'The Grandmaster': The Man Who Trained Bruce Lee

Director Wong Kar Wai's love letter to Ip Man is a kung fu movie for a new generation.
4:43 | 08/27/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The Grandmaster': The Man Who Trained Bruce Lee
-- movies might just be the original Asian fusion and Bruce Lee is the man who bridged the gap to American culture. With a popularity few could have predicted. But what about the man behind the legend a new movie brings us the story of the master who started at all. There's a reason they say it's love at first fight here's ABC's Rebecca -- -- Saint -- it Kong foods and one game comes to mind. -- -- -- But the latest -- important hitting American theatres is the story of the martial artist who came. These form previously and taught -- the fundamentals of -- Cheung Kong food. -- grand master each month. The film was directed by -- -- why known -- films like 2046. And Chung king express news. And his themes focusing on lawns and on for -- in love. Featuring international star Tony long as eat my. The grandmaster -- a healthy dose of intense fight scenes to create a film on. At the beginning I think I just need the same night -- -- before shifting. But -- -- I spend four -- not this is a picnic. My fighting singing in the rain. Is being. Most of -- -- seen in my acting coach. We take like fifty open -- Arranged every take that -- angle and -- take 27 times. This these saying known for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon please email -- -- master. Torn between her love for non. And her desire to avenge her father's death there's no way influenced reading pick -- card. -- in them. The train station. Because when there are still calling. I always think or how we can choose and you -- -- well thank heats homes coach's possible. And in nineteen my hand -- he believe. The dynamic might seem content from movies -- captivated American audiences. And most agree that -- most famous student Bruce sleep was the catalyst for the -- and -- whose influence can be seen all over modern pop culture. From Keon who read in the matrix. Come true. Or in the work of a -- -- American filmmaker. Like -- quit his parents can't -- clean. -- -- -- -- -- -- Everybody across the world -- like Michael Jackson. You want me you have moved slowly or even with a group of bratwurst from Staten Island New York -- -- -- sanctions on a ten. Who built a musical empire around -- persona call from a 1983. Martial arts film title shall -- and lieutenant. Com -- always had upon in my life because we used to watch the -- -- -- -- -- -- at 3 o'clock. Come outside and act like we -- to supplement speaks speaks. You know enemy in the world and -- Even those from China can appreciate why Americans. Would share their love of come to fill. -- -- wants to -- And they owe us to have this. You know space show Bennett king the grandmaster. Echoes the -- legacy of old school martial arts movie. This is one big storyline that apple will -- so because. A lot of these stories about an Angel. -- -- -- -- -- -- An inspiration -- with rate climbed through a career that spanned over two decades and with his latest singles released last week. Well -- he. Past forty years ago this story of his grand master and -- -- We'll continue to shape the content alleged that viewers today for -- -- to -- -- -- I loved to color and it's. Love that first thought. I'm Rebecca Jarvis for Nightline. New York. The grand master opens everywhere this Friday.

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{"duration":"4:43","description":"Director Wong Kar Wai's love letter to Ip Man is a kung fu movie for a new generation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"20077608","title":"'The Grandmaster': The Man Who Trained Bruce Lee","url":"/Nightline/video/grandmaster-man-trained-bruce-lee-20077608"}