders. Maybe we will ask inside. They ask us to put the cameras down. For the next hour we wait inside their convenience store. Sean and show up. But don't want you to film. Two, quote, quote respectfully asked us to leave. We made our case. Said we would look to speak to them at length. They've said they will thing about it and pray point. Then they told us they would look us to leave. So I sent Sean Morris one of the elders of the church. Met last night. Good morning, just checking to see if you had a chance to kid my proposal. We would happy to discuss further any time, wherever is convenient for you. We'll see if he gets back to us. As why wait, we drive around town. We see members of the church. Wearing prairie dresses walking the street. Hi. We meet nonmembers anxious to their about the group that arrived sudden leap roughly three years ago. Can I ask you a quick question. You live next door. What are they like? They're weird. How do people around here refer off to the group. As a cult. Publicly the elders have contended they're not of their own fee will. At times relationships between the church and towns people have become quite tense. This past weekend during homecoming parade, low comes reacted to the aggressive time of preaching and a fight broke out. But on our third day in wells, as the we start to push ape little parreder for hansers. No one seems to want to provide them. Lady, can we speak to you for a moment. This is private property. Okay. We will. We will. Ma'am, I am sorry. Hi. I'm ale Dan Harris from ABC news. Can I ask you a quick question, do you mind? No, I am sorry. In fact, no one seems to want to talk. Can we talk to you for a second. Can we have a quick word. I guess that's no. After driving around town for days, there is one tern we cannot seem to find. Katherine groves. This 'tis a and the church posted an have David. She doesn't want to see her family. She is a member of the church of her own free will. We love her. We support her. But the problem is these men. Standing between us and our daughter. ♪ ♪ Family is important. ♪ ♪ Andy and patty grove travel between Texas to look for their daughter. This is Jacob Gardner's office. One of three elders. Usually supervitzed visits with Katherine, and from the police department had numerous conversations with Katherine where she stated she did not want to seep her parents. Did she complain how she is treated by pa trishia wells. Wem did everything we could do. Spoken to her. Been checked on. She wants few be there. Okay. Faz we continue our church, with the groves weave run into the wife of Sean Morris one of the elders. Will you till me about Katherine. Tell me about her. Please, I am Katherine any mother. I saw the pictures. I am not smoking. As we dipped wift other church members, we head her walk away as we continue our church. Just as we are about to call it a day. Frak guard next, bikes right by us. Awe all talk to kids at the high school. You won't talk to me. What's going on. Let's get in the car. Come of on. He is biking pretty fast. Jake, I don't understand why you will preach time of children at a high school unslichls itted. Why not. No comment. Why won't you talk to to me. Awe all I don't want few be films. You're in a public place, Jake. Jake you are in a public place, we can film you. Come on, Jacob. Jake, you are in a public place. You are a street preacher, you say things to people that they don't want to hear. Why won't you talk to us. No. What do you mean by that? Why won't you talk to me. Why no comment. With that, this elder of the church of wells. A man whom so many questions continue to swirl, bikes away and steadfastly refuses to answer an of them. You promised me we could speak with Katherine when sheep its an an baptized. That its never going to that pen. After we left east Texas, we noticed something. Remember this day when weave encountered the women who ran into a shed.

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{"duration":"9:37","description":"Some locals resent the controversial Christian group that moved into their tiny Texas town.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"23300579","title":"Church of Wells: A Community Divided","url":"/Nightline/video/church-wells-community-divided-23300579"}