Hostage Standoff: Police Negotiate with Suspect

Police try to talk with the man holding a 5-year-old boy captive in an underground bunker.
3:00 | 02/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hostage Standoff: Police Negotiate with Suspect
Police and FBI teams work to rescue that five year old boy is being held captive in an underground bunker in rural Alabama. A tense hostage crisis. That is now entering its fourth night. The boy was kidnapped by gunmen during a deadly school bus attack and tonight he remains trapped as a massive rescue effort continues on. And a small Alabama town praise for his safe return. Here's ABC's juju Chang. As this tense hostage drama enters its fourth night. Concern is growing for the five year old named -- trapped in an underground bunker with this man 65 year old Jimmy Lee dykes. That's an innocent here. -- -- real thanked his parents should scrap where his parents and his grandparents. And -- does not know what's going home that this kid -- Today the bright yellow bus turned crime scene was towed away. -- -- -- -- -- -- The crisis began when -- boarded the bus full of kids on Tuesday. Brother and sister Tristan and circuit singletary who were on the bus told ABC's GO Benitez that dikes threatened to kill. I'm older but -- -- -- to stay down. In outlook but he's happy about threatening to kill us dollar South Bend and he's out -- -- -- kill me I'll want. I just want to keys and he -- point -- -- there. -- -- -- He then shot and killed Charles Poland the bus driver who tried to intervene. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Police say died -- -- the kindergarten. Kids say always like to sit in the front row. And headed to a bunker he built behind his house Hayes always seem -- -- -- person and I always felt that that is just the way he is. A neighbor in his tiny world. Alabama town says he saw the underground shelter that the Vietnam vet had built this. About fifteen Bob -- think whole ship. And spots -- good -- and it's Liam with a red brick cell in it. He's got steps made out of cinder blocks going down to it passing us in you know boy usenet or -- -- it's -- -- storm shelter. Dykes is a survivalists who quipped it with electricity. And perhaps enough food and water to last week's. Mr. died since did between. Him and the children that was sitting still all the -- and that's when the shots. -- -- Dykes is described by police as a loner with anti government leanings he's also had legal disputes with his neighbors. According to veteran negotiators dikes needs to hear one overriding message -- Little things go a long way -- small things make big gains so the gonna look for small ways to agree. That'll eventually put one right path to to getting everybody out -- Dykes has agreed to allow medicine for the kindergarten -- to be delivered through a four inch ventilation pipe. -- reportedly has Asperger's syndrome and a form of ADHD. If a child on a daily dose of ADHD medication what happens if he doesn't get it. He needs to keep taking -- in order to have those affects the calming effects to reduce his hyper activity increases focus decreases in -- Jamie Howard is a child psychologist who specializes in trauma and that would all be good in intense. Hostage situation absolutely we want him to serve his comments possible and not agitate this man and -- taking the medications important. Five year old Ethan is reportedly watching TV in the bunker but he's also been crying for his parents who have been meeting with authorities throughout -- deal. If I were talking to -- I'd say I know you're scared and New York I had. And another right now you feel completely alone and it's almost overwhelming. Every parent of a five year old is thinking this -- turmoil written. If -- -- -- still quite young felt days sometimes have a blanket they sometimes suck -- -- they really need to be talked and it denying it. This is really hard for a little boy and it's really hard on his parents' -- now. It's not just that he's being held hostage he has presumably witnessed a horrific. Murder. Right from his -- wooden. So it's doubly traumatic who knows what he's thinking about this his perception matters to he may be thinking. I'm safe right now if that's -- this man is telling him I'm gonna get out soon he might be thinking I'm really unsafe and don't know when I'm gonna get out and that will influence his recovery -- Early this morning -- the city hall and show actually Californians many of those who survived another school bus kidnapping intent -- California more than thirty years ago. Suffered a variety of posttraumatic stress throughout their lives. They'd been kidnapped and buried in a trucking container but managed to escape after day thanks to the heroic efforts of their bus driver. Tonight there are plenty of prayers in Alabama for -- safe release how -- children react to -- this kind of traumatic situation down the road. We do tend to have a natural recovery process from trauma but this is -- really severe trauma longstanding trauma. That's directly affecting him -- a and a very scary way. For Nightline and juju Chang in New York.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Police try to talk with the man holding a 5-year-old boy captive in an underground bunker.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"18383279","title":"Hostage Standoff: Police Negotiate with Suspect","url":"/Nightline/video/hostage-standoff-police-negotiate-suspect-18383279"}