Family Uses Sleep Consultants for Fussy Baby

Dream Team Baby helps parents at their wits end get their kids to sleep through the night.
7:42 | 03/30/13

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Transcript for Family Uses Sleep Consultants for Fussy Baby
-- a long hard day resting head against a cool pillowcase and curl up and feel like the ultimate escape but for parents the -- The nighttime hours can mean -- torturous ordeal replete with middle of the night wake -- And screaming fits the coolest hours and is juju Chang found out. -- bleary eyed moms and dads will try and its end of any thing. For a little -- and why. Yeah. Two year old -- isn't screaming because she's sick or hurt. In fact just minutes before she was happily reading and playing down steers. She just doesn't want to do this -- Her parents Danielle and Marcello do this terrible tango every night when that. -- anywhere from line. Three to six times tonight and media isn't the only problem they also have a nine month old baby Emily who also does -- The two children dead yellen Marcello are up almost all night long I get anywhere from my. Three to four hours sleep a night and it's not like consecutive sleep I would appreciate it if it was consecutive I think that would -- be back here. About thirty minutes here and there in the act and that there are Geneva conventions against what you're doing and we -- -- information. The typical night for the family goes something like this that -- -- -- down at 730 which can quickly becomes 830. We have to sit there and went to hold her hand then. You know -- a whole process that can take anywhere from ten minutes to an hour once we have finally does fall asleep she doesn't -- that way long. It's midnight in 2 AM one until -- hand you can she's screaming so. Loud. That and -- gone -- -- ending up. And the -- jazz and -- and hurt yourself sucked -- -- the only thing that can sold her in the past was giving her bottle and bring her into bed with us. Meanwhile Emily isn't sleeping like a baby either she is often -- three or four times during the night. And now Marcello both work full time and their -- at their breaking point how much would you pay to get -- back -- the crash. -- -- talent at at a time when. Yeah I don't highlights naming him. Point so they're giving in and paying. By turning to an increasing trend among exhausted parents. Paid sleep consultants. -- dream team baby. -- -- and her colleagues here O'Brien coming to families homes and take back the night yeah. -- training small children is a booming business. The dream team charges close to 2000 dollars for an overnight stay likeness and follow up consultations. Though they did not charge Marcello and Danielle for agreeing to let Nightline tell -- story. Their message is simple yet controversy -- let child cry no matter how painful it is to hear. Tonight the dream team is actually gonna spend the night on the floor in newsroom. Step number one black out the windows of the room was completely dark step number two turn on a sound machine to drown out any. Believes. -- like science. And number three the hardest. With the baby to bed and walk away we really believe that -- -- months. Children are ready to basic thing and then to prepare -- -- for what's in store she's been reading a book on the iPad about a little baby bear. The goes to sleep all in her own. They -- you -- in the crib. Full of herself but the book probably didn't prepare her for this one goodnight kiss from mommy I'm just -- the book he thinks. We'll update colonel you can stay union could -- and too small to sleep. Moon by yourself. And then daddy the -- of that. I think. What happens next is not for the faint of heart. Many minutes which for Daniel and -- feels like an eternity. -- finally falls asleep. -- Wheeling and sing thing morning. That's happening now anxious I wanted to be at the end and -- crying. But over the course of the night she wakes up or more time. To. -- she's hopeless and can -- current lynch. But sticking with the dream team's plans. They do not go to her. Until 7:30 AM ECB he knew you could do it yes. See it the season heats and having him that you think he. Soon after she is happily playing. The cried out method is much debated even though a recent five year study in the journal pediatrics showed that letting a baby -- Cause no long lasting physical or psychological harm. Some parents and doctors can. Be stealing abandoned and helpless. As a mother who let the baby cried -- What's. Letting them do that if it teaches them how to self -- ghostly. Well I would think of crying get out in -- kind of similar way to spanking spanking can work lot of people tell you that's the best thing that's what worked for their kids. By the fundamentally doesn't feel right and it teaches them the wrong message. Doctor Harvey Karp is the author of the happiness baby on the block books and dvds. When your child cries. Maybe they're yanking your chain maybe they're just in the habit but maybe they're in distress. But the dream team stands by its philosophy that short term controlled crying is the best way to achieve long term sleep success. A good night's sleep into great. Won't tell me wonderful thing and not such are going to be giving -- child. Then it's something -- -- -- Two weeks after the intervention with beyond the team's methods seem to have paid not miraculously I mean is sleeping twelve hours a night and going to bed without -- -- Yeah and. Yeah. Okay. -- -- however is a work in progress he. That's -- bush. But ten minutes later she too goes to sleep all on her own senator Kennedy's senate and and we -- here is now everybody's sleeping right now. Giving Danielle and -- the first quiet time they have had. In my house. We checked in within six months after their experiments and -- training began and both Emmy and media are still sleeping -- night. -- The couple say sleep training has been life changing. And actually have lives like I can make plans after seven -- at this point for now it's sweet dreams for everyone. The girls are healthy -- -- happy actor. It says I can't even imagine a time when we didn't have it my best for Nightline I'm juju Chang in Howard beach New --

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{"duration":"7:42","description":"Dream Team Baby helps parents at their wits end get their kids to sleep through the night.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"18844771","title":"Family Uses Sleep Consultants for Fussy Baby","url":"/Nightline/video/family-sleep-consultants-fussy-baby-18844771"}