Inside Mayo Clinic Organ Transplant Unit: Living for Two

Part 2: For Jessica Danielson, 30, not a day goes by without thinking of her "angel" organ donor.
3:00 | 07/06/13

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Transcript for Inside Mayo Clinic Organ Transplant Unit: Living for Two
Patients on organ donation list can wait for months even years before receiving their chance for a new beginning. In the form of a potentially life saving donor and now Jessica Daniel -- Has her turn the drama of the operating room is powerful. But for patients like Jessica it is the only path to any kind of future. -- six months Jessica Daniels and has been cooped up at the Mayo Clinic. Walking the halls with her -- deep -- Wilson always by her side. Along with the cartoon companionship he supplies the medicine that will keep this -- going until a new heart and liver can be found. I'm actually not scared surgery I'm pretty excited. Cadets in -- turning point for me. My dream is to build a family of my on. I still want to finish college degree I still -- get a great job I still -- -- meet some on myself you know -- -- almost things that any young person not. And this is for mean this is that chance. And then suddenly. Their chance arrives. A young woman has died somewhere far away heart and liver. Perfect match Jessica's taken in the operating room put on -- bypass -- mechanical pulp. Take over the work of loans and heart during surgery it hopes. -- or as they did with little Coulter surgical team at Mayo clicks together now will move toward. Hitting -- our eyes on the clock. -- Buchanan and -- -- -- -- -- -- And after six months of waiting in the hospital Jessica's -- cooler finally arrives. Right now it looks like a very nice -- -- and feel very -- Just like that. A broken heart is removed a new -- put in its place. Put their preparation and skill are only as students this moment. Waiting for the first -- -- -- he's already. Very good time -- What that organized. -- is taken off the bypass machine is the new heart takes over its job. He has to -- at veterans park we're going -- -- immediate liver transplant for her and that card you can be strong enough to tolerate. At the very big operation. That's right Jessica's drama is only halfway done because in that blue cooler is a liberal. From the same donors be perfectly matching heart. Like a brilliant tag team -- doctor goes to talk to the family I'm Dr. daily. The liver team takes over we just -- everything seems tax -- proper there is bleeding. Lots of it. It's common for her chest. Say that precious new heart pounding out its first few beats inside a different body and the heart seemed rushes back if you happen. The bypass machine. Reattached. All the better to find the source of the bleeding and hopefully stop it. And there is a wave of relief when they realized -- New heart is not the source of the hemorrhage. Some bleeding that came up inside the chest it's an area that's very fragile and her situation from the previous surgery. And then develop some bleeding which took part time to get controlled. This moment is proof that while transplants are no longer groundbreaking medical science no to operations note to patients are ever the same. Just look at Coulter a year after getting his second donor hearts for whom. Like us -- -- that's -- time in four years who the -- has healed then he didn't make a lot of money off after all. And while he hasn't grown a lot chasing around after his Brothers is cleared US energy to burn. And no war I need people to drag around he's going to be office actual news -- -- that after a summer -- will be off the fourth grade. Polls are glad that he's back to himself and running around and playing and not hooked up to any machine. After more than twelve hours of surgery Jessica has her new hearts and liver. -- vital signs and things look good in the heart function looks good within days of waking she is on her feet tentatively walking the halls again and a lot of work ahead. She'll spend three months in Rochester adjusting to -- new organs suffering from the agonizing headaches that come from medicine. But as the weeks turned to months she changes in ways that surprised even her doctors. Let me. -- -- -- Come here. Heart biopsies look for the slightest sign of rejection. -- show how blood vessels inside her new harder work -- obvious that various topics paper. They -- him having -- life and this is what a successful heart lung transplant patient looks like. One year later. My life today compared to my life going just over your -- from now. I mean. Camp as I say never imagined I could be this happy. And this health. They just is now back -- Duluth. He is walking grocery aisles that a hospital -- -- -- -- them all and thank my favorite thing and no need. Wilson's companionship anymore I'm having a barbecue to celebrate -- my friends who were so supportive and there for me her friends kick it over her transformation. She looked amazing just from even a month after her surgery. And even she looks in the mirror and sees a different person that he governor have. A better appreciation for life life is fragile now lot of ways I think -- luckiest people in the world because this experience. Really showed me what was important in my. She's back to work at WTI you know the local ABC affiliate in Duluth run in the floor on the 10 o'clock newscast -- the way she likes it never -- song. She came down on the day she came back to seat someone working -- graphics and they didn't recognize -- first. Half and just as someone new in your life as well boyfriends just a few months but already close bond. She had a gift like. No other New -- around the world around us and there's a lot of bad things out there. She reminds you that external. And. All of a duty gifts from a stranger she'll never. Be able to effect. I'm so grateful to her and her family I am I made of two people now and in just survive and thriving. That's that's -- -- called.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Part 2: For Jessica Danielson, 30, not a day goes by without thinking of her \"angel\" organ donor.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"19593095","title":"Inside Mayo Clinic Organ Transplant Unit: Living for Two","url":"/Nightline/video/inside-mayo-clinic-organ-transplant-unit-living-19593095"}