How the ice bucket challenge led to advances in ALS treatment: Part 2

The money raised from the ice bucket challenge led to the development of new treatments for ALS. Sarah Olsen and Osiel Mendoza, patients who will benefit from these advances, speak to "Nightline."
6:49 | 12/10/19

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Transcript for How the ice bucket challenge led to advances in ALS treatment: Part 2
My dad's name is can you. That very thing to do them NN is the. We first met Pete Brady's nearly three years ago and paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. The only way he could talk to me was through his eyes. Fear and it's great to see you. Following his journey with the disease his family calls the beast and most payless patients are given two to five years to live. But Pete battled on for more than seven years. Prolonging his life and costly round the clock care at home with nurses and hospital equipment all around much of it not covered by insurance. Allowing him precious extra innings with his greatest legacy his daughter Lucy who grew up before RIS. It's a line. Oh yeah. Now five Lucy loves to visit peace playgrounds and a place built for her and dedicated to her dad do you feel like deja Vu all over again. Lucy oh. Could it she's in she's so much light can choose a female version of peace and so many ways and she looks like. Pete just never set a word to Tennessee kitchens look saturn's she knows how much he loves her. That love endures for the entire free. Teams Brady's turning out to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the ice bucket challenge in Boston just this past summer. We crossed the finish light and rid the earth of its diseased. Over time Pete have been slowly robbed of his movement and his three. But his presence and his perseverance roared across every corner of the illness world. Like Pete Sara Olson is only in her twenties when she was diagnosed last year. The average onset of the alas he's 55. Hilliard into fats. You need to diet they aren't the better. A former bodybuilder and police detective Sarah is now on one of just two treatments available for patients brought a combo. Which was fast tracked and approved thanks to the. Ice bucket challenge what comes to mind when you think were it not for the ice bucket I would be honest I'm that's helping. Jeff that's. That's not someone life that. Because a her in fifteen million dollars trail us before that. Most people you bring up Bayless may have no idea. But it is. That was worldwide people. Knew halos books. That's a lot of money for research. They're still solicit than. What was ally to come face to face with your hair around with what I'm facing. Somebody like Pete as well as he's handled it gives me the ability to stay positive. This piece stay positive and on to give up either. Pete didn't give up tonight Sarah sent us this message for peaks BS. TC McKernan. You've won. I hope you're that I had been no words peet's life continuing to inspire the next generation of people babbling Alon. Like those CL Mendoza. When you think leaks from what inspiration to draw from them away legacy do you think he'd freeze and Chile have had. Or someone that we can look two. Role models. Without even knowing them there's so inspiring that Amanda was. Limited ability is similar to me insomnia that are can can make such a big impacts. Oh CL now 24 was an all around athlete just like heat a team captain he fell in love with his middle school sweetheart bella. They long dreamed of starting a life together. Put in the summer of 2016. He started to notice the twitches. And muscle weakness after a series of tests that dreaded diagnosis. And X what was that like getting that needs. The hard to put in words my whole entire life flashed by me but life. And just like to eat OC block to block his bride down the young army. His diagnosis. Everybody knows handing out switches in sickness and I'm going to mean it because. Every single day. I try to tell you that never gonna leave your side. And I'm not bonds you I'm in this until the end. These days two years and to their marriage. Bella along with the family members is now one of his caregivers. A personal stylist or grow more. Experts are. Does that go a little over an eight period. Got her head over heels. It socio has lost movement in his arms and legs with all he's lost he says there's one thing this disease cannot steal. What is it that we live for. Single love. Girlish it's that I have my family and friends. If I can still. Being myself around and I think that's what life is all about for the Mendoza as it's not about what lies ahead. But what they have right here bright now. And and worrying about what happened in the future. I think that's the hardest part for anyone with hail us there's always that thing in the back him on this thing. In a few years Sharon months or weeks I'm in do you hear anymore so I think that's why Julian king say that is so. Important to attend to live in the present. To really try to live by OC. Hill now breeze on a -- killed two Ian bella told us Pete provided us with so much hope that despite his passing his legacy will remain. And in his honor we will find a cure. Philip what he got diagnosed and most people didn't know they tell us what's there will be here payless and it will be directly linked to peak. A life fully lift peak Brady's impact extends well beyond his 34 years teaching us by example. That is not how many years you have but what you make of them. He counts.

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{"duration":"6:49","description":"The money raised from the ice bucket challenge led to the development of new treatments for ALS. Sarah Olsen and Osiel Mendoza, patients who will benefit from these advances, speak to \"Nightline.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"67617634","title":"How the ice bucket challenge led to advances in ALS treatment: Part 2","url":"/Nightline/video/ice-bucket-challenge-led-advances-als-treatment-part-67617634"}