Entire Neighborhoods Battle for Best Christmas Light Display

These families have turned their homes and their neighbors' homes into extravagant Christmas wonderlands.
4:42 | 12/12/15

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Transcript for Entire Neighborhoods Battle for Best Christmas Light Display
Some people take their holiday decorations very seriously. But the houses that you're about to see take seasons greetings to a whole new level. With $50,000 at stake, months of planning, neighbors are pulling out all the stop in the great Christmas light fight. Here's ABC's David Wright. ? Reporter: Silent night. Maybe, if there's a power outage. And that seems to be a distinct possibility. In the great Christmas light fight, it's no longer about individual Mac mansions. Like this one in Elsass paso, Texas, doing a yuletide whip and nene. ? Now watch me whip watch me nene ? Reporter: This year they're decking the halls of entire neighborhoods like this one in celebration, Florida. 11 houses synced up here to Michael Buble. ? Christmas has started now oh yeah ? Reporter: Holographic santas, Mrs. Claus in high definition, trampolines turned into projection screens. We have to get our cars in at Christmas time. We elevated it seven feet in the air. So the display becomes a 25-foot screen. Reporter: Nothing says Christmas like a tongue of fire. Keep in mind this is a Florida winter. 70-degree heat. 45% humidity. But even here, a 100% chance of a white Christmas. It's a swarm. Whenever that machine goes off, there's a swarm from all around. Adults too. They'll come from across the street, wanting to get in the snow. Reporter: Celebration is one of three different neighborhoods being featured Monday on ABC's third annual Christmas lights reality show. Of course we think W have the best one. I think everybody thinks they have the best one. That's true. Reporter: Three neighborhoods competing for $50,000 in prize money. In addition to celebration, there's also weipahu, Hawaii. We know we have the best in the nation. Reporter: And Gilbert, Arizona. That is crazy! Reporter: Sudden hi it's not so surprising to learn that Americans really will spend $7 billion this year on Christmas decorations. Putting together just one high-tech house can be a year-long ordeal. Those soldiers, those were brought in here by a crane. What? Yeah. Reporter: Lucy in Brooklyn looks forward to this all year long. To me I like my whole house filled up. I don't like to see a space. Reporter: She's not alone. Just ask Keith Shaw of cranberry, New Jersey. Lots of extension cords. Reporter: He has the biggest Christmas tree in all of the garden state. We got to go inside it. Your Christmas tree is essentially a flagpo It's essentially a flagpole. A lot of extension cords. And a lot of extension cords. I've got to appreciate this for a second. Talk about feeling the Christmas spirit. Oh, man. How many light bulbs? There's over 47,000 on this tree. 47,000 light bulbs? More than Rockefeller center. That's right. Rockefeller center that is 45,000. You got them beat. Yes. Reporter: It's a lot of hard work. It took me 54 man hours. A full work week. More than. Reporter: That's just one feature. The whole lawn is a light grid. There's also his wall of snowflakes -- 64 snowflakes. 6,400 lights just on the snowflake wall. Reporter: And the fountain of lights. The design all his own. Just like the bellagio fountain. Except with lights. Your own little piece of Vegas. It is, yeah. Reporter: All of it timed to flash in time with the music. Half of New Jersey turns out for the Christmas show three nights a week, which doesn't exactly make Shaw the envy of his neighbors. Their Christmas display points back to his. Not exactly in a flattering way. But there's one thing missing -- New Jersey's largest Christmas tree. New Jersey's most fantastic display of Christmas lights. No Sinatra? No Springsteen? We really should, right? You should, yes. Reporter: Darkness on the edge of town wouldn't work. Blinded by the light. I'm David Wright for "Nightline" in cranberry, New Jersey. ? The children grinning from ear

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{"duration":"4:42","description":"These families have turned their homes and their neighbors' homes into extravagant Christmas wonderlands.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"35729432","title":"Entire Neighborhoods Battle for Best Christmas Light Display","url":"/Nightline/video/entire-neighborhoods-battle-best-christmas-light-display-35729432"}