Family of 21-year-old killed by sharks in Bahamas speaks out

Jordan Lindsey was killed by sharks on a family trip to the Bahamas in June. Her father and sister spoke about measures they want implemented so a similar incident doesn't happen again.
6:01 | 08/08/19

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Transcript for Family of 21-year-old killed by sharks in Bahamas speaks out
I remember kissing her on the forehead. That's the last time I seen her. I said I'll see you later, Jordan. Reporter: It was day three for a dream vacation. A trip to the Bahamas planned by Michael's wife cami. Every year she plans a big vacation for us. We knew about a year we were going there. Usually when people go to the Bahamas they're going to experience the snorkeling, the beautiful reefs, the coral. I don't think people anticipate that it's dangerous. Reporter: Michael and cami with their four children and daughter Jordan's girlfriend Gianna were looking for an excursion on an island famous for wild pics. There was snorkeling, pig island. We were going to pet some pigs on rose island. We the last family on. Cami booked us for a different we were the last family on. Reporter: So you weren't even supposed to be on the tour being the last family. Reporter: Unaware that a darker fate was lurking just below the turquoise water. So you and your sons and Gianna and your other daughter. Madison. Yes. Reporter: Decided to go and pet the pigs? And cami and Jordan decided to go snorkeling after lunch. Reporter: But soon after cami Lindsey went into the water, Michael could sense something was wrong. Tell me when you learned something was wrong? Did you hear people shouting "Shark"? Nothing like that. We were petting the pigs. People were congregating on the beach. And it wasn't until I saw other people that were snorkeling crying on the island like they had been traumatized was when I realized that it was probably a bad shark attack. And then we had to investigate to figure out who it was. And someone said oh, yeah, this teenaged girl got bit by a shark. And someone mentioned, oh, yeah, she was with her mom, too. And I took off. Reporter: The unthinkable happened next, described to Michael by his wife cami, who is still tooraumatized to recount it herself. Cami said she heard Jordan yell like "Mom." And cami looked back and her first thing was she thought dolphins were around Jordan and she realized Jordan's screaming "Mom", and cami turned around and started swimming to Jordan, and she's yelling Jordan come swim to me, and Jordan's not swimming so good and cami realized the first shark took most of her right arm off. That's why she couldn't swim with her. She was trying to swim with one arm. Reporter: Was anyone screaming, according to your wife, shark, get out of the water? No, no one was saying anything like that. They were saying swim towards us. Reporter: Cami tries pulling Jordan to safety when a second shark attacks. They're swimming slowly and Jordan said mom, there's another shark coming. And then it just hit the second shark hit again like on her lower leg and just took a giant chunk out of her, and that's the last thing that Jordan said. Reporter: Cami tries fighting back to no avail. She tried to hit it in the nose, but the shark, she said the shark was so big, it didn't even feel her. Reporter: After a brutal struggle, cami manages to put her daughter out of the water and onto a nearby rocky island, but still they have to wait for a boat to take them to shore. Jordan losing consciousness but still alive, when a boat finally arrives. The family says there were no medical supplies on board. They put the towels over her leg. No tourniquet. Reporter: There was no tourniquet. No nothing. No first aid kit. No first aid kit. Reporter: And your daughter at that moment was still alive. She was still breathing. Reporter: It's the last thing you think about when you're on vacation. Yeah. Reporter: The boat took them to a dock where an ambulance was waiting. They said your daughter's gone. Reporter: How is cami doing? She seen all her blood, she seen her poor daughter die in her arms. Cami doesn't like the night. When she closes her eyes she's back in that water again. Reporter: There were 66 unprovoked shark attacks in 2018. The chances of being attacked by a shark are roughly 1 in 11.5 million. That's actually a decrease, compared to the global average, which is closer to 85. Reporter: Since Jordan's passing, sandy toes has add shark spotters to their tours, the company previously offering condolences for Jordan and her family, adding all reasonable steps were taken to prevent this very unfortunate incident and our staffers responded swiftly and in line with our protocols and procedures. It really does take very little amount of infrastructure to have the medical responses necessary, but it does require some training. Sometimes they may lose a limb through amputation or because the injury is so severe, but we can usually save their lives. Reporter: Jordan's family remembering their loved one. She was really smart. Had the biggest heart. She'd always worry about all of us. And she probably worried about us more than she worried about herself. She was my little guardian angel. She took care of me. Still every night I cry. Reporter: The family hopes to prevent this type of tragedy from happening to anyone else. What would you like to see every tour company put in place? Definitely have some kind of medical training for everyone, everyone should know what to do in case there is some kind of big tragedy like that and then have the supplies to stop bleeding. There could be so much different stuff done that could have prevented this. We would feel so horrible if another person died after Jordan because we didn't say anything. Reporter: For "Nightline," ch in Los Angeles.

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{"duration":"6:01","description":"Jordan Lindsey was killed by sharks on a family trip to the Bahamas in June. Her father and sister spoke about measures they want implemented so a similar incident doesn't happen again.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"64848050","title":"Family of 21-year-old killed by sharks in Bahamas speaks out","url":"/Nightline/video/family-21-year-killed-sharks-bahamas-speaks-64848050"}