Church of Wells: Searching for Answers

Part 2: Several questions are being asked about the controversial Christian group that took over a tiny Texas town.
3:00 | 04/05/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Church of Wells: Searching for Answers
Reporter: We've traveled to east Texas in hopes of finding answers to the questions being asked about the church of wells. Ladies? Can we talk to you for a moment? Hi. What's that, sir? You're trespassing. Reporter: Are you asking us to leave? This is private property. Reporter: Many members of this group have cut off all contact with their families back home. In fact, the group's doctrine has a lot to say about why members often stop communicating because of something they call the five scenarios of familial judgment, parents classified level five are considered the worst, dominated by emotion hate to invent evils and advance sin and Satan. Ma'am? I'm sorry, hi. I'm Dan Harris from ABC news. Hi. Reporter: Can I ask you a questi quick question? Do you mind? No. Reporter: Are you part of the church of wells? No comment. Reporter: We recognize Brittany and Justin southwort. We've spoken to Justin's mother before coming to wells. She told us her son had virtually ceased all communication since he joined the group. I always have my phone. I always check my texts. Always. Hoping that he'll call. Reporter: Justin condemned his mom in an Orn line posting entitled my carnal family, especially my mother Susan Southworth, argued his mother needs to present from blatant evil. He's criticized her for wearing pa pants and letting him watch television. One of the birthdays I made him home made cinnamon almonds, his grandmother bought him a book of hymns and he said he had to return all of the gifts, that it would be a sin for him to accept them because we were not saved and therefore the gifts are unclean. Reporter: Susan was not invited to her son's wedding. And now I have a granddaughter that I've never seen. Reporter: She told us she is considered a level five parent. So, it's been years that I've been told I'm unclean and I'm going to hell and I'm living in a state of damnation, I think is the term they like to use. Reporter: We tried to ask Justin about all of this. Have the erlsd encouraged you to cut off communication with the members of your family? I'm not going to say anything. Reporter: Nothing at all? No comment. Reporter: We talked to your mom and she misses you very much. You have talked to her recently? Sir, I'd appreciate if you -- Reporter: Any message you would like to give to her? I understand what you are trying do sir but I would appreciate if you -- Reporter: Thanks, Justin. Take care. In fact, no one seems to want to talk. Can we talk to you for a second? Can we have a quick word? I guess that's a no. Hi, Kristin? We tracked down Kristin and Daniel, the parents of baby faith. May I have a quick word with you? No, thank you. Reporter: How about your muss band? Daniel, may we have a quick word? I'm Dan Harris from ABC news. Do you mind if I -- answer a quick question -- No -- Reporter: Can't talk? No, sir. Reporter: Daniel, I know this is a tough question, is there any reason you didn't call for help when faith was not doing well? Talking to you guys -- Reporter: Not at all? No, sir. Reporter: There is, however, one person we can't seem to find, Catherine grove. This is also one of their houses. Who is this, patty? Reporter: In September the church post ed an affidavit from Catherine saying she doesn't want to sheer family and she's a member of the church of her own free will. We love her, we support her, but the problem is these men standing between us and our daught daughter. Family is important.

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{"id":23210504,"title":"Church of Wells: Searching for Answers","duration":"3:00","description":"Part 2: Several questions are being asked about the controversial Christian group that took over a tiny Texas town.","url":"/Nightline/video/church-wells-worry-motivations-23210504","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}