Girlfriend of missing CT mom’s estranged husband surrenders to police

Michelle Troconis turned herself in, leading to a new tampering with evidence charge for both her and Fotis Dulos. Both previously pleaded not guilty to charges in Jennifer Dulos’ disappearance case.
8:24 | 09/06/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Girlfriend of missing CT mom’s estranged husband surrenders to police
Reporter: A case of truth and lies in Connecticut. A Connecticut mom missing for more than three months. Her disappearance a mystery. Police think they're close to The main players in the disappearance of Jennifer have been arrested again. They surrendered to face new charges. Reporter: Yesterday, Jennifer's estranged husband taken into custody for a second time and again charged with tampering with evidence in her disappearance. There's not much here that we haven't heard before, and I question the wisdom of these charges at this late date. We intend to plead not guilty to these charges. It's an exhausting fight. I love my children. Where's the murder charge? Reporter: Today his girlfriend also arrested, facing that same tampering charge. Remember, that Michelle is presumed innocent, and she should be. Reporter: Police released detailed, 38-page warrants, complete with surveillance images, cell phone data and DNA analysis, showing a trail of suspicious activity in the days following Jennifer's disappearance. Critical new evidence includes him admitting that she had not been truthful during previous questioning. The detectives have slowly bit what appears to be a circumstantial case. They clearly think he committed the murder, but they want to put all the pieces together before officially charging him with that crime. Reporter: The mystery started in the wealthy tree-lined suburb in Connecticut. All the rich people in new York City leave in the afternoons and go to new Canaan. That's where they live. It's quite the enclave. Long story short, there are not a lot of murders and kidnaps going down in the mean streets of new Canaan. Reporter: It was a Friday morning in late may. Almost the end of the academic year when Jennifer dropped off her five children for school. Surveillance cameras show she returned to her rented home around 8:00, then vanished. We love you. And we are doing everything we can to bring you home. Reporter: Hours later, worried friends called the police after she missed several appointments. Her disappearance sparked an intense search stretching across state lines, making headlines in the national news. New developments in the case of that missing mother of five. Overnight her estranged husband speaking in a new interview. Her estranged husband and his live-in girlfriend appearing in court. Cops immediately start with a timeline and try to figure out if she left on her own. But then they discover her SUV, seemingly abandoned. Reporter: Drones, K-9s and a helicopter scoured the area. Her vehicle found near a wooded but key evidence inside the home, a police affidavit reveal that authorities found numerous bloodstains on the garage floor, numerous areas of suspected blood spatter and evidence of attempts to client scene. It says blood spatter. Spatter. That's significant. Reporter: That affidavit showing Jennifer was the suspected victim of a serious physical assault. Jennifer had been in the midst of a bitter divorce battle. She seemed to fear for her safety, claiming in 2017, I am afraid of my husband, I know filing for divorce and filing this motion will enrage him. I know he will retaliate by trying to harm me in some way. He strongly denied any threatening behavior, calling his wife incapable of parenting, because she allegedly was taking anti-psychotic and anti-anxiety medications. I've seen it so many times, and every time it's heart breaking. Jennifer said at the time the split started, she was afraid. She was afraid to file for divorce. She was afraid her husband would seek vengeance on her. Reporter: Little more than a week after Jennifer's disappearance, the first arrests. Her husband and his live-in girlfriend Michelle. That police affidavit in June found clothing and sponges stained with what appeared to be blood found in the trash. Investigators say surveillance cameras captured a man appearing to be him discarding more than 30 garbage bags. The blood confirmed to be Jennifer's. Where is she! Reporter: They appeared in court on charges of tampering with evidence and hindering three months later, a similar scene. The new detailed police arrest warrants, complete with time stamped surveillance images spell out how they say he lied to them about potential alibis. He had an alibi script that he and his girlfriend had been rehearsing. She had told police she and he took a shower together the morning Jennifer disappeared, providing an alibi for him. Now she admits she did not see him that morning. Instead, police believe he was at Jennifer's house, lying in wait. What's so significant isn't just that she's talking to police. But it sounds like she's offering incriminating evidence. The minute he loses her as his alibi witness, a lot of his defense gets much, much weaker. Reporter: Investigators also say dulos borrowed a co-worker's red Tacoma. Blood matched Jennifer's, something they questioned him about last month. Reporter: She also was asked about why that truck was taken to be washed in detail, and she told the police, well, you told me there was blood there, so it must be because Jen everyone's body was inside that truck. Reporter: This tragedy just the latest in a string of cases in what were once romantic relationships turned violent. Police in Colorado were conducting the investigation into the disappearance of shanann Watts and her daughters. Her husband Chris initially lied to police before confessing. Whereabouts? Is shanann and the girls? Reporter: Watts said he buried his two daughters in oil tanks and their pregnant mother in a shallow grave, pleading guilty to murder in exchange for no death penalty. His description of how he killed them, horrifying. So she went into the tank, and Bella was still in the back of the truck alive. She asked if the same thing is going to happen to me. Put that blanket over her. She said no, daddy. Reporter: Watts is now serving life in prison without the possibility of parole. Another notorious case in Colorado. Last December, Patrick was arrested a month after his wife vanished. They shared a daughter. This surveillance video inside a woodland park safe way captured the last known images of her shopping with the baby. Ten days later, her mother, not her fiance, reported her missing. She's not the kind that runs off. Reporter: They didn't live together. And according to police, phrasy told officers he hadn't seen his fiance since Thanksgiving when he picked up their daughter Kaylee. He remains in custody and has pleaded not guilty to murder. Reporter: Back in connect, the disappearance of Jennifer remains unsolved. The five children living with their grandparents. Their father fighting for custody. For now, they are out of jail, fitted with ankle monitors. Law enforcement watching their every move. What they don't want to get accused of is rushing to judgment. And so they're taking their time, putting the case together, but it's clear that they think that he committed a murder. Reporter: For "Nightline," I'm whit Johnson in Norwalk, Connecticut. He is due in court next week.

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{"duration":"8:24","description":"Michelle Troconis turned herself in, leading to a new tampering with evidence charge for both her and Fotis Dulos. Both previously pleaded not guilty to charges in Jennifer Dulos’ disappearance case.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"65425084","title":"Girlfriend of missing CT mom’s estranged husband surrenders to police ","url":"/Nightline/video/girlfriend-missing-ct-moms-estranged-husband-surrenders-police-65425084"}