Conclave Elects New Pope: Francis

Argentine Jorge Mario Bergoglio becomes the first Latin American to lead Catholic Church.
3:00 | 03/13/13

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Transcript for Conclave Elects New Pope: Francis
Night of excitement and a night of firsts one point two billion Catholics -- that 266. Pope. Is chosen. And what is surprising choice it really what Jorge -- -- -- goalie -- name he's the former archbishop of what is ours is the first -- from the Americas. First jesuit -- First nine European and almost thirteen hundred years he's also. The first Francis so tonight we go inside this historic development. For the thing. And I. -- 0:6 PM room two white smoke. -- -- Peter's square in. It was a moment of pure joy for them. A profound prayer -- the chance to witness history. Soon the square was. With more than a 100000. Rain so people their eyes turned upward in anticipation to the red draped windows of the -- John saint Peter's. Everyone's waiting to see the new -- The Vatican band marched -- big cheers followed by the Swiss guards the pope's personal true. French cardinal -- stepped out to renounce the ancient words. -- -- -- -- -- We have the -- but. Saying that reminding you can visit by the united embedding go to you. Jorge -- -- real -- goalie -- Argentina waited in the wings Vatican TV capturing the moments before he greeted the world. Francis the -- today. A Latin American where 40% of the world's Catholics now lived back home in Argentina ecstatic news broadcasts but I mean. In Wilson proclaimed the history in this moment out pop as Argentina. There's so much new about this. It's a Latin American for the first time it's a jesuit for the first time he's taken the name of Saint Francis for the first time which is clearly. The signal that he wanted to show a different phase of the church. Base of the board he spoke softly you simply an Italian addressing the crowd and the world as Brothers and sisters his First Act as hope. A new studio was his -- the lord's prayer -- hail -- to glory. Don't know me. Being -- stood a new man -- -- Steve in my. When you look at that -- -- looked around the world that the celebrations going Toronto around the world. -- history does it's a moment of an adoption of a billion Catholics have just been adopted. By new spiritual father. It is such a monumental and a grand scene the Pope has such power but as -- Mentor -- all that -- France's then did something popes don't do but generally -- -- -- before giving his blessing a year. For there is dollars and bow. In science. Staking out ground he's announcing. But he's going to do things differently. He is 76 years old the son of Italian immigrants to Argentina -- trade is a chemist and danced the tango before discovering his call to the -- He is a jesuit the religious order -- played such a powerful and controversial role in the church at times drifting too far to the left for the Vatican. The conventional Catholic wisdom had -- the -- jesuit would ever become -- I think it's safe to say that the Jesuits are no longer in the doghouse with the Vatican. The Jesuits are religious order founded in 1540 by -- Ignatius Loyola and as a jesuit the new Pope Francis will have. Been living vows of poverty chastity obedience and the spirituality finding god in all things. As archbishop of what is -- -- goalie a struck a different profile from the usual princes of the church living simply close to the people championing the rights of the poor and blasting the privileged. He doesn't have a driver and a car takes public transportation. He doesn't it and Alice. Smoltz resident sort if you do it as simple apartment. He -- his own meals and he chose the name Frances to reflect that commitment to simplicity the name of one of the most revolutionary figures and all of christianity saint Francis of Assisi. Who lived a life of radical love for the poor. For the planet. I've always been surprised that no Pope has chosen -- it really says poverty simplicity. Working with the poor and I think that's what the church is really about particularly in the developing world and the Southern Hemisphere so it's reminder of Christ's life of poverty and just by the choice of name he has reminded us all of that. Cannot hope lives simply. That will be very interesting to find out one of the problems of the church's credibility -- -- almost everything -- Pope does is framed in this kind of gilt frame of beauty and art and opulence and you'll be interesting to see if this Pope does things differently. But Pope Francis is also a staunch traditionalist -- compared abortion to -- death sentence and called gay marriage destructive of God's plan. But for the faithful in Saint Peter's Square -- including many Americans this was about the future about when you feel like. In a way religious inauguration that feeling of hope. And a new beginning a page turning this is a great time to be Catholic. Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York told reporters there were high spirits inside the Vatican has to wait until the studio and it's -- us pieces. The you. In the end high above the -- and loads of saint -- tonight this shine man of Latin America. Gave the traditional papal blessing or be -- Ortiz to the city in the world. Exceeded the hates me this time. Okay. Women not being able Nicholson and set a simple good night. Slip back into his new home is new and very different.

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{"id":18725611,"title":"Conclave Elects New Pope: Francis","duration":"3:00","description":"Argentine Jorge Mario Bergoglio becomes the first Latin American to lead Catholic Church.","url":"/Nightline/video/conclave-elects-pope-francis-18725611","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}